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This week’s questions… 

1) asked the question… “Is the Giants’ receiving corps best in the NFL?” 

In your opinion, are they? If they are, then why? And, if not, then which receiving corps is the best? Why?

Do the Giants have the NFL’s best WR trio?

Chad: Beckham, Shepard, and Marshall is definitely a good combination but I still put the stock in New England with the addition of Cooks with Hogan, Edelman, Gronkowski.

David: Hard to beat Atlanta’s, and Tampa Bay has a solid cast as well. Of course, Drew Brees could make the four of us a top-tier receiving corps. It does come down to the QBs, after all. But person for person, I’d look at Tampa and Atlanta before New York.

Joe: They are in the conversation… still need a QB who can get the ball into their hands though. That’s why I like New England’s receivers just a tad better. They got the hands and they got the QB to put the ball into their hands. 

2) An interview with Cam Newtown was released on June 27, 2017, that include these words of his… “There has never been a time when I’ve been on a team … I don’t care if I’m playing softball … where I haven’t been looked upon to be that guy. And it’s hard when it’s 14-10, we need a touchdown, it’s 3rd-and-2, you’re looking at coach, you get the play call, and it’s like, ‘Come on!’

It’s no different than LeBron [James], Kobe [Bryant], [Michael] Jordan or even [Tom] Brady. My biggest gift in a certain respect is a curse, too.” 

“The thing I have to realize is my job is not necessarily to always be the playmaker. I have to give other people opportunities to make plays. That’s the hardest thing about maturation, especially for me. So, having more comfort in trusting the guys around me is the biggest thing. Trust and knowing my job is giving everybody a chance and letting them do their job as well.” 

A) What is your opinion regarding Newtown’s words?

B) Arguably he has some of the best playmakers around him that he has ever had in his career… do you see the 2017/2018 season being a big resurgent season for him and maybe him putting up MVP level numbers?

Cam Newtown

Chad:  A) He wants to be the man with the ball and is growing to understand he has weapons around him to help the team.

B) That being said I do not see a big resurgence in the numbers for Cam Newton.

David: Well, look at all those Auburn players in the NFL from his title team. Hard to deny what he is saying considering all this production during his MVP year, and the drop-off last year when he wasn’t 100%. I do think Cam tries to put too much on his back, and he needs to trust some players on 3rd and one instead of trying to do it all.

Of course, having a decent OC would help more.

Joe: It think it shows that Cam  maybe understands that he doesn’t have to think everything needs to fall on his shoulders to get the job done and and he has players around that need to get involved so the team can be exactly that… a team that can win.

The proof as they say is in the pudding… or… the finished product on the field and what happens when the whistle sounds.

3) Pro Football Focus predicts the Los Angeles Chargers will win the AFC West… in your opinion, is this a pipe dream or a possible reality? Why?

 Chad: No No No, they will be competing with KC to see who finishes last in the division. SD in my opinion has the toughest schedule in the week.

David: Without a home field advantage, in the same division as the Raiders? Uh, you will have to wait for my season previews.

Joe: I don’t see that the did anything that great that would catapult them over the Raiders as the best in the AFC West. Maybe they get to .500 or .563 (9 wins) this year.

4) Tom Brady is essentially the consensus pick as QB GOAT…  in your opinion who is the second best QB to ever play in the NFL? Why? 

Chad: Peyton Manning, he leads the all time ranks in terms of numbers outside of the postseason, has 2 Super Bowls and had one of the best minds to change things on the fly.

David: Second best QB? Tom Brady.

Now, I have only been watching football since the early 80s, and I still say, life on the line, at my own 20, 1 timeout and 90 seconds on the clock. I still take Joe “4-0” over Tom Brady. It was harder to be a dominant passer back then, and he never threw a pick in the Big Game.

Joe: Has to be Joe Montana… but to be honest Montana might have the edge because he might not have as many rings as Brady but he was undefeated in the four Super Bowls and with slightly better Super Bowl numbers and no INTs.

And while we are at it… don’t forget about Troy Aikman… Super Bowls… 3.. wins… 3 with a 70% completion rate and only 1 INT. And, his 12 years QBing the Cowboys during the regular season ain’t exactly chopped liver either. 

Dan Hampton (l.) has been one of the few people to speak highly of quarterback Jay Cutler (r.) in Chicago.

5) The 1980’s Chicago Bears were led by one of the most dominant defenses ever and Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton. But with Jim McMahon as their franchise QB they only won one Super Bowl trophy. 

On Saturday, HOF defensive lineman Dan Hampton (of those 80’s bears teams) said, “If my team had Jay Cutler at QB we would have won 4 Super Bowls.” This is not something new for Hampton… in 2015, he said his Bears would have won five Super Bowls with Cutler. 

Does Hampton have a valid argument … Was McMahon that much a hindrance at QB for the 1980’s Bears? And, would Cutler have made that much of a difference if he had been on the 1980’s Bears? 

Or, is this just a case sour grapes being displayed by Hampton while grinding an old axe regarding McMahon? 

Jim McMahon called signals for the Bears from 1982-88.

Chad: In an 80 game stretch McMahon played in only 41 and the team went 36-5 in those games. McMahon is not an all-time QB by any stretch but his demeanor helped them win. I think with a more stable presence at QB such as Cutler who has a better track record for staying healthy the Bears could have won more Super Bowls.

David: McMahon got hurt, that’s the main reason why they never repeated. Don’t get me started on Ditka and Doug Flutie and Mike Tomczak. They also played in the era of Montana … mentioned above, plus the Giants were better at ball control than the Bears. The Redskins also had a solid third down defense that really made times tough if you were looking at third and 4+. The bigger issue is losing Buddy Ryan on that defense, and the Bears ownership is notoriously cheap and lousy drafters.

Joe: Sounds like sour grapes to me.

McMahon was hurt during a huge part of his time QBing the Bears, and besides, it ain’t like the Bears were the best team around during them years… there was this team that had a guy by the name of Montana. Not to mention that maybe the Washington and  New York teams … Giants of course… had something to do with the Bears not winning more rings, too?


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