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Good Morning Wresling fans and welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. It is Round 2 of our Womens Tournament, and we will also discuss the Great Balls of Fire event that took place last Sunday. Did we see a new Universal Champion? We have all this to discuss and much more.

1. Jinder Mahal

Mahal has his sites set on the Punjabi Prison match up against Randy Orton next week, even with that, he won clean against a GAME perfect 10 Tye Dillinger.  He is your reigning WWE champion, whether you like it or not.

2.AJ Styles

Winning the United States Championship last Friday, then defeating then winning in a tag team match with John Cena on Smackdown? This gets AJ so close to the top he can taste it.

3. Brock Lesnar

The Beast incarnite withstood a massive undertaking by Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire to retain his championship. His confidence is now on an all time high going into Summerslam.

4. Samoa Joe

Despite losing at Great Balls of Fire, Joe looked good against the Beast incarnate. Can Joe get back to his winning ways and be the number one contender this Monday against Roman Reigns?

5. Braun Strowman

He was nearly killed in his match against Roman Reigns in one of the single dumbest sketches in the history of WWE.  Despite the sheer amount of idiocy involved in that booking and writing, he somehow manages to stay in the top 5.  At least he actually got the win over Reigns….And yet Reigns is still in the #1 contenders match…..STUPID.

Editors Note: Frosh once again has sabotaged my Power Rankings and put Jinder Mahal at #1. I originally had AJ Styles as #1, but fucked it all up because I skimmed the results on Smackdown. Leave it to #heelFrosh to “make it right”

–Sabotaged is the wrong word….”fixed” is the word you are looking for.  With Mahal’s performance of late, you have NO REASON to keep him out of the #1 spot other than pure spite.  So sure, put him back at number 3, and then everyone will know that you don’t actually analyze with reason or sense, it is all personal.  He has 2 straight pinfall victories over a first ballot hall of famer in Randy Orton and won his match against Tye Dillinger clean.  He is also the WWE champion, by default, higher rated than US champion….sorry, but it’s true.  And he is present on his show every week, so by default, higher than the universal champion.  So yes, I “made it right” – Damn straight, I did.   –Frosh

He has beaten no one except Orton and neither were clean wins. A.J. has beaten everyone and despite being “just” the United States Champion. He is far and away the best wrestler. The WWE title just like the Universal title is simply irrelevant. He is only champion to garner ratings in India. He will forever be known to be as a member of the 3 man band. If rather have Heath Slater get the push, or Drew McIntyre as I think one day he will in fact be there.

–I will capitulate that AJ Syles has had a FAR SUPERIOR career to Mahal’s…but these are WEEKLY power rankings, not CAREER power rankings.  Styles has struggled over and over again to beat Owens, just recently claiming the US title, which is the only reason he would be in the top 5 this week at all.  If we were going career, Hogan is still your number 1.   The simple fact that you still bring up 3MB is proof that you are not looking at this objectively.  We aren’t looking at at 1 year, 2 years or 3 years ago, but what is going on RIGHT NOW.  If you want to hold a semblance of credibility on a weekly ranking, no one has been hotter recently than Mahal.  To finish, if there were a match on Smackdown, between Mahal and Styles, who would be booked to win?  Not, who do you want to win…but who would actually be booked to win, and you know Mahal would be booked with the victory.  Q.E.D.   -Frosh

The Undertaker had 6 different names during his Professional wrestling career, one of which is Cain The Undertaker. 

Having multiple names throughout his career is not a strange thing in professional wrestling, but the strangest name in the list of the Undertakers names is Cain The Undertaker. This is especially odd considering the Brothers of Destruction duo the Undertaker and Kane.

Here is the updated bracket for our womens tournament!

1 The Fabulous Moolah 1 Trish Stratus
9 Maryse 8 Angelina Love
13 Emma 4 Carmella
12 Velvet McIntyre 5 Mickie James
6 Victoria 6 Jacqueline
3 Askua 3 Chyna
10 Nia Jax 7 Sable
2 Lita 2 Sensational Sherri
1 Charlotte Flair 1 Nikki Bella
9 Bayley 9 Kharma
4 Beth Phoenix 4 Sasha Banks
5 Michelle McCool 5 AJ Lee
11 Stephanie McMahon 6 Eve Torres
3 Gail Kim 3 Alexa Bliss
7 Naomi 7 Paige
2 Alundra Blayze 2 Wendi Richter

AJ Styles won the United States Championship this past weekend at a house show on Madison Square Garden, defeating Kevin Owens. Was that the right move to have that title change at a house show, instead of a main event like Smackdown, or a Pay Per View?

