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Good Morning Wrestling fans, and welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. We asked and you answered, Frosh and I have filled out yet another bracket. This time it is for the Women Wrestlers. Who will come out of this bracket as the greatest women wrestler of all time? We will vote, and you the fans vote and your vote will be the tie breaker.

Now let’s get down to business this week we will switch gears and talk a little bit about New Japan Pro Wrestling and their migration to the United States. Also we will give our bold picks for Great Balls of Fire, and discuss Mr Money in the Bank Baron Corbin. All this and much more!

Here is the bracket for the female wrestler!

1 The Fabulous Moolah 1 Trish Stratus
16 Eva Marie 16 Miss Elizabeth
8 Brie Bella 8 Angelina Love
9 Maryse 9 Layla
4 Mae Young 4 Carmella
13 Emma 13 Torri Wilson
5 Natalya 5 Mickie James
12 Velvet McIntyre 12 Candace Michelle
6 Victoria 6 Jacqueline
11 Kelly Kelly 11 Alicia Foxx
3 Asuka 3 Chyna
14 Velvet Sky 14 Ember Moon
7 Bull Nakano 7 Sable
10 Nia Jax 10 Jazz
2 LIta 2 Sensational Sherri
15 Rockin Robin 15 Dana Brooke
1 Charlotte Flair 1 Nikki Bella
16 Judy Martin 16 Debra
8 Molly Holly 8 Ivory
9 Bayley 9 Kharma
4 Beth Phoenix 4 Sasha Banks
13 Tamina 13 Melina
5 Michelle McCool 5 AJ Lee
12 ODB 12 Maria Kanellis
6 Becky Lynch 6 Eve Torres
11 Stephanie McMahon 11 Bertha Faye
3 Gail Kim 3 Alexa Bliss
14 Kaitlyn 14 Stacy Keibler
7 Naomi 7 Paige
10 Lacey Von Erich 10 Leilani Kai
2 Alundra Blayze 2 Wendi Richter
15 The Kat 15 Luna Vachon

1.Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is not afraid of Brock Lesnar, and seems to be coming after the Beast in full force. Will Joe do what many think is impossible and become the Universal Champion?

2. Jinder Mahal

The WWE Champion has the Viper right where he wants him for Battleground as he will compete in a Punjabi Prison match. This may be right up the champs alley.

3. Baron Corbin

It may be only a matter of time before we see Corbin cash in his briefcase and possibly become the WWE Champion.

4. Sasha Banks

After making the Raw womens champion, Alexa Bliss tap out to the Bank Statement. Sasha Banks is primed and ready to regain her fourth Womens championship. Can she unseat the womens champion on Sunday?

5. AJ Styles

AJ Styles is back in the championship picture after winning the number one contender spot in the Battle Royal on Smackdown. Will the Phenominal one once again be wearing championship gold?

Diamond Dallas Page made his Wrestlemania debut at Wrestlemania 18, however this was just his wrestling debut, as he appeared as the chauffeur of the pink Cadillac driving the Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine to the ring for their performance of Honka Honka Honka Honky Love at Wrestlemania 6.

It seems that New Japan Pro Wrestling is gaining momentum heading in to their two US shows in July.  The shows sold out in a manner of minutes with little advertising and will be shown live on AXS TV, they will be crowning their first ever US champion, and it was recently announced that several Bullet Club t-shirts will be sold in Hot Topic stores nationwide.  With all this in mind, does NJPW have a chance to gain a real foothold in the US, and who do you think they will make their US champion and face of the company for potential US fans?

Steve: From what it sounds like they already made Kenny Omega the first US Champion for NJPW. Which would make sense because of the Bullet Club’s extreme popularity. I could see Omega being the big breakout star of NJPW as far as the United States goes. Also look for Cody Hall (son of Scott Hall) to be a big impact player when he returns from injury. He has the name sake and the talent to back it up.

Frosh: I will be honest.  I am not super familiar with NJPW.  However, they are a proven commodity in Japan, and with that infrastructure already in place, they may be able to actually compete with WWE.  Not immediately, but eventually.  Like I said, existing infrastructure and people who know what they are doing, are a good recipe…something no other US promotion has been able to put together.

Chad: I would put the belt on Kenny Omega because right now we would be the guy North American fans are most familiar besides the Young Bucks and Cody who aren’t in the tournament or who is an outsider like Jay Lethal. ANd i think it defintely has a chance to garner US fans.

