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1) Putting aside the arguments of whether “star” athletes are worth the millions of dollars a year they sometimes get… 

QB Derek Carr, who is 22-15 since an 0-10 start, just got the richest contract in NFL history ($125 million over five years) from the Raiders. Is he worth that contract? Why or why not? 

QB Derek Carr

Chad: The way he played last year before he got hurt and the way the league has progressed to a Pass heavy league, I do believe he is worth it, I did like him coming out of college. I think he is a good QB who finally got talent around him to fully succeed as a team.

David: Of course, anytime you have an above average QB, much less a good QB, you have to keep him as long as possible. The cost I could care less about, as it’s really just a three year deal, and if the Raiders find out they have RG3 under contract, that defense will still keep them above water.

Joe: I guess that is what the market is bearing these days for what is considered a franchise QB.

Seems like an overpay to me, though.

2) linebacker David Harris, recently released by the NY Jets, was just signed by Patriots’ Coach/GM Bill Belichick. While it may be heresy to question any move by “the hoodie”, not all his hunches always pan out. 

With … the Patriots signing Harris: Good, bad or so-so? And, how do you think Belichek will use Harris? 

Chad: Great move because he is a good player that Belichick will find a home for within the Patriots’ system whether that is playing next to or behind Dont’a Hightower.

David: He’s a rotational pass rusher, and at 33, has a lot of experience. Is he a difference maker? No, if the Pats get more than 4 sacks out of him, they have done a great signing.

Bowles wasn’t happy to see Harris go, so that is all I need to know if he has anything left.

Joe: Right off I want to say that all those Jets’ fans who think Belichick signed Harris just “to stick to the Jets” …  you are freaking stupid! Please. The hoodie ain’t gonna waste a roster spot, nor the money, just to sign a player t s tick to another team. Wanna know how Belichick really sticks to the Jets? He does it by beating the Jets on the field, off the field and by winning the AFC East every year  and a Super Bowl every once in a while.

This is another wise move by the man the Jets’ fans love to hate… Harris at 33 maybe can’t be the dominant player he once was but inserted in the right spots with the right personnel package he can still damn well play.

Plus, remember this… Jets’ HC Tod Bowles wasn’t exactly please an all jumping up and down that Harris was given his walking papers. In other words he felt Harris still had a lot of football left in him. That alone should tell you if Belichick’s singing of Harris was a good move or not.

Harris has never been in trouble in any way, shape or form; doesn’t think he’s the be all and end all on or off the field and doesn’t walk around with an entourage or posse. In other words he is the sort of on the classy side and is well respected as a person and a player. Just the type of player a team would want on their roster.

Finally, the Jets couldn’t afford $5 million over two years? That’s the contract Belichick offered and signed Harris to.

3)  Last week, in a prepared statement that didn’t explain their reasons, they informed the world John Dorsey was no longer their GM. is reporting the separation between GM and team was not exactly on friendly terms. Still, for a team to fire its GM as training camp is, putting it mildly, a surprise.

Considering this move, combined with other off-season moves (Jeremy Maclin’s release, losing two highly rated players to free agency, etc…) are the Chiefs a team in disarray and headed in the wrong direction in a hurry? 

Chad: Yes, there is some disarray.

What once looked like a competitive team in the AFC playoff picture may now be the 3rd best team in it’s division with the losses of Maclin (An Andy Reid guy) and Charles it’ll be interesting how the offense responds.

David: This is all on Andy Reid, and if he’s fine, then the Chiefs are going to be OK.

The problem I always have: Is Andy Reid the type of guy who can do anything but get a team a playoff win (and ONLY a single playoff win) a year?

Joe: Simply put… and in my opinion… yep.

I think the Chiefs are having some front office issues and it does not bode real well for their immediate future.   

4) In the last 10 years, a QB has won the NFL MVP every time except once… RB Adrian Petersen in 2012. 

What are the chances this year’s NFL MVP won’t be a QB, and if the MVP is not a QB, then who has the best chance to upset the applecart and win the award?

Chad: It would either be Ezekiel Elliott or Le’veon Bell dynamic running backs who do a lot for the team.

David: For a RB to win, he has to put up major numbers with a shit QB.

Only the guy in Dallas can put up the 16/1700 yards to do that, and he’s got a young charismatic QB, so that won’t happen.

You will never see a defender or a kicker win again, and you would need a stunning year for a WR to ever win, and with the spread offensives he can’t dominate the ball.

Joe: Let’s eliminate everyone who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being named the MVP… any defensive player, offensive linemen or any receivers.

Can Ezekiel Elliot upset the QB apple cart and win the NFL’s MVP award?

The only way any of these players could be named MVP is if they had a season that broke every imaginable record for one season that a player could have at their respective position.  That just does not happen a lot. So, take them off the board.

That leaves running backs.

And, unless a running back is super dominant… by that I mean he threatens the single season rushing record of 2,105 yards and scores a bunch of TDs … he won’t realistically be in the running for the MVP.

Only one running back in the NFL might be able to to break the lock QBs have on the award … Ezekiel Elliot.

5) A article recently listed eight teams who finished last in their respective divisions… Jets, Browns, 49ers, Bears, Jaguars, Panthers, Chargers and Eagles… and ranked them 1 through 8 of who has the best chance to go from worst to first in 2017. 

Out of the presented list … in your opinion… which team do you think has the best chance to accomplish that feat and why?

Can Panthers go from worst to first in 2017?

Chad: Based on the teams I don’t believe any of them have done enough to get by the teams that are ahead of them. I suppose if Blake Bortles can find his stride in Jacksonville they would have a chance of succeeding in doing that.

David: Carolina, duh. They were just in the Super Bowl, and the Jets/Browns/Bears/Chargers will all do well to win 5 games. The Panthers are in the best division, but they have gone worst to first before.

Joe: Honestly? Beats the hell out of me. Maybe the Panthers because they have done it before.

Or, maybe the Eagles because the NFC East is one of the most unpredictable divisions there is. Teams in the NFC East that you think should win, and maybe even be dominant, sometimes just don’t… and teams  you think should lose a lot, simply don’t … at least as far as the NFC East goes because every year it seems when those teams play each other there are lots of upsets and that can go a long way to deciding who wins the division.

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