Steve: It was great! I mean, sure I would have loved to see it happen so I could have witnessed it, but it just goes to show you that anything can happen in the WWE. I saw a title change at a house show many years ago, and honestly I remember that title change more so than any title change I have seen LIVE since then. It is awesome to see not only for the fans in attendance, but to get an alert on your phone saying there is a new champion. Great move WWE!

Frosh: I am completely fine with it.  It makes the house shows more important…now if only they could figure out a way to make the Pay Per Views as important and exciting as house shows…..

Chad: Sure, I think its good to happen every once in a while to try and get people talking about the change and to try and drum up excitement in a house show for the next they are back in MSG

Tyler: If was anywhere else, I would be calling it a waste.  But since it’s MSG, I’ll allow it.

After Great Balls of Fire, Roman Reigns had evil intent after trying to become a part of the wrestling murderer’s row, when he tried to kill Braun Strowman. With this act, is this the perfect time to turn Roman Reigns heel?

Steve: It has been the right time since he defeated the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I am to the point now, that I don’t think it will ever happen. Roman Reigns, while I do enjoy watching him compete, will be the babyface shoved down our throats. He needs to be a heel in order to get over.

Frosh: Do not even get me started on that stupid sketch….it was so dumb….SERIOUSLY, PULL THE DAMN AMBULANCE UP 10 FT AND ENTER FROM THE BACK!  I am so over this feud.  I am over Roman Reigns…I am just done with RAW in general….They won’t turn Reigns heel because he sells merch…..everyone complains, but people keep buying his stuff.

Chad: It is, but they won’t Vince still believes the people can get behind the person who sent the Undertaker packing, judging by the response on Raw I think more people are behind Samoa Joe right now. Isn’t he already the heel isn’t he massively hated?

Tyler: Not to beat the dead horse, but FUCK YES IT IS.  Just listen to the crowd reactions for God’s sake.  A heel turn is long overdue.

Sean Waltman (X-Pac) recently posted on Twitter that the WWE’s revenue in 1999 was $373,100,000 and now it stands at $729,216,000. However, he then points out that the Raw ratings in 1999 were 8 million viewers, while today stands a mere 2.5 million viewers. What do you think has the most to do with the increased revenue despite the massive decrease in viewers.

Steve: Inflation for one, and also because Vince has absolutely zero competition. That is the main reason why people are not watching, because the majority of the product just plain sucks any more. There are just too many people involved in the writing, and too many people making decisions. As far as why they are making more money? Well, the WWE Network for one, the mass amounts of merchandise they sell, and of course inflation and things simply cost so damn much. I mean $30 for a damn t-shirt? Come on.

Frosh: No real competition, that explains everything….Less movie tickets are sold, but the theaters are making record amounts of money…because of the price skyrocketing.  Doesn’t mean a thing.  Hopefully NJPW can fix this.

Chad: I think the WWE Network helps with those numbers as well as the Merchandise side of things which was there in 1999 but not to the extent it is now. The product isn’t as cutting edge as it was in 1999 plus there is also there is Social Media to help keep up with the product with out actually watching it.

Tyler: A couple of things, probably.  They have an entirely new revenue stream in the WWE Network that they didn’t have back then, as well as (probably) increasing the price of merch and tickets.

Going back to Roman Reigns for a moment and his number one contender match against Samoa Joe this Monday on Raw. Will either one end up defeating Brock Leans at Summerslam?

Steve: They should, now will they? It is hard to tell. The WWE seems to have a boner for Brock Lesnar and have no problem having him defend the title three or four times a year. I would have no problem with Roman, Joe, or Braun Strowman for that matter defeating Lesnar, because as you all know, I am not one for part time champions.

Frosh: Lesnar should have lost at GBoF.  But he won’t.  WWE seems intent on giving us this crap.  Smackdown is so much more interesting.

Chad: Assuming the Dallas PD doesn’t find him and arrest for his attempted murder on live TV; lol; then I see Braun interupting and somehow the title match being a 4 way with someone finally getting Brock maybe without Brock getting beat so they can run with that.

Tyler: Hopefully, Joe will win and get the title.

What do you think is going on with the phone messages and the secret of Kurt Angle?

Steve: It will be revealed that Kurt Angle is having a intimate relationship with Corey Graves. Okay being serious now, all signs point to Dixie Carter being the one behind the messages. However, after watching WWE 24 with Kurt Angle and being the family man and having a wife at home, I am not sure they would do something like that right after. I think this is going to be something with a member of his family being somehow involved with talent.

Frosh: If this is another illegitimate child angle that turns out to be Hornswoggle…I am done.  Seeing Dixie Carter on a WWE program makes me think she will be involved in some way.

Chad: Sadly it’s either Stephanie or Dixie and neither option is that appealing.

Tyler:  I honestly have no idea.  The only thing I know if this somehow leads to Stephanie McMahon coming back I’m going throw something at my TV.

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