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Welcome to Season 7!

I hope you enjoyed the Primer, and are ready to start knocking people off of the Season 8 Primer! This is a reminder, Earl of House Brewster has turned to the dark side, and read the books from the  Citadel, but David, Maester of the Fingers, has not .  Thankfully, we might be past the point where that matters.

1. House Frey is dead, was it a satisfying end ending for them for the Red Wedding?

Earl: Revenge is revenge and Arya got just that. Eliminating House Frey for their deceit at the Red Wedding is just rewards for Arya. The Frey’s, in conjunction with the Bolton’s, murdered her mother, her brother, a sister in law she never knew, and countless others. The Frey’s also imprisoned her uncle Edmure. They had to pay, and they did.

David: I understand it, but to be honest, I think it was a mistake. The Lannisters would have fallen as a house under Tywin’s father as he was weak, and that made him what he was. Walder was a strong leader, for all his faults, and even his oldest son was an idiot, how good could the lesser sons and grandsons be? I mean, you can’t really replace a Frey there, but since they are wiped out, Cersei can put someone competent there (if there are any ones that fit the bill). I loved the scene, of course, but strategically, it was a mistake.

2. Do you think we will see Hodor as a White Walker?

Earl: I believe Hodor would actually be a wight, and not a White Walker, since wights are the re-animated corpses brought back to “life” by the Walkers. Now that I got that out of the way, will Hodor be seen as a wight? Yes, I think so only because Game of Thrones loves shock value and seeing Hodor on screen again as part of the army of the undead, would be a shock.

David: Well, yeah Wight, my fault.
I think Hodor was probably torn apart, so I don’t know how well he could function realistically, but I could see them bringing him back for the shock value. I do wonder how this is going to go with Bran’s warging ability. I think if we had the two extra hours of content to fill, but I think if we do see Hodor, it’s just going to be generic Wight with no real impact but shock value to the fans and maybe Jon.

3. Sam is not having fun at the Citadel, do you see him skipping out or just sending Ravens?

Earl: Sam is leaving the Citadel. I would count on that. He serves a purpose there as far as getting access to the library but in the greater scheme of things, his place is with Jon. I would imagine that once Sam gets the information that he needs, he will leave the Citadel and start making way towards wherever Jon is.

David: When his father shows up, then Sam will leave . Randall knows where he is, and I have to think is coming to get his sword. Sam has got to meet up, then sneak out again and run to Jon so he has someone that can give him some backup.

4. What will be Euron’s gift to Cersei?

Earl: I’d imagine it would either be the Sand Snakes, Ellaria, or his niece and nephew. It makes more sense for Euron to go after Dorne, than it does Daenerys at this point since Dorne is the easier target. Plus if he does go after Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, it would be a great gift to bring Cersei the women involved in killing her daughter Myrcella.

David: Tyrion didn’t say a word in the first episode, and didn’t really do a ton at the end of last season. I wonder if he’s getting pushed a bit in the background. I can’t see that happening, and while Sansa should be the target, I can’t see Euron being that bold, plus the show has got to do something with Littlefinger for the season. So yeah, it’s probably a Sand Sister, since they have done nothing but haunt Earl’s dreams for 3 years.

5. Jamie said that Cersei only ruled 3 kingdoms at best, who should be her first opponent?

Earl: I’d imagine that Jon and Sansa are the weakest of her opponents in the North, but going North now that Winter has come is not the smartest move. Her first opponent will be the Tyrell’s because as Jamie pointed out, they have the grain needed to support an army and themselves. Plus, out of all the rebels in the equation, they are the easiest to reach, and as far as we know they are the weakest target.

David: The Tyrells are the second strongest house, and the breadbasket of Westeros. I don’t think the Lannisters are going to worry about the North, and no one has ever taken Dorne or the Vale without Dragons and a lot of blood. I don’t think she really has a choice but to go after the Tyrells. Considering the Lannisters have been getting beaten up, thats not going to be easy, even with Jamie at the helm.

6. If you were Dany, where would you begin?  

Earl: Attacking Kings Landing is logical because its close to Dragonstone and Cersei looks weak. A quick attack looks like the way to go, but I don’t think that is where the show is going to go. It seems too easy. So, while I would begin at Kings Landing, I would not be shocked if there is some sort of attack on Casterly Rock first.

David: I would go right after the twins, cut the country in half, since Dragons make choke-points into killing fields, and then go right after Kings Landing. That would give time for the Tyrells and Dorne to move up in support. The problem here is that we have 16 more episodes to go, so a Dany/Cersei showdown in season 7 means not a ton in season 8 unless Sansa marries Littlefinger and takes the North.

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