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Hello NBA Fans and Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. With the NBA Draft now behind us and Markelle Fultz going number one to Philadelphia. Can he avoid the 76er curse and actually stay healthy his first year in the NBA? This week we will discuss the NBA Draft, Jimmy Butler trade, that and so much more on this edition on NBA RoundTable.

What were your over all thoughts about the 2017 NBA Draft?

Todd: I was surprised Boston didn’t make more moves with the number of first round draft picks they have the next few years. I don’t know what they are waiting for. If they can get a couple guys that can rebound the ball and another star to play along side Thomas they can be a power house in the east.

Chad: A lot of young guys and international guys going obviously but still it is Boston playing their picks close to the vest and not making a trade and just acquiring assets to build for the team.

Dan: Thought the draft went well. Some surprising moves and some solid picks but I thought it went well. I enjoyed the Bucks pick a lot.

Steve: The Los Angeles Lakers made a big mistake drafting Lonzo Ball. Not because of his talent, but because of his mouth piece. Lavar Ball has already put the Lakers under the gun as he said the Lakers were going to make the playoffs. That is a tall tale. And then he goes in front of millions of people on WWE Monday Night Raw and tells everyone that Lonzo is going to bring the Lakers back to relevance. Not going to happen, at least not in his first year. I have a feeling Lonzo could be a bust in the NBA. I like the moves the Timberwolves made by getting Jimmy Butler. I think the Suns got a steal with Josh Jackson at #4, and I was shocked that the Celtics didnt try to trade the #3 pick. Philly got there man, but I will not be convinced with that because the last few #1 picks have been injured in their first year.

Probably the biggest draft day trade came when the Bulls agreed to send Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves. Was this a good deal by both sides?

Todd: It is a great deal for the T-Wolves. It gives them a veteran presence which they desperately need. It reunites Butler with Thibs. Last but not least it gives the T-Wolves a legitimate big 3 in Butler, Karl-Anthony Townes, and Wiggins. The Bulls on the other hand They ended up with LaVine and Dunn who is basically unproven because his lack of playing time. also they got this years first round draft pick from the T-Wolves. I am not sure they came out on top on this deal and it was kind of questionable unless they are going into rebuilding mode.

Chad: For a Minnesota if they can get a PG then absolutely. For the Bulls I’m not sure I think depends on the draft pick does but right now I would say you a get a PG in Dunn and good role guy in Lavine

Dan: Thought that it wasn’t the best trade by Chicago because Jimmy Butler had just said that he wanted to remain in Chicago. But overall, I thought both teams benefitted. The Bulls are in a rebuild mode and got some solid pieces for an excellent player and the Timberwolves improved by getting Butler to an already young and solid overall team. They improved a lot and are making their way towards solid Western Conference contention.

Steve: It was a great deal for the Timberwolves. I think it made them an instant playoff contender. I wouldnt say they are a championship contender quite yet, but a solid 7 or 8 seed is likely in their cards. The Bulls took a step back with this deal, as they seem to be going back to rebuild mode. Sorry Chicago, you are likely headed for another few years of no playoffs.

Just days before the draft Phil Jackson put it out there that the Knicks would be willing to hear trade offers for Kristaps Porzingis. Do you feel he was serious about trading him?

Todd: Really, why hasn’t the knicks fired Phil Jackson yet? I mean the best thing he has done since joining the Knicks front office is draft Porzingis. He dozes off during a workout. it don’t really seem like he really cares any more. I understand Porzingis missed his exit meeting which is unprofessional on his part but do you blame him with all the drama that was going on with the organization at the time. Phil Jackson was one of the greatest coaches of all time but he sucks in a front office position. He has made some questionable decisions and comments and this is one of them. I don’t think he was ever gonna trade Prozingis, that is why his asking price was so high. He knew no team would give up that much. He was just trying to send a message but what he probably really has done is create a rift between him and Porzingis.

Chad: He must have been because his concentration on this caused him to doze off at a workout…true story. I don’t think a trade was going to come up to knock their socks off and let him go.

Dan: I think he was, but there needs to be some changes made with regards to Phil Jackson. While trading Porzingis wouldn’t be a bad choice considering Carmelo Anthony has been rumored to be on the move along with Derrick Rose, they do need to keep somebody on the roster to build around and I think Porzingis would be an excellent player to build around. He has size, can shoot the outside shot, ball-handling skills and is an all-around great player.

Steve: You never know with Phil Jackson. So far his tenure with the Knicks has been (pardon the pun) AW-PHIL. I think he was listening to offers for Porzingis, and I could see him trading him during the regular season as well. The Knicks honestly need to unload everyone and just start over, and try to develop a winning team because obviously this is not working.

Right after Lonzo Ball was drafted number 2 to the Lakers shit squirted out of LaVar Ball’s mouth about being a playoff team next year. What are your thoughts?

Todd: Well, as I don’t think they will make the playoffs next year. I do think they will improve from last year. I mean come on, I could probably name 6 teams in the west that are guaranteed to make the playoffs next year so that leaves 9 teams fighting for 2 spots.

Chad: This man is nothing but a loud obnoxious distraction for the Lakers he needs to be kept away from the team as much as possible. I feel bad for Luke Walton trying to turn thing around in LA.

Dan: LaVar Ball needs to shut up and sit down somewhere. He got what he wanted – his son on the Lakers. Now it’s time to leave him alone. Nobody wants to hear him anymore. Lakers aren’t a playoff team. Not now. I’m sick of him talking. I’m sick of him getting press. Just leave him alone. Leave his son alone.

Steve: It didnt stop after the draft either, he went on LIVE TV on Monday Night Raw and announced to the world all while acting like a complete idiot. The pressure is now on the Lakers, if they don’t have a successful season and make the playoffs, I think it will go down as a bust, and Ball will probably demand a trade or something. I said it earlier. I think Lonzo Ball will be the bust of the draft. I think it back tracked the Lakers progress five years. I love the kids ability to play the game, but the Mouth is just too much of a distraction, and it is going to play a huge factor for the Lakers success.

What are your thoughts of the Cavaliers and David Griffin parting ways just days before the draft?

Todd: It is kind of weird they didn’t wait until after the free agency period. Now they have no GM and free agency is fast approaching. (July 1st) They offered Chauncey Billups a contract to be president of basketball operations so he could hire a GM but rumor is he is probably gonna turn down the job if he hasn’t already. I think the Cavaliers are falling apart before our eyes.

Chad: It’s interesting to see how this team will attack the Free Agency; Trade Market now with a new a GM and who they will go after; very odd to do this before the draft.

Dan: I think the best thing for the Cavaliers w ould be to just separate with Griffin. If that’s what they want. They need more help on the bench. LeBron needs to be able to get a rest in the Finals without having to worry about losing a lead. I think it’s time to restart with a GM in Cleveland and see what they can do. They also need a solid coach. And a bench.

Steve: It tells me that Griffin and the ownership had different views and ideas, and they were not going to come to an agreement. Whether he wanted to do some sort of trade? From what I heard he wanted Paul George, and wanted to trade some picks and players to get him for the year. So while it is shocking that a team that has made three straight Finals, and likely headed for four straight next year would drop their General Manager, I think it may be the right call for Cleveland to get a fresh set of hands on things. Hell, maybe Phil Jackson will go to Cleveland, or no better yet. Lavar Ball can be the GM of Cleveland.

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