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What’s up Wrestling fans, welcome back to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. The Tag Team Tournament is complete, and you, the wrestling fans around the world voted. We will reveal who you all think is the greatest tag team on the face of the Earth. Is it Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard? Or is it Edge and Christian? We all voted, and the votes have been tabulated. Plus we will get in to a little bit of current events. What is next for Big Cass? Does he have championship ambitions? Also, is Bobby Roode the next guy to move up to the main roster? Who takes his spot on top in NXT? All this and much much more!

Without any further or due. Here is the winner of the tag team tournament. The vote was close and by a slim 5-4 margin, yes you fans were the tie breaker. The Greatest Tag Team of all time is:

KAIENTAI!!!  Winning by a unanimous margin!  They snuck in at the end and won the tournament outright, because they are EVIL…….INDEED!

Now for the REAL winners of the tournament. Even though we all know that Vincent Kennedy McMahon would pull a stunt like this. The winners of the tournament by the slimmest of margins. 34-33 votes.

Get your kazoos out!

Congratualations to Edge and Christian! According to 7poundbag.com they are the greatest tag team of all time!

1. Samoa Joe

He is definitely not afraid of Brock Lesnar, but can he take the Universal Championship away from Lesnar? Only time will tell.

2. Jinder Mahal

What is on deck for the WWE Champion? From the rumblings around the internet, a former gimmick match may be in the cards.

3. Braun Strowman

BRAUUUUUUUUN! That is really all I have to say about this man. Another dominating performance over Roman Reigns.

4. Alexa Bliss

The WWE Raw Womens Champion was out of action again, but now we know her fate at Great Balls of Fire.

5. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is back in the title picture after running the gauntlet on Raw last week. Take your hat off to Nia Jaxx though for going through four other women.

After not appearing in either Raw and Smackdown despite being advertised, Punk thanked his fans and said that he would never return to wrestling. This was a result of being suspended for 2 months after his initial walk out. He claims to have never been contacted after his suspension was over and had a difficult time when it came to collecting his royalty payments. He also went on to state that health was also a factor in his departure.

CM Punk went on to write the intro to 2012’s Avenger’s Vs. X-Men and is currently co-writing an upcoming series called Drax.

Now that Big Cass is a full fledge heel, and singles competitor. Where does he go from here? And do you see him being a player for any singles championship within the next few months?

Steve: So a couple of things here. Big Cass has a chance to be Diesel 2.0, and could climb all the way to the top. Look at what happened when Kevin Nash started. He started as a tag team with Shawn Michaels, before breaking away and winning the WWE Championship in 1994. Same could be in the cards for Big Cass. I think that he needs a slight gimmick change and go by his ring name Collin Cassidy, and have his nickname Big Cass. “Big Cass” Collin Cassidy. Sounds better to me. Also, he can only feud with Enzo for a short time, if they drag this out too long, then this will be all for nothing. Enzo, while entertaining is not going to give Cass the push that he needs to get involved in the main event circuit. He has the look, the talk, and the potential to be a “Big” star.

Frosh: He has a long way to go. I can see an IC title run in his future, but he is a LONG way from being ready for the main event scene.  With Enzo, he was never really the talker for the group and he needs to show me that he can hold his own on a mic, which the quick feud with Enzo should do.  That being said, the top of the card is crowded with monsters on RAW, you have Lesnar, Joe, Reigns, Strowman….Cass is a big guy to squeeze into a small space like that.

Chad: The first move should be to reunite him Carmella just so we can get rid of Ellsworth by why couldn’t he get into the IC title hunt by Survivor Series time

Tyler: Hard to say now.  Clearly they’ve going to run the feud with him and Enzo, and then after that who knows?  Maybe put him in the IC title race once Miz drops it back to Ambrose?

It has been rumored that Bobby Roode will be the next NXT star to make his way to the main roster. 1) Is he ready for the main roster? and 2) Who will take his place as the top guy in NXT?

Steve: If history repeats itself then yes he will be the next guy coming up. Seth Rollins, Neville, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Nakamura. All after losing the NXT title shortly came up to the main roster. So yeah Roode should be next if the dominos keep falling according to plan. He could be a huge impact if booked correctly. He had success in TNA, and in NXT, and could be a major player in the WWE Main roster, event possibly a World Champion. As for who will replace him? Has to be Drew McIntyre.

Frosh: He has been ready for the main roster for a while with all of his success from outside of the WWE.  That being said, we have to trust creative to book him properly…so…GOOD LUCK BOBBY!  As far as the next guy in NXT, Hideo Itami is a likely candidate, other than that, not sure of too many top notch names they have in the wings for now.

