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The Roundtable crew opines about opinionated retired NFL players opining about today’s NFL players… today’s NFL players griping about how much money NBA players make… and… the Bill and Tom show… how much longer will it go on?

All this and other news and views in today’s NFLRT…

This week’s questions… 

1) After Stephen Curry signed an NBA contract valued at over $200 million some NFL players began muttering on Twitter and other social media forums that “We’re in the wrong sport.” They also intimated that considering that the NFL is a $12 billion-plus revenue sport while the NBA is a $5 billion-plus revenue sport they have a real gripe. 

The question… as the next contract negotiation nears, will this be a giant stumbling block in arriving at a deal between the NFL and the NFLPA and will we, in the relative near future, ever see any NFL players make anything in the Curry salary neighborhood? 

Is it fair to compare NBA contract money to NFL contract money?

Chad: Well QB’s are already over halfway there with Derek Carr getting 25 million a yr. SO… I do believe it will be a matter of time before the salaries go the way of the NBA and increasing exponentially.

Dan: No, I don’t think you’ll see similar salaries regardless of how much NFL players complain or whine. While the NFL does make $7 billion more than the NBA, the NFL has bigger expenses. More seating, bigger venues, etc… They also have less games and have to divide that money up between 52-53+ players, plus a significant amount of coaches compared to the NBA.

As I broke the numbers down, without coaches or overhead expenses, etc… based on the NFL’s $12 billion dollars revenue, if it got spent evenly to each player throughout the league, it comes out to $7,075,471.70 per player… 32 teams, 53 per team. If. you take the $5 billion the NBA has, divide it evenly to each player, it comes out to $13,020,833.33. That’s a difference of $5,945,361.63 per player. If, the NFL cut the roster size significantly, then they would be able to have a leg to stand on. But, they lose the argument. Since the league has more players, the money gets more watered down hence the huge spending in the NBA compared to the NFL.

David: Dumbass.
Lets use some math.
Both leagues get around 50% of revenues, give or take a few points. There are 55 men on an NFL roster and up to 15 on the NFL. Schmuck do the math. Not to mention that Sammy Watkins would be making Darko money, not Melo money.

Joe: Frankly, I just don’t see that any of this happening as I thing the players don’t have very strong union leadership.

2) Recently Brett Favre said he was thinking of coming back to the NFL… no, not as a player but as a coach. 

In your opinion, would Favre be a good a coach? Why or why not? 

Brett Favre… offensive coordinator at Oak Grove, Mississippi’s top-ranked team.

Chad: I think he would be a QB coach to help a younger QB. A lot of his backups from Green Bay went on to have good careers, so clearly he was wither helping them or doing things the backups could learn from.

Dan: I think Favre would be a good coach, but I don’t think he should jump straight into head coaching. I feel like he would need to work his way up starting as a quarterbacks’ coach and move up. I think he taught a lot of players a lot of things as just a mentor as well as a player. I would have no complaints if he went into coaching this season.

David: Takes a special guy to be a coach when he was a star. The problem is, Favre was a great QB, but never really was the guy staying late and mastering the playbook. Famously, he didn’t know what a nickel defense was until he was in Green Bay. He also wasn’t exactly a great mentor for A-Rog.

Of course, he is older know, and possibly wiser.

Joe: No, not a head coach any way, Maybe he would do an OK job as a QB coach but I just don’t see him investing the time  necessary to doing the job a head coach needs to do.

3) Former NFL CB Eric Davis recently said Dak Prescott isn’t a top ten NFL QB. 

Does Davis make a legitimate point or is he just blowing smoke? Why? 

Is Dak Prescott a top 10 NFL QB?

Chad: With 1 year of experience I would agree. That, coupled with the fact he does have a lot weapons at his disposal. I would say he can crack the top ten but will need to prove his success consistently.

Dan: I think, career wise, he’s not a top-10 quarterback in the league. Heading into this season? Yes, he is.

The season he had last season, leading the Cowboys to the run they had, only being defeated by the Green Bay Packers in a game of the year, it really speaks volumes. He’ll be getting watched by everybody very closely to see if he can replicate what he did last season. But, without knowing the context, I can’t really determine one way or the other but heading into the season, he is a no-doubt top ten quarterback.

David: Well,
He’s a rookie
He’s a rookie with an all-pro running back and wide receiver.
He’s a rookie with the best offensive line in the NFL.
So … is he a top 10 guy? Would he be that good in Carolina, Denver, SF, or the Browns? Who knows?
But, I’ll say in Dallas, he’s a top 10 QB. If, Dak was traded to San Fran, no he would not be.  

Joe: If, we go by the Bill Parcells’ old saw that “you are what your record says you is” then guess what…. Davis is blowing smoke as almost every rating spread sheet I look at has Prescott… based on his first, and only, year numbers… in the top ten QBs.

4) Former NFL LB Ray Lewis recently said he would take a dominate defensive player over a dominate QB. 

In your opinion, do you agree or disagree with Lewis? Why?

Ray Lewis says elite quarterbacks are less valuable than dominant defensive players.

Chad: A QB is a game changer that can change an entire offense, where as a dominate corner, for example, can take away one weapon from an offense. So, I would have to disagree because one dominate defender can only do so much on a field.

Dan: I’d rather have a dominant quarterback. They’re a game changer. Defenses have to figure out a way to stop them. Nobody can stop Tom Brady. And look at what he has produced. Aaron Rodgers is almost unstoppable. Peyton Manning. Drew Brees. The list continues. And the big advantage they have over a defensive players? They don’t take or give out hits. They have limited contact which means they can play for a lot longer. Tom Brady wants to play until he’s 45. Peyton Manning played a long time. Look at Favre. A dominant defensive player can’t play all that long due to all the contact and violence they endure. On top of that, one defensive player cannot stop an entire offense. A dominant quarterback can dismantle an entire defense by themselves. Give me the quarterback.

David: He’s a defensive player. What do you expect?

I have, on my Carolina Panthers, the best MLB in the game. If Cam Newton blew off his leg in a banana boat accident, would I trade Luke for Rodgers or Brady? In a heartbeat. I’d even consider swapping him for Luck or Mariota. And, neither of those are “dominant” QBs.

Ask a Cardinals fan if they would swap Patrick Peterson for Russell Wilson or Derek Carr.

Joe: Considering that the QB is almost involved in every play as there is rarely a play  where he does not touch the damn ball, I think a dominant QB is definitely much more important than any other so-called dominant player on the field.  

Or… I disagree with Mr. Lewis.

Can Tom Brady play into his mid-forties?

5) In light of Tom Brady saying that he wants to play until he is 45-years old, how much longer do you see the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick show continuing?

Chad: I see the show continuing as long as New England and the parties involved want it to. I don’t see Bob Kraft stopping this thing before it’s time.

Dan: I think they’ll last three-four more years. I think they have one more ring in them as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see multiple rings.

When one retires, will the other follow?

And, I think they’ll retire at the same time. When Belichick leaves, Brady is gone. When Brady leaves, Belichick is gone. Whoever leaves first, the other follows. And, I would anticipate that to be in 2021.

David: Depends on how he feels. Brady isn’t stupid, he’ll get out when he can’t play up to his standards. He’s on the GOAT plane, and unlike Manning, isn’t going to keep showing up to get out on top, and he also can’t leave Boston for any reason. Brady really hasn’t been hurt in years, so why can’t he keep going?

Joe: As long as Brady is capable of walking on the field and competing to Belichick’s minimal standards AND as long as Gisele is happy that Brady ain’t coming to bed as if he were a vegetable then probably until Brady is 45.

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