WTF… a Special Op-Ed

This is a special Op-Ed piece in light of another unarmed Black person being shot and killed by a another cop…  The regular WTF column will appear tomorrow…

DeJuan Guillory, DeQuince Brown and Guillory’s children

Why Black lives still should matter…

This is a tale of two stories… one from an establishment white government police agency and one from a working class Black demographic of society… both from down in the deep south…

The evidence…

The facts as convoluted and nuanced they may be… are dribbling in… dribbling because mainstream media is sure as shit not providing a hell of a lot of coverage about whatever happened on a dirt road outside of a small town in Louisiana by the name of Mamou. What is coming to light is because of people’s… mostly Black peoples… anger and dismay at what they see as another young Black man’s life taken away unnecessarily and the diligence of alternative news media to present the story that is untold and obscured and is often purposefully hidden from public perusal.

This is the police story that was released shortly after DeJuan Guillory of Mamou was shot and killed by Evangeline Parish sheriff’s deputy Officer Paul LaFleur…

“MAMOU, La. (KLFY) – State Police say a burglary suspect who was killed in an officer-involved shooting this morning in Evangeline Parish was arrested for stealing an ATM with a backhoe back in 2015.

Let me interrupt here… now what the fuck does an arrest for something this guy did two years ago, have to do with this incident… where he just got shot and killed? Already the cop version is purposefully slanting the victim as a desperado… a bad guy… a person who obviously has done bad shit before so obviously he is a person to be feared and most likely deserved his ultimate fate…


“An Evangeline Parish sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of an attempted burglary just before 4:10 a.m. today near Chad Lane, located about four miles south of Mamou.

The deputy arrived and made contact with the suspect, DeJuan Guillory, 27, of Mamou.

State Police spokesperson Daniel “Scott” Moreau said an altercation occurred between the deputy and Guillory. Guillory was subsequently shot during the altercation.

Guillory was subsequently shot during the altercation.

Guillory was pronounced dead at the scene. The deputy was injured in the altercation and was taken to a local hospital and remains in stable condition.”

An official update was released later that said…

“State Police have arrested a woman in connection with this morning’s officer-involved shooting near Mamou.

Sgt. Jared Sandifer said Dequince E. Brown, 21, of Church Point, was with burglary suspect DeJuan Guillory, 27, of Mamou, during the incident with an Evangeline Parish sheriff’s deputy.

An altercation occurred between the deputy and Guillory.

Guillory was subsequently shot during the altercation, according to State Police.

Brown was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer and booked into the Evangeline Parish jail.”

Later reports went into more detail on Guillory’s 2015 bust and the charges involved and a presentation of how his case was resolved in and outside of a court room that is itself kinda, sorta on the funky side.

Scene of stolen ATM

“Master Trooper Brooks David told News 10 that Guillory was previously arrested in August 2015.

On August 10, 2015, the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office told KLFY that Guillory stole an ATM from Citizen’s Bank using a backhoe and fired shots at a responding police officer.

Guillory was subsequently charged with attempted murder, aggravated criminal damage to property over $150,000, felony theft $100,000, criminal damage to property over $800 and criminal damage to property $400 for the August 2015 incident.

The Daily Advertiser reports, Guillory pled guilty to one charge that was an amended charge of simple criminal damage to property between $500 and $50,000 with all other charges dismissed.

Guillory was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with five years suspended, on December 13, 2016, by 13th Judicial District Court Judge Gary Ortego.

It’s unclear why Guillory was not in jail on Thursday morning after being sentenced last year.

KLFY reached out to the Evangeline Parish District Attorney’s Office but was told District Attorney Trent Brignac was unavailable for comment until next week.”

