Pounding 7’s

Top seven pay per view events that need to return.

Whats up wrestling fans, welcome again to Pounding 7’s, the greatest wrestling countdown in the land. This week I countdown the top seven wrestling pay per view events that need to make a comeback. Which events will make the cut? Find out right now!

Taboo Tuesday

It is very simple. Have it during the week on a Tuesday. So this was not too extremely popular in the WWE as far as events go, but what would make Taboo Tuesday? It is very simple. Have it during the week on a Tuesday. a success summer months, either June or July. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is on during the week on Prime Time cable. Have the event literally on a Tuesday, and give the wrestling fans a little shake up, and get involved with some of the story lines and vote for different matches throughout the night. Even though it is on a Tuesday night during Prime Time, it could garner some great ratings because there just is not anything to watch on TV over the summer.

Halloween Havoc

Another gimmick event simply for Halloween. You have this event during Halloween in late October. They have had some pretty cool gimmick matches like the electrified Thunderdome cage match, in which the cage was literally surrounded by electricity. You also had the Chamber of Horrors match which saw Abdullah the Butcher get strapped to an electric chair and killed on LIVE TV!! Okay so not really, but it still was a cool match to watch. It would be a great event to have in your later months, and I think could do a good buy rate.


Slamboree needs to return to show some respect to the Legends of Wrestling. This event could serve as the event that also features the Hall of Fame ceremony, and have some of the legends actually compete if they still are physically able. Wrestlemania currently serves as the Hall of Fame ceremony the night before, and then a segment on the show itself. Wrestlemania is too damn long having NXT, the Hall of Fame, then 5 to 7 hours of the Wrestlemania event itself. Having an event like Slamboree, would eliminate just a little bit from Wrestlemania weekend and some of us wrestling fans can have some what of a life during that weekend.


Superbrawl ran for what, 8 years? It started in 1991 with a classic main event with Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami. We also saw a classic match between The Steiners vs Sting and Luger. Over the next few years we saw some classic matches, and became so popular that it was able to continue its success for such a long time. Bringing back Superbrawl to the WWE, would be a great move by the WWE as it has name recognition, and would be a great event between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

The Great American Bash

Who didnt like the Great American Bash? What started in 1987 with War Games, went all the way to 1997 in WCW, before retiring the event. WWE did bring it back in the mid 2000’s for a couple years, and would be great to see it back around July for Independence Day. This event was one of the events I most looked forward to, especially since 1990, when we saw Sting defeat Ric Flair for his first World Heavyweight Championship.

King of the Ring

Okay so is this event even retired? One could make an argument, not since Bad News Barrett won the event on a special a couple of years ago has the WWE held a King of the Ring event. Some say that they brought it back simply for his gimmick, while it was entertaining at times, it failed. However, if they brought this event back on an actual pay per view event, like they did from 1993 to 2001, they could really run with this event and make it as prominent as it once was. What many don’t know is that the King of the Ring tournament actually started in 1985, but was not held on PPV until 1993.


The grand daddy of all Pay Per Views. The WWE has been lacking a really good event during the holiday season after Survivor Series. What better event to have than Starrcade. Starrcade made its debut in 1983 with one of the most notorious NWA Championship matches Ric Flair vs Harley Race. This was Flair’s third championship reign but the reign that really put him on the map as one of the best. It ran for 17 years, unless you don’t count 1991 and 92 with Battlebowl. Never the less, next to Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Rumble, and Survivor Series, it is the longest pay per view event that WCW put on. It would be awesome to see back in the WWE, and I think would do very well to the fans.

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