Chad: Yes, Bobby Roode is ready to be the on the Main Roster and I think Drew Mcintyire would probably be the guy to take the championship and be the guy in NXT until Adam Cole and/or Jay Lethal are signed

Tyler: He is absolutely ready.  As far as who takes his place, I can see maybe Ohno or Hideo Atami.

What is your opinion on the LaVar Ball/Miz TV segment on Raw?

Steve: It made NO FUCKING SENSE! It was just a way for the WWE to get more ratings in Los Angeles. If you noticed, the crowd was weak, and was not in to this segment. Only until Dean Ambrose came out was when the crowd starting cheering. It just goes to show you how stupid and arrogant this guy really is (Lavar Ball) He once again took away from the spotlight of his son Lonzo, Who honestly is the one who the pressure is going to be on. See the NBA Roundtable this week for more on this topic. It was just a waste of space. And what the hell are they doing with Miz and Maryse? Are they on again off again? The last we saw was she ran back after he spilled her drink on her, now it would appear they are back on the same page? I don’t get it. I will say this though as it pertains to the WWE and Ball. It has people talking about the WWE again, so in a strange sort of way, it kind of worked.

Frosh: I just kept playing an old sound bite of Stone Cold Steve Austin saying “Get that piece of trash out of my ring!”  It was stupid, boring, an embarrassment to the Bell family and the Miz.  It was like no one told LaVar that even though wrestling is pre-determined (SPOILERS), you can’t just act like a cartoon out there.

Chad: The worst segment in the history of professional wrestling. The company is all about BE A STAR so they bring a juvenile delinquent bully who harassed and it can be argued threatened a female reporter during an appearance on FS1. Then his idiot of a son is heard yelling racial slurs on live TV the WWE should apologize for that trainwreck of a segment that literally had no chance of succeeding for giving that family a platform for their crap. They belong on Dr. Phil or with a real psychiatrist not WWE.

Tyler: A complete trainwreck,as I have no idea who the hell Lavar Ball is nor why I should care.

It has been rumored (now confirmed)  that Jinder Mahal will take on Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison match. This has not been done for nearly ten years. Do you have like the idea of this match returning?

Steve: To be honest, I really don’t get the concept of this match. Is it a cage? Is it a cell? Is it a Bamboo jungle? I was intrigued the first time I saw it, but there are just too many moving pieces in this match, it is hard to keep up. So not really, Im not too interested in seeing it again.

Frosh: Rumored…? They just confirmed it on Smackdown….maybe watch the shows this week before giving us the questions?  As far as like the idea…meh, Mahal and Orton can give us a more entertaining match than Great Khali ever could.

Chad: I’m not that as the matches were never that great to begin with. But, hopefully the can revamp it a little bit and make it interesting.

Tyler: As they have announced officially that the match is coming back, I say bring it on.  It’d be nice to see something different.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are currently locked in a legal battle with Anthem Sports, the parent company of Impact Wrestling, for ownership of the Broken Matt gimmick and anything related to it. Anthem says that since the Hardys created the gimmick while being employed by them, Anthem owns the gimmick.  The Hardys say since they created the gimmick without any input from the creative team at the time and spent their own money filming the vignettes and storylines, they should keep the gimmick.  Bottom line, who is right?

Steve: Okay so Im going to put my legal mind to it. LEGALLY, Anthem is right, anything that is not copyrighted by the wrestler belongs to the company if it was done while employed by that company. MORALLY, Anthem should just let them buy it out, as let’s face it, no one is going to use the Broken gimmick again unless it is the Hardy Boyz. So it is just a way to tell the Hardy’s F-U, you can’t have your gold mine. It is not stopping the crowd, nor Matt Hardy from using the “DELETE” during his matches and entrance. So Anthem should let them have it, or buy it from them, but legally they are not obligated to do so.

Frosh: The Hardys have an interesting case.  If they used their money, with no input from Impact creative, then even though they were employed by impact at the time, the have a good case.  Similar if Jericho writes a song while under contract with WWE, unless he used WWE resources or creative helped him, WWE has no rights to the song and it may be included on the next Fozzy album, no question.  The issue at stake is then the Hardy’s used the gimmick on Impact TV.  Either way, the Hardy’s can just avoid the whole thing and go with their new “Damaged” gimmick, where Matt goes “Backspace” throughout his matches….its pretty much the same thing…but the name is different so…no legal issue!

Chad: I am on the side of the Hardys as the whole family and their land was used to try and better Impact Wrestling and some of the best segments the company has had in a while. To me Anthem is just crying that they let the Hardys get away.

Tyler: While I can see both sides, I have to side with the Hardys on this one.  This was completely their brainchild, and they even had Matt’s father-in-law play a character as part of the gimmick as well without him being paid by Anthem.  So clearly Anthem just wants to keep the gimmick so they can still make money off of it.

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