Then on Monday (7/10) this very proper and officially official Louisiana State Police was released…

  • At approximately 04:10 a.m., the Deputy was dispatched to a reported theft of an ATV and subsequently cleared that call.
  • Upon resuming patrol and still within the nearby area, the Deputy made a traffic stop on a 4-wheeler (ATV) on Retton School Rd @ Chad Ln.
  • The Deputy made contact with the driver of the ATV (DeJuan Guillory, B/M, 27 yoa), and his passenger (Dequince Brown, B/F, 21 yoa).
  • The Deputy asked Guillory and Brown for legal identification, which neither possessed.
  • During this initial interaction, Guillory struck the Deputy in the head, knocking him to the ground, dazing him with a possible loss of consciousness.
  • The Deputy was able to rise to his feet, draw his firearm and gave verbal commands for Guillory to lie on the ground.
  • Guillory laid down on his stomach and the Deputy attempted to handcuff Guillory.
  • During handcuffing, a struggle ensued.
  • Brown approached the Deputy from behind and began to choke and bite him.
  • During the struggle with Guillory and Brown, the Deputy shot Guillory with his duty weapon.
  • The Deputy returned to his unit and called for assistance.

The LSP added… “The investigation is active and ongoing.  Investigative elements remaining in this case include ballistics, trajectory, toxicology, DNA analysis, autopsy report, and additional interviews.

It should be noted that the patrol vehicle was equipped with an in-car camera system which State Police has in its possession and will be conducting analysis of the device.

It should also be noted that evidence from the crime scene indicates that a handcuff was only applied to Guillory’s right arm.

The handcuff was significantly damaged and had to be cut off post autopsy. We ask the community for patience as this investigation continues.  No further information will be released at this time.”

That’s pretty much the mainstream media presentation of the so-called facts…

What now follows are the “facts” as compiled from various alternative news media sources… from an entirely different perspective… a different perspective which is more fleshed out and more descriptive of what the hell might have gone down, and very possibly what did go down, on a remote dark gravel road in the early morning hours in Louisiana.

Scene of fatal shooting south of Mamou, La. on July 6, 2017

One source immediately starts off… “An unarmed black father of three was shot in the back four times by a white police officer. Meanwhile, the victim’s girlfriend is the one sitting in jail for attempted murder.”


All the alternative sources to the official cop version of the facts agree that 27-year-old DeJuan Guillory was killed by Officer Paul LaFleur in Mamou, Louisiana on Thursday, July 6th. They also all agree that the cop version says LaFleur was reportedly responding to a burglary in progress when he encountered Guillory and his girlfriend, DeQuince Brown, riding an ATV on a dirt road. The officer pulled over Guillory and a physical altercation erupted between the two men and that Guillory was subsequently shot and then died from his wounds.

What was not in the cop version or presented by mainstream news sources are these “facts” …

  • Around 4 a.m. on Thursday, July 6th in Mamou, Louisiana, DeJuan Guillory and his girlfriend DeQuince Brown, 21, were riding an ATV on a secluded gravel road. The two had been frog hunting, known as “frogging” in Louisiana, and celebrating a big payday Guillory had just received for completing two concrete jobs.
  • The couple passed Evangeline Parish Officer Paul LaFleur, who was in a parked vehicle, but reportedly responding to a burglary in progress. The officer flashed his lights at the couple, causing Guillory to stop.
  • LaFleur asked to see their ID’s, but they didn’t have them. A verbal argument then began between Guillory and LaFleur, which escalated into a physical altercation. At some point, the cop asked both Guillory and Brown to lay on their stomachs on the ground.
  • Though, Guillory was on the ground, as instructed, with his hands behind his back waiting to be handcuffed, he was arguing with the officer and begging for his life.
  • “Please don’t shoot me, I have three kids,” Guillory allegedly said. LaFleur suddenly shot one round into Guillory’s back.
  • In an effort to prevent the officer from shooting her boyfriend to death, Brown got up from the ground and jumped on LaFleur’s back. The two scuffled with Brown biting LaFleur. The officer fired three more shots, all into the unarmed black man’s back.
  • LaFleur then went back to his patrol car. However, he had dropped his radio on the ground during the altercation and it was Brown who actually called for help.
  • Two ambulances arrived. But according to Brown, one transported LaFleur to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, while the other left empty. LaFleur has since been released.
  • Dejuan Guillory was pronounced dead on the scene.
  • Brown says she never even saw CPR performed on him. And while she was being taken into police custody, she says her boyfriend’s dead body continued to lay in the middle of the street.
  • Brown has been charged with first-degree attempted murder of a police officer for protecting her boyfriend from his killer.

