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Hello again Wrestling fans and welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. Money in the Bank is behind us. Baron Corbin and Carmella reigned victorious and captured the Money in the Bank briefcases. What are our thoughts on this? Was it the right move? Also has Jinder Mahal established himself as the top heel on Smackdown after his victory over Randy Orton? All this and much much more!

We have made it to the Finals of the Wrestling Roundtable Tag Team Tournament.

2 Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard


2 Edge and Christian

Who is your vote for the greatest tag team ever? Vote below, send me a tweet, or an email swhall03@gmail.com. Twitter handle is @StephanHall. The more votes we get, the more action we see.

1.Samoa Joe

Joe was dominant in his win over Roman Reigns on Raw. Can the big Samoan conquer the beast and become the Universal Champion?

2.Jinder Mahal

Mahal successfully retained his championship against Randy Orton, while with some help from the Singh brothers, Mahal appears to be on the verge of a dominant title run.

3. Baron Corbin

Mr. Money in the Bank now has his sights set on the WWE Championship. With the briefcase in hand, it may just be a matter of time before championship gold is around his waste.

4. Alexa Bliss

After a night off, Alexa Bliss falls a little bit, but she still is the most dominant female on the WWE roster.

5.Braun Strowman

He’s back, and he is looking for revenge against Roman Reigns.

In 1963, the original title was called the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship (1963 – 1971). Since then, there have been many changes to both the name of the title and the name of the WWE resulting in an array of title names spanning over 52 years.

After dropping the word ‘World’ from the WWWF Heavyweight Championship (1971 -1979) title, Capitol Wrestling Corporation left the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and formed the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), thus creating the WWF Heavyweight Championship title (1979 – 1983).

Then in 1983, the title was changed to the WWF World heavyweight Championship, similar to the first titles name. This title had stayed for the next 15 years until March of 1998 when the name was changed to the WWF Championship.

Lasting only 3 years, the title was quickly changed in December of 2001 to the Undisputed WWF Championship. The name changed one year later due to the change of the organization’s second name change, thus becoming the Undisputed WWE Championship.

Only in 4 months, the title’s name was changed yet again becoming the WWE championship. This time the name changed lasted for 11 years and was changed recently at the end of 2013 to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This is currently the running title name.

Was Baron Corbin the right guy to win the Money in the Bank briefcase?

Steve: It was absolutely the right call. Corbin has the look, and the skill to be on top in the WWE. From his debut in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, I had high hopes for this kid. I had a feeling that one day he could be the WWE Champion. Now that he is the MITB winner, I think it is just a matter of time that he wins the championship. I don’t think it will be against Mahal though. I think Cena will end up beating Mahal for his 17th title, and then Corbin beats Cena to win the title. I predict this will happen by the end of the year.

Frosh: The only person who could have used it better would have been Sami Zayn.  I fully expect this guy to be a top performer for a while, he has everything Vince loves, and has not been rammed down our throats a la Roman Reigns.

Chad: He really was he is the guy who I think can best benefit from it to get closer to the main event spotlight I think he will eventually get to.

Tyler: I think so.  Nakamura hasn’t been on the roster long enough to earn a shot, and nobody else in the match needed that bump.  Though that makes me concerned about how much longer Mahal will hold on to the World title, as I don’t see WWE doing a heel vs heel program with Mahal and Corbin.

We are going to see a second Money in the Bank match for the women next Tuesday on Smackdown. Does this take anything away from the importance of the match for the women? Or, are we just getting a treat to see it all over again?

Steve: While I am looking forward on seeing round 2, I think it does ultimately take away from the MITB match for the womens division. It almost is like a mockery of it. Carmella won the match, and she should have kept the MITB briefcase instead of having to do the match all over again. I don’t like the decision by Daniel Bryan, but again, I am excited to see the match again.

Frosh: I think it absolutely diminishes the importance of the PPV….why even watch it?  I thought the finish was perfect and set up a beautiful storyline.  It is the perfect and really only believable way to get Carmella the briefcase, and the only believable way for her to win the title.  She needs to win again come Smackdown.  Also, if you want to know how I would have booked this going forward, keep reading….. First, I have Ellsworth win the US championship from whichever face takes it from Owens (probably Zayn or Gable)…Follow me here.  Then I have Charlotte win the women’s championship from Naomi.  At this point, you have Carmella cash in, but only AFTER Ellsworth attacks Charlotte directly, completely laying her out.  Carmella wins the belt, leading Charlotte into a feud, not with Carmella, but with Ellsworth, have a match between CHarlotte and Ellsworth for the US title, and she becomes the first ever female to hold that belt.  I think that would be cool.

Chad: I think it’s a treat to get to see it all over again I think the ending of the first one took away from It more than their being a second one.

Tyler: I think we’re definitely in for a treat, as it doesn’t take anything away from the first match.

After his victory over Randy Orton in Orton’s home town of St Louis. Has Jinder Mahal established himself as the top heel on Smackdown? And if you were not already, are you sold on his WWE Championship run now?

Steve: Im still not sold on Mahal as the WWE Champion, but I do think he has established himself as a top heel in the company. I don’t know what else to say about the matter.

Frosh: He is A top heel, but I do not know if he is THE top heel.  I still reserve that for Owens or Miz on Raw.  I was always sold on his championship run.  I thought it was great, I still think it is great.  I love the different vibe…Orton is still soooo boring.  Mahal is at least interesting.

Chad: I still think Kevin Owens and possibly Baron Corbin are possibly ahead of him with Dolph Ziggler not to far behind. It is just too hard to shake that it’s the guy from 3MB being put into the Title almost at random.

Tyler: Honestly, Mahal’s made me a believer.  He has the look and the skillset to be a great heel champion.

Will Mike and Maria Bennett err Kanellis be a success in the WWE?

Steve: No….FUCK NO! At least not with this gimmick. This gimmick of there’s is stupid as hell, and it is going to flop. Horrible way to book these two, as Bennett has the potential to be a star, and Maria has already been established as a top female talent.

Frosh: Well, it depends on how well creative likes them….I think it has potential, we just have to see where it goes.  I think they both have the talent for it to work, but only time will tell.

Chad: The Entrance Music Sounds Awesome so I hope so just to hear that on a weekly basis

Tyler: I wasn’t sure how they would fit if they made the WWE roster, but their “power of love” gimmick is so wonderfully obnoxious that I can see it taking them pretty far.

Do you agree that Braun Strowman should and will defeat Roman Reigns in the Ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire?

Steve: He should win, if they are going to push him into the WWE Universal Championship picture at Summerslam. If Reigns wins, then it will be a huge setback for Braun Strowman. From all I have heard, they are going to have Brock vs Braun at Summerslam, but if Roman beats Strowman in any kind of match, the match with Lesnar cannot happen if you ask me.

Frosh: Not only should he win, but he should win DOMINANTLY.  Reigns’ announcement was the one thing everyone was dreading to hear, he is back in the title picture by virtue of being Roman Reigns.  sigh…..  Strowman needs to destroy him and take his spot at SummerSlam…that might actually be an intriguing match, unless Joe beats Lesnar…in which case, I would be ok seeing Roman tap out to the Cochina Clutch….

Chad: If ever Roman needed to lose it’s to Braun here to put him over as a serious monster before Braun his eventual crack at Brock Lesnar

Tyler: He damn well better, as he was on a roll before his injury.  He’s clearly over, more so than Reigns, so I don’t see him losing.

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