Tyler: Looking at their roster and the fact above mentioned fact of Bullet Club merch being sold, I’d say one of the American members of BC would be the best choice to be the first ever IWGP US Champion.  Given the two members that have their own specific shirts are Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega, I’d say go with them.  Of the two, I think that while Cody would have more name recognition, I don’t know if he’d be the one I’d put the title on, as he recently became the ROH champion.  So if that case I’d say go with Omega.  And I think if NJPW can run shows in the US on any kind of consistent basis, they can grow a fan-base in the US.

It has been almost a year since the brand split between Raw and Smackdown. Which of the two shows do you think has been more successful?

Steve: I have to say Smackdown, only because Raw has been so piss poor over the last year. Then to top it all off, they had to go and put Lavar Ball on Raw for Miz TV. Chad said it best, that was the worst segment in the history of Monday Night Raw.

Frosh: Clearly Smackdown.  It is so much more interesting, with a new face as champion, more interesting storylines, and not a watered down 3 hour show. Also, having your champions on TV actually helps a bit…I mean, ya know.

Chad: I think Smackdown is the better show I think being 2 hours helps they don’t have to waste and stupid filler segments

Tyler: Smackdown, as it’s been the better written of the two shows more often than not and still seems to the be the more wrestling-focused of the two shows.  And it’s not as fucking long!

What are your bold predictions for Great Balls of Fire?

Steve: As much as I would love to see Joe win the title. Brock will retain the Univeral title. Miz will retain the Intercontinental title with help from his goon squad. Cesaro and Sheamus should retain against the Hardy Boys. I like Finn Balor handing Elias Samson his first loss. Seth Rollins over Bray Wyatt. And in the only title change. I like Sasha Banks to once again become the Womens Champion!

Frosh: I am actually going to go against the grain and call for Joe to win the title….get it back onto TV regularly.  I like Miz to retain…I like Enzo over Cass…Everyone is expecting Cass to be the one to get the big push…but he is clumsy on the mic and Enzo’s ring work is underrated.  Look for the big upset here.  I like Bliss to retain.  I really do like Sasha, but I think the person to take the title off of Bliss will be Asuka.  Finn Balor wins easy over Samson and Sheamus and Cesaro retain.

Chad: My Bold prediction is that it will almost be a Carbon Copy of Extreme Rules from June with almost the same winners just right down the card. Nothing storyline has given me an indication of a change. I guess Roman would have to win the Ambulance since he walked and made himself #1 Contender

Tyler: Gaaah, that name. Anyway… Preshow, so who cares?   Seriously, I’d give this one to Tozawa, give Neville someone new to feud with and it’s chance to see if fans will accept Titus and his faction as faces. Joe wins in a good old fashioned slobber-knocker. Stroman *should* win.  Please let him win. Bliss retains, Bayley comes to comfort Sasha, Sasha gets pissed at Bayley and cheap-shots her, and BAM! Heel turn. Wyatt should win, Rollins will win to build momentum to feud with Samoa Joe over Universal title. Cass wins the first bout, but Enzo ultimately wins the feud. Miz wins due to inference by Miz-tourage. Cesaro & Sheamus win 2 out of 3 falls and then fuck up the Hardys, leading to the WWE debut of the “Broken Hardys” gimmick.

Agree or Disagree: Baron Corbin will be the WWE Champion by the end of 2017

Steve: Agree! At least he should. I think Cena will beat Mahal at some point this year to win his 17th (so yeah I just answered the next question) Then Corbin will cash in on Cena and they will finish off the year with a little feud. Corbin can be a big star if they book him right, and he has the look to be a great WWE Champion.

Frosh: Disagree.  The title picture is really cloudy right now, and fairly crowded.  I look to see him win the belt going into Wrestlemania, perhaps rumble, give some time to build into a really great moment.

Chad: I agree somebody will beat Jinder Mahal soon and Baron will be able to go ahead and cash in by Survivor Series or there about.

Tyler: At this point, I’m a believer in Corbin, so why not?


John Cena will be facing off against Rusev in a flag match at Battleground. Do you think John Cena will break Ric Flair’s record for most World Championships?

Steve: Well obviously I do. I could see him beating Mahal around Summerslam, a place where he has not had much success in championship matches. He won’t hold it long though as Baron Corbin will cash in on him.

Frosh: Of course.  Records exist to be broken.  It will be a while, but eventually someone will beat Cena’s 17 or 18.  He has a few good years left, and if you have someone to get over, no better person to transition the title and put them over than John Cena.

Chad: At this point he has to right; He has to be the conquering hero who comes home and beats Jinder Mahal so we can all go crazy about 17 world titles.

Tyler: I am sick of John Cena.  Like, fucking completely done with him.  That being said, I can see him being given on last run to break the record, but hopefully John has enough respect for Ric that he won’t let WWE creative make that call.

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