The biggest discrepancy, among a litany of discrepancies, between the cop version/mainstream news and alternative news is this… alternative news says that Guillory was reportedly on the ground with his hands behind his back when LaFleur opened fire. Brown tried to stop the cop from shooting, which caused LaFleur to suffer injuries. While mainstream news mostly says an officer had to shot and kill a suspect…

Then there is this slant on the story as presented by PenPoint News…

Ya’ll may be saying what exactly I said when I saw where the following account was from… PenPoint News? What the hell is that…

As near as I can discern, it is an alternative online newspaper (not sure if there is a printed version or not) that was developed by Brittany Fleming… a Black Louisiana based web designer/graphic artist/photopaper, who also goes by the nom-de-plume Web Woman of LA.  PenPoint describes itself as a Media/News Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. PenPoint takes a decidedly different approach to the presentation of the news in and about Louisiana as well as the national and world arenas.  Many of its stories that deal with Black issues or issues of working class or poor… or as in most cases both… are presented in much more sympathetic words than the words of most mainstream media outlets cold regurgitation of the “facts” as dictated by mostly a white mainstream power structure… politically, economically and socially.

OK… now that has dully been noted and taken care of…

According to PenPoint News, “DeQuince Brown, Guillory’s girlfriend and witness to the shooting, has been unable to tell her side of the story, as she is still jailed and charged with attempted murder of the officer. However, her lawyer, Joe Long is speaking out on her behalf. (And) Attorney Joe Long spoke at length exclusively with Pen Point News investigative reporter Daniel Banguell. Long says his client and Guillory were stopped by Officer LaFleur and he became angry when the two did not show their ID’s

On behalf of Brown, Long described the altercation that occurred between Guillory and LaFluer:

“I think it started out a traffic stop, and the officer’s temper got the best of him. It was a fistfight and he (Guillory) had retreated. If he retreated, there’s no need to kill the man.

“[The altercation] started out verbal. The officer was in Guillory’s face giving him grief about not having his ID on his person, and Guillory was arguing back… the officer wasn’t satisfied with the answer. The officer was in his face, pointing his finger.

“[LaFluer was] way up in Guillory’s face, and Guillory pushed the officer back to get him out of his private space. The officer then came back and shoved Guillory… a fight began and Guillory hit the officer at least twice.”

Long says at this point Brown begs Guillory to stop and that he actually began to step from the fight with LaFluer… Long then adds it is at this moment “the officer drew his weapon and told both of them to get on their ground on their belly. That’s what they did… Guillory put his hands behind his back, waiting for the officer to handcuff him.”

“They were both on the ground. Guillory was on the ground, on his belly, his hands behind his back, and the officer had a gun trained at Guillory’s back, maybe a foot or two from Guillory’s body. They were still arguing back and forth but Guillory was on the ground as directed. His hands were behind his back. He was not resisting. All of a sudden, a shot rang out.”

Long says Brown then jumped on the officer’s back to stop him from shooting and she bites the deputy’s neck, causing an injury.

“Guillory was begging for his life. Guillory was saying ‘please don’t shoot me, I have three kids.’ He was very afraid.”

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll shoot you,” Long says the officer threatened as Guillory begged for his life.

Three more shots are heard by Brown. She sees LaFleur’s radio and she is the one who calls for help.

Long also adds that Brown says CPR was never performed on Guillory. And, while LaFluer was taken to a hospital by ambulance Guillory remained in the middle of the dirt road as she was arrested.

Interesting to say the least… and… an entirely different perspective and presentation of what the fuck went down from what the cops are saying as well as what the mainstream newspapers or newscasts are reporting.

At this point… I will omit the obligatory quotes that friends and family give out of how he was such a great guy, etc… etc… because frankly while maybe true… or not… or somewhere in-between… the reality is they are not germane to the issue of why Guillory is dead.

Now… a very… hell… an extremely interesting perspective on this shooting point raised by PenPoint News are two points raised by the family… one… the girlfriend of Deputy LaFleur had been having an affair with Guillory… two… Guillory’s family has seen his body and they say that Guillory was shot 4 times in the back and that there are no… as in not fucking any… exit or entry wounds on Guillory’s chest.

And, last but not least… the fact that many Evangeline Parish citizens have gone out of their way to say their parish is noted for “being the most corrupt department” in Louisiana.

