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Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. As we officially enter the off- season and free agency is in full swing. Congratulations to Russell Westbrook on winning the NBA MVP. There really was no doubt at least in my eyes. This week we will discuss what rule change you would make if you were commissioner for one day, Klay Thompson defense, that and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

lets get started:

If you were commissioner for one day, what is one rule you would change?

Todd: I would take away a rule they didn’t have years ago. The hand check rule. That rule is ridiculous. It does not change nothing or prevent the player from doing anything. It is basically a touch foul.

Steve: I would ban Lavar Ball from ever stepping foot inside an NBA arena. Okay I guess I will get serious for a moment as that is not a rule. This may be a little controversial, but I would not fine coaches for speaking their minds if there was a bad call. These referees should be called out if they screw up a game, and publicly humiliated. These coaches are there to back up their players, and if a referee costs them a game, they should not be fined for it. They should be able to vent to the media on how they really feel, as long as they keep it clean.

Chad: Based on the players moving this offseason I would take all 30 teams and seed them regardless of conference to get my top 16 in the playoffs and then play it out. I think the lack of good teams in the East hurts the Playoff basketball.

Klay Thompson often played some shut down defense in the Finals even though his offense struggled at times. Is it a travesty that he didn’t make an all defensive team?

Todd: As I know all defensive team is more than just the finals. Klay Thompson is one of the top defenders in the League. I think sometimes he does get over shadow by Dramond Green.

Steve: Its not about what he did in the Finals, it is what he did in the regular season. I mean Green made it, and I cant see two players from the Warriors getting voted in to the all defensive team, when they gave up so many points a game. I think the bigger travesty is that Todd did not get any votes. He should have been the leading vote getter.

Chad: I don’t call it a travesty because the players were just as if not more deserving for the total defense played.

What are your thoughts on the Paul George trade?

Todd: Well Oklahoma City took a chance with Paul George knowing he said he wanted to go to the Lakers in the summer of 2018. It was a good move for them to team him up with Westbrook and maybe they can keep both of them in 2018. For Indiana I know it is good that they got something nut it is almost like they got nothing. I think the Indiana State Police is investigating the where abouts of Paul George. If you have any information please call 555-555-5555.

Steve: Simply put? Its a great move for The Oklahoma City Thunder to see what they can do for one year with some help for Russell Westbrook. Its a smart move for the Indiana Pacers to get at least something in return, as George flat out said he was not going to re-sign with them next year. You might as well get what you can get for him instead of getting nothing next year.

Chad: Indiana clearly wanted him out of the East and that is why settled for a mediocre trade form OKC; plain and simple.

What is the major reason Phil Jackson never worked in New York?

Todd: Well, first of all he wouldn’t let the triangle offense go. He hired a rookie head coach in Derek Fisher to run the team, we all know how that turned out. Carmelo Anthony is not a guy that is able to run the triangle offense because is requires ball movement and he don’t know how to pass the ball. He just had all the wrong players to run the offense, that is the major reason for the failure. Another reason is I don’t really think he let the head coach run the team he was always in his ear. Phil Jackson was one of the greatest coaches of all time but as far working in the front office by himself he is not very good.

Steve: I don’t think his heart was in to it. I think he was thrown into this position to try to resurect his former team when he was a player. He left his comfort zone in Los Angeles, and his family life was impacted. I just don’t think he cared much for the position. So its a good move for both Jackson, and the Knicks.

Chad: Phil is unfortunately out of touch with today’s NBA and could not make the Knicks a free agent destination for pieces to work with Carmelo.

The Houston Rockets made a blockbuster trade to acquire Chris Paul from the L.A. Clippers. Do you think Chris Paul and James Harden can play in the same backcourt together?

Todd: I don’t think so. When Paul comes in and plays PG and Harden moves to SG it will be a huge adjustment for Harden. Both of them are used to having the ball in their hands. I dont even think they will be as good as they were last year. I know Steve disagrees with me.

Steve: Absolutely. Both Harden and Paul have been known team players, and a guy like Paul to the Rockets could instantly make them a championship contender with the Warriors and the Spurs. I honestly think they jumped ahead of the Spurs, as it appears Aldridge may be leaving San Antonio soon.

Chad: I don’t see it being a natural mesh as both guys create by having the ball in their hands They will make the playoffs but will be no match for the Warriors.

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