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Summer is here and the dog days of summer… August and its hot and humid days that seemingly drains peoples brains from being in touch with reality and then entices them to utter all sorts inanities… ain’t that far off. But… looking at the most recent headlines in various media forums… ye god a and little fishes… the silly season is surely upon as much as it can be.. kinda, sorta like standing in the noon day sun amongst mad men and rabid dogs.

Just a few of the things that most recently crossed before my eyes…

You say you want a revolution…  

File this under “dumb as a pile of rocks” …

For the last 29 years, National Public Radio’s (NPR) “Morning Edition” has celebrated the Fourth of July with a reading of the Declaration of Independence by various hosts, reporters, newscasters and commentators.

Ya know… someone reads a snippet of that historical document that was eventfully presented to the King George Porgie of England olde that said pretty much… go fuck ye self…

It was always read… on NPR for them 29 years… and there was never a negative comment one way or the other…. that is until this year when certain “people” made a very uncontroversial and very nonpartisan testament to the founding of the country very, very, very controversial and very, very, very partisan.

As NPR read… and also tweeted… the Declaration of Independence line by line it seems some very loyal Trumpty Dumpty backers took strong umbrage to what was being read (and posted) and began calling out NPR for playing dirty rotten scoundrel politics.

A small sampling…

“Propaganda is that all you know? Try supporting a man who wants to do something about the injustice in this country.”

“So NPR is calling for revolution… interesting way to condone violence while trying to sound “patriotic.” Your implications are clear.”

At least a few had  the capacity to understand they were being kinda, sorta foolish and that they were stupidly reacting instead of thinking and then iterating a cogent thought…

One tweety bird said… “I took NPR out of context and had a stupid moment. Never underestimate one’s capacity to learn. Sometimes it’s painful. But it’s valuable above pride.”

To be clear… The Declaration of Independence was mostly authored by Thomas Jefferson… John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, among others, made some revisions… it was presented to the Second Continental Congress on July 1, 1776 and formally adopted by the Congress on July 4, 1776. It principally said that the colonies were planning on separating from the Kingdom of Britain in order to go and form a more perfect Union.

In short it is not propaganda. It is a fact… and… not partisan at all … donkeys and elephants didn’t even exist yet.

The only way it is partisan is that it was telling the British royals to go fuck themselves and that the royals were not the boss of them anymore and they were gonna decide for themselves how, when and who to tax from that point on.

What happened to the more prefect Union since them first days of our “Independence” is an entirely other story.

Bu that tweren’t what some rock-headed brain dead dolts were yelping about… now was it?

More racist stupidity…

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.)  presented a video online by where he is seen saying stuff like “This is why homeland security must be squared away, why our military must be invincible.”

In the video he also says, “The world’s a smaller place now than it was in World War II. The United States is more accessible to terror like this, horror like this. It’s hard to walk away from gas chambers and ovens without a very sober feeling of commitment, unwavering commitment, to make damn sure that the United States of America is protected from the evils of the world.”

There was one small, eensy-weensy, itty-bitty problem with Higgins’ presentation… he said his propaganda as he stood in front of ovens used to unjustly and immorally put to death and then cremate mostly Jewish people at the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz.

The Auschwitz‑Birkenau Memorial and State Museum immediately and strenuously protested Higgins video and said that he shouldn’t have used the scene of so many murders as a “stage.”

This is not Higgins’, who is on the House Homeland Security Committee, first foray into controversial bullshit …  just last month he wrote on Facebook that “all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic horror” and then followed that with “Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt (any radicalized Islamic suspect) down.  Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all.”

To be exceedingly clear…  close to 1 million Jews and 125,000 others were murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is now maintained as a solemn and special memorial to those that were unnecessarily murdered.  These words…. in three different languages… are engraved on a plaque at the entrance to the memorial… “You are in a building where the SS murdered thousands of people. Please maintain silence here: remember their suffering and show respect for their memory.”

This a place for respect, solemnity and honor… not for some asshole politician’s political propaganda purposes. Propaganda purposes which are based upon racism and bullshit.  To have even filmed his propaganda piece in front of and around a solemn and holy or scared memorial is the ultimate in disrespect as well as a slap in the face and a kick in the ass to all those who were murdered at the hand of the SS.

And once it is understood he bases his video on his previous unequivocal declaration that all Christians are at war with “Islamic horror.” It becomes even more hideous.

Really? He speaks for all Christians?

Forget the fact that he leaves out all non-Christians… like Jews, Muslims, (oh, yeah…. they’re probably part of the Islamic horror, my bad), Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, atheists, etc… that are citizens of America.

He speaks for all Christians? Who gave him this authority? And how did he receive this authority? Through a vision?  Did it just come from out of the atmospheric blue? Some sort of cosmic consciousness? Maybe an out of body experience caused by an alcoholic… or some other artificially induced…. haze?

Seriously… I think all Christiandom is entitled to know the werealls and whatalls of how he obtained his authority to speak for them. No?

Then there is the little issue of this… when did Christianity become America’s state religion? Especially for a country that say says it believes there should be a separation between the church and the state?

What about the fact that he unequivocally declares that all Christians are at war with a random radicalized Islamic suspect… not convicted murderers…. not proven criminals. But SUSPECT… let me be real fucking clear here. S… U… S… P…E… C… T…

When did it become acceptable in America that it’s OK to kill people because they are suspected of being part of a conspiracy? Or part of a certain horror?