Got all that?

Something is so off here that it makes Shakespeare’s “Something is rotten in Denmark’’ pale in comparison.

The entire reason why Deputy LaFleur was in the area that Guillory and Brown were, is fragile at best, and an outright fabrication… or an unconscionable damn lie… at worst.

While the supposed affair could explain a lot… and, I’m not going to say it is completely out of the realm of possibilities… I’ll leave that on the back burner on low. But if it is even remotely true it is in no way a rationale for a Black person to be laying on the ground dead with four bullet holes in his back.

Evangeline Parish Deputy Officer Paul LaFleur

I tend to think it was more to the situation as Attorney Long told another newspaper… The Advocate…  two Black people went riding four wheeling with the intent of doing some frogging … as they went down a gravel back road the deputy sees them and decides to follow after them. Guillory slows and moves to the side to let the cop pass but the deputy follows closely behind instead and then tells Guillory to stop and kill his engine. LaFleur gets out of his vehicle and asks for ID. Guillory says they don’t have any because they were going frogging and did not want them to be lost or damaged in the water. According to Long, this is where it got real hinky in a hurry and totally out of control… it became a case of white cop… LaFleur… was just pissed off at two Black people being “overly presumptive” in thinking that they could leave their IDs at home because they were going frogging and didn’t want to chance they would either get them wet and all fucked or actually just drop the IDs in the water and never find them again.

He gets in Guillory’s face… Guillory gets pissed off in return. Words became heated… back and forth… then words became a push… then a shove and then a punch or two flew… and when Guillory hears Brown say let’s get out of here… walk away… LaFluer pulls his weapon and says get down on the ground and the rest is what has already been presented… Guillory winds up dead on the ground.

But herein lies the rub and the probable and most likely cover-up… the “burglary investigation” … although no one seems to know of any alleged or reported burglary in the area except the cops…  and the fact Brown admits Guillory was in a physical confrontation with deputy LaFluer…

LaFleur say he was attacked… he got clocked and saw stars… therefore in fear of his life… he pulls his weapon and winds up shooting and killing Guillory… justifiable homicide in the line of duty.

Unintended but not a mistake

Immediately after the shooting one paper calls it an “officer-involved shooting.” And, since Brown jumped on LaFluer to stop him from firing his weapon and bit him in the process… she is now an attempted murderer.

Then for whatever reason … the cops planting the idea in some editor’s head or some other inane rationale… another paper digs dug into Guillory’s past and reports, “It’s unclear why Guillory wasn’t in jail since he was sentenced in December by 13th Judicial District Court Judge Gary Ortego to 10 years in jail, with all but five years suspended, according to documents with the Evangeline Parish Clerk of Court Office.”

It’s now… why wasn’t the big bad guy still in jail? None of this would have happened if the criminal had been under lock and key.

Another headline reported… “Burglary suspect killed, deputy wounded…”

Yet… one more time… as far as anyone who is not a law enforcement official tells the story at no point did LaFluer question anyone about a burglary, and there is no burglary charge listed among Brown’s charges AND since she has been incarcerated… her lawyer says… she has yet to be questioned by one single law enforcement person about a burglary.

What the cops and other officials seem to want everyone to believe is that two Black people driving down a gravel road intending to go frogging… or whatever else a man and a woman might be intending to do when they go down a dark road on warm summer evening…  weren’t doing that at all. Instead they were up to no good and quite possibly out to get a cop who was just doing what a good cop is supposed to do… protecting the peace and investigating crime.

Add another man to the shocking list of young black men killed under questionable circumstances.

Only a Black man wound up on the ground with four bullet holes in his back and no wounds on his chest. Implying he got fucking bushwhacked.

Or, did I miss something in the telling of the story here?

AS indicated earlier, there is a dashcam recording of the entire ordeal but wanna bet it never sees the light of day or it will have suffered some malfunction resulting in a Nixonian tape erasure occurring?

Is it possible this cop shot and killed Guillory for everything the official cop reports claim? Yeah…

Do I believe that is the case for even for one second? No….

Too many times, too many Black people wind up dead whenever a cop… usually a white one… decides he needs to become overly aggressive to do his job and then “winds up fearing for his life” and firing his weapon into Black flesh.

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