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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Before I get started, I would like to point out something that hppened in game 4 of the NBA Finals in case some of you missed it.  A few weeks ago I ask a Question about Pachulia being a dirty player. Well he proved my point in that game when he to a blatant shot at the groin of Iman Shumpert. Well any ways as the draft is just one day away, i’m sure everyone is on the edge of their seat wondering who their favorite team is gonna pick this year. This week we will discuss, the possible trade for the number one pick, who might be the number twon pick, that and so much more on this editioon of NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

As the NBA draft nears there are rumors of a trade for the number one pick between the Celtics and the 76ers. The 76eres would get the 1st pick and the Celtics would get the 3rd pick and some future first round picks. The idea is that the 76ers will draft Markelle Fultz. Is this a good trade by either side?

Todd: I think this is a huge mistake by Philly. They trade up to get Fultz and lose future first round draft picks and now they have 2 unproven number one draft picks. How do we know either of them can play in the NBA? That is just too much of a gamble even if just one of them is a star. Look at Embiid he can’t even stay on the damn floor. As for Boston, Danny Ainge is a genius. He seems to build up them draft picks. Soon they will be able to compete with which ever team James decides to make a super team next in the East.

Chad: I don’t Philly comes out well in this trade they still need pieces to rebuild and should not be giving picks away. If I were Boston I would to try trade the pick if you are going to trade for a Jimmy Butler/Paul George type player who may be available via trade

Dan: I think this is a very good trade for the Celtics. Not only do they get two future first-round picks including next season,  but they get the third overall pick as well just for giving up the number one overall pick. The difference, in my opinion, in this draft between one and three is very small and wasn’t worth it by Philadelphia. Boston is a big winner.

Steve: What this proves is that whoever the Sixers chose as the #1 pick, they are in for an injury plagued year. Please Philly, pick Lonzo Ball!!!

A couple a weeks ago Lonzo Ball was a clear favorite to go number 2 in the draft. Since then guys like Josh Jackson and De’Aaron Fox have closed the gap. What are your thoughts?

Todd: Well, I don’t care what anyone says I think LaVar Ball is gonna ruin Lonzo Ball’s career and all his sons for that matter. He is just a jackass.

Chad: His dad is ruining his career he needs get as far away from his dad as possible; I’ve said it all along Lavar Ball is nothing but disaster for his kid’s career; his antics will scare teams off. Lavar Bell needs serious help and his too delusional to know what he is doing to his kids.

Dan: I think Lonzo Ball will go number two to the Lakers. They will have to work something out with his dad to keep him from running his mouth constantly, but I think the Lakers will go with him and just end all the talk with him. I, personally, want the dad to shut up so I want the Lakers to pass on him, but I think they take him. Seems like a good fit for both the player & the team.

Steve: It shows that some teams are really thinking twice about drafting this kid because his ass-clown of a father is too much involved. If Ball was someone like LeBron James coming out of the draft, you could see maybe dealing with this crap. He is a 15 PPG player, and can pass the ball well. That is all. He is not worth the risk, and teams are starting to see it.

Ever since the NBA Finals ended there has been some debate who actually started the super teams? In your opinion who do you think started them?

Todd: You could make the argument that when Chamberlain was traded to the Lakers to be with Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, When the Lakers put together Kareem, Magic, and Worthy, or when the Celtics had Parish, Bird, and McHale. More recent ones when the Celtics put together Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce. None of them were put together quite like these other 3 i’m about to mention. The Miami Heat of Bosh, Wade, and James. They all talk to each other and decide to go to the same team. Who does that? The Cleveland Cavaliers James won’t come back home unless they get at least one more star besides Irving. Who does that? So they go out and get Kevin Love. The Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant couldn’t beat them so he joined them. once again who does that? it sounds like to me 2 guys who just don’t want to compete. So if were going back about 60 or 70 years technically James is right he didn’t start the super teams but way back them they weren’t called super teams.

Chad: Really, it was WIlt getting traded to LA to be with Elgin Baylor and Jerry West but in the recent sense I would say it was Boston making the moves they did to get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to join Paul Pierce to win an NBA Championship.

Dan: I think Boston started them with the trio of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce & Ray Allen. That’s why LeBron and D-Wade and Bosh joined forces in Miami. They became what they did to beat out Boston. And they did.

Steve: I mean it really has to be the Miami Heat, right? LeBron, Wade, and Bosh? They were instant championship contenders when they came to Miami, and went to four straight Finals with that core of players. As far as the Superteam goes, it has to be them.

Jerry West brought 10 Championships while he was in the front office in the Lakers organization and 2 in Golden State. Now he has moved on to the Clippers. Will he finally bring the Clippers there first NBA Championship?

Todd: if he would have came there st the beginning of the Chris Paul/Blake Griffin era he might have but now unless he is there for about 20 or 30 years I don’t think he will. Jerry West is good but with all their free agents in limbo I think they might be in rebuilding mode again.

Chad: He won’t as long as Golden State is still together and with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin’s futures in the air I think there is window for a title is shut and locked for the time being.

Dan: I don’t think so. The Clippers need a lot of work in order to get to the Championship and one of the teams they still need to do a lot of work to overcome is San Antonio. Why are they important? Because Chris Paul has been linked to their organization. He could leave. Blake could be gone. So what are they going to do without those two? If the team wasn’t a championship-caliber team with them, they certainly won’t be without them.

Steve: No, The Clippers are still going to be the Clippers, and will still have to contend with the Warriors and Spurs year in and year out. I don’t see the Clippers winning a championship any time soon, but if anyone can do it, it would be Jerry West.

There are rumors floating around in the summer of 2018 that LeBron James is gonna leave Cleveland once again. Do you think he will do this to his hometown fans for the second time in his career?

Todd: I don’t really care what he does as long as he don’t go to the Lakers. I don’t think he will go out West because like I said before he don’t like to compete.

Chad: He lives in California so I could see; I think as long it is not the decision they will still be ok with as they now have NBA Championship that he led them to.

Dan: I think that he stays and doesn’t hurt Cleveland again. But, if he can’t beat Golden State or win next year, he’s gone. He wants to win. He doesn’t care what it takes, but he wants to win and wants to be on a winning team. If they don’t win the Championship next year, he’s gone.

Steve: If he does, and it is a possibility. He will do it the right way, and let the fans of Cleveland know ahead of time. I think this time they would appreciate what he brought to the city of Cleveland, an NBA Championship! So while he may leave, he would do it on good terms. However I dont think he will leave. What else does he have to prove? He has taken Miami to four straight, now Cleveland to three straight Finals appearances, winning three of them. He can only continue to dominate his legacy moving forward. Might as well do it in his home town.

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