Oh, yeah, my bad again… I guess America’s been doing that for its entire history… Native Americans, Blacks, immigrants of all sorts and kinds since god knows when…

However…  it is not supposed to be an American ideal of justice and morality to go around killing… fuck… murdering… people because somehow, they are suspected of something that someone else just doesn’t feel is “right.”

Minster of propaganda Joseph Goebbels… sorry… Clay Higgins needs to crawl back into the dark, dank hole of stupidity, racism and hypocrisy  from whence he came and shut the fuck up.

American symbol…

The Washington Post recently reported that last Saturday a bald eagle was found in the Southeast section of Washington, D.C. that was unable to fly, very lethargic and had trouble even breathing.

It was taken into the care of the Humane Rescue Alliance, an animal welfare group.

Post report also said that it is very unusual to find an injured bald eagle in the capital city. And, while two bald do have a nest about 2 miles from where the injured bird was found there was no report either of those two birds being missing or even hurt.

I am not one to go around believing in omens or foreshadowing or whatever… but maybe this poor unfortunate creature is what America has become… a symbol of lethargy that can barely breathe and can hardly fly on battered and weakened wings.


Did you lose a doctor that you liked? Have your premiums increased? Did your insurer leave the exchange? Are burdensome regulations hurting your small business?
We were promised Obamacare would make healthcare cheaper, better, and more available, but in reality it’s turned out to be the opposite.
What’s your Obamacare horror story? Let us know.

Indiana elephants went on Facebook and invited citizens to share their Affordable Care Act (yeah, I know most know it as Obamacare)  horror stories… Republicans called for people to share “Obamacare horror stories.”

The idea of what was hoped for went south in a hurry.  Most people who posted replies said they would be horrified of losing their ACA mandated health care if the elephants passed their repeal plan and then replaced it with any variation of their own health care(less) plans.

Instead of horror stories they posted how the Affordable Care Act had helped them, and urged the elephants to keep it in place.

Some of those responses were…

“Obamacare means that my baby who fought leukemia and won can’t be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. Obamacare means she gets the care she needs and we don’t have to chose (sic) between her health and keeping our home.”


“I started my own company since the ACA passed. I know quite a lot of others who have done the same thing now that affordable healthcare is not tied to the employer.”


“As a breast cancer survivor I was dropped by 2 insurance companies before joining ICHIA, Indiana’s high risk pool. Obamacare was such a huge relief!! Not only was the cost of my insurance about 10% of what I had been paying monthly for over a decade, I actually got to see doctors and physical therapists to fix long neglected medical problems.”

Want more?

“My ‘horror’ story is that I’m able to get the acre I need for a disability without worrying about pre-existing conditions restrictions, lifetime limits, and irrational denials of coverage or non-renewals because I use my benefits.”

“My aunt was self employed and went years with no coverage. With Obamacare she got a colonoscopy that reveled 17 polyps. These were removed and her life was saved.”

“My horror story is that my elderly parents are no longer denied coverage or have to pay obscene premiums & they have peace of mind they won’t go bankrupt.,” wrote Jennifer Myers.

“My daughter is able to get her hearing checked regularly to keep her hearing aids programmed correctly so she can excel in school.”

“I have insurance despite having pre-existing conditions and I can afford my seizure medication! Thanks Obamacare… or officially known as the Affordable Care Act.”

Or… as a friend of mine recently said on Facebook in answer to the question “What is that you like about Obamacare?

“Without Obamacare I would die.”

Need I say anything more?

Thought not…

What’s in it for us?

Bishop Curry V saw a news report about the neighborhood death of six-month-old baby Fern who died after being left in a hot car.  It was then when he began thinking about how deaths like Ferns could be prevented.

He then had the occasion to have met with Fern’s parents and the story became further embedded into his consciousness.

Bishop came up with the prototype of the device that could prevent future hot car deaths.

Bishop Curry V… all of 11-years-of-age…  is looking to solve the problem of children dying in hot cars developed a fan that automatically turns on when the inside of a car reaches a certain temperature. The fan would be placed in a headrest that faces a child’s car seat.

The device… which he calls “Oasis” …  using GPS technology… would be able to detect when a vehicle stopped. It would then probe the car seat for a child and if temperature in the was beginning to dangerously rise.  If all those criteria were sensed by Oasis, then it would engage a fan to blow cool air onto the child through an internal cooling system.”

Curry also added an antenna to connect to Wi-Fi as soon as the fan was engaged so the parents would be sent a message… and… if the parents don’t respond within a reasonable amount of time… the local police department would be contacted with the exact location of the endangered child.

Bishop’s dad… Bishop Curry IV, who is a Toyota engineer… has presented Oasis to car seat manufacturers.  Curry’s idea and prototype have generated interest but so far no takers.


And the car seat companies are only thinking about it!

A child will lead them but that don’t mean they have to drink from the trough of wisdom and common sense…

Not if it ain’t a damn moneymaker.

Maybe, just this one meme…

I’m not the biggest fan of meme’s, because frankly many of them don’t usually tell the entire story. But, in light of one of Trumpty Dumpty’s minions trying to justify why Trumpty needs to whine and piss and moan on Twitter on how he is “treated” by the press and others, I just thought this one was very appropriate…


Another thousand words…



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