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The Final Four of our Wrestling Roundtable Tag Team Tournament

Hey there wrestling fans and welcome back to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Money in the Bank is this Sunday, and we give our predictions on the event. Also is Elias Sampson going to be success in the WWE?  Plus, we are on our Final Four of the Tag Team Tournament. Who will emerge as the greatest tag team of all time? All the number ones are gone, and it is good to be a two seed in this particular tournament. So let’s not waste any time. Lets get to the Roundtable.

Here is the updated Final Four Bracket

2 The Road Warriors 2 Edge and Christian
2 Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard 2 The Hardy Boys

1. Samoa Joe

The big Samoan is now on the loose as he is on a quest to capture the Universal Championship. He proved last Monday that he is far from intimidated by the Beast in Carnate.

2. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss falls a notch to #2 as she looked weak in her six woman tag team match on Raw. Is she afraid of Nia Jaxx?

3. Jinder Mahal

The WWE Champion was caught off guard on Smackdown after getting RKO’d out of nowhere. Can the Punjabi retain his championship this Sunday at Money in the Bank?

4. Elias Samson

A victory over the former WWE and Intercontinental Champion gives Elias Samson his debut on the Power Rankings. What is ahead in the career of “guitar guy”

5. Randy Orton

The Viper struck once again on Smackdown, catching Jinder Mahal off guard. Will Randy Orton reclaim the WWE title at Money in the Bank?

While Shawn Michaels was dubbed “Mr Wrestlemania” by the WWE. This could not be further from the truth, as HBK sported a spotty 6 wins and 11 losses at Wrestlemania events, including two straight to the Undertaker, the final one being the last match of his career.

Money in the Bank is this Sunday, and is shaping up to be a decent event. For the two Money in the Bank matches. Who will win each of the two Money in the Bank matches, and if different….Who SHOULD win?

Steve: First I will tell you who should win this match. With the way they have pushed Sami Zayn, it would be a crime to have him lose at this point and they should give him a run to see what he can do in the main event picture. A Money in the Bank ladder match is just the thing to really kick start his career and put him at the next level. Plus, because I don’t think Orton wins the title this Sunday against Mahal, Zayn would make a great opponent for Jinder Mahal down the road. I don’t even think you have to give him the title, but giving him the win, would be a good thing.

Now on to who WILL win it? I think Baron Corbin takes it only because of the rumors I am hearing that he is going to be pushed into the main event scene and in the WWE title picture sometime this year. If the rumor is true and they have Cena take the belt off Mahal at Summerslam, then having a Cena vs Corbin feud may be something to wrap your arms about. The two had a great one on one match on Smackdown just before Wrestlemania, and they could put on a great program.

As far as the women go. I think Natalya will win it just because she has been loyal to the company and should be given one more shot at the top, even though I cannot stand listening to her on Total Divas. She is a great ambassador to the company, and should get the win. Now who should win? I really have my eye on Carmella as the next great female star in the business, so I would think giving her the MITB would do her career wonders.

Chad: I think Baron Corbin should win but would not be surprised of Shinsuke wins the MITB briefcase for the men. And I think it’s Tamina for the women who gets the case.

Tyler: OK, here we go.  For the men, I would like to see Nakumura win, just to see a Nakumura/Mahal match, cause I think that’d be pretty good.  I wouldn’t mind it if either Owens or AJ won it though.

For the women, the obvious winner would be Charlotte, but I’d like to see Tamina get a shot.  If Jinder can be champ, why not her?

Agree or Disagree: One of the two Money in the Bank winners will cash in this Sunday?

Steve: The WWE Championship will not be cashed in, it is just not the right time for that to happen. While I could see someone on the women side taking a shot at Naomi on Sunday, I will disagree and say that no briefcase will be cashed in on Sunday.

Chad: Disagree, I don’t see the cash in happening the night of 2 years in a row since they did that with Dean Ambrose last year after Seth Rollins won the title.

Tyler: I can see the men’s winner cashing in, especially if Orton gets the strap.

Agree or Disagree: While starting off with a couple of victories over Dean Ambrose; the career of Elias Samson will be a bust?

Steve: I will disagree with this statement purely on the talent and ability of Elias Samson. I mean he is the Honky Tonk Man V:2, right? Okay, he may not be dressed up in an Elvis costume, but sooner or later he is going to start using that guitar as a weapon just like HTM did in the 80’s. I am intrigued with what is to come with Samson, and he is off to a good start. That being said, these are WWE writers, and they could bury him just like they have done with other young and up and coming stars.

Chad: Agree, I don’t see how this drifter is going to impact major storylines especially on Raw that is usually stacked with Main event talent.

Tyler: Too soon to tell.  His character is unique enough that it might have staying power, we’ll have to see.

Agree or Disagree: So far the Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe match is being booked perfectly?

Steve: Agree. I am interested to see how Joe matches up with Lesnar. It has me watching again with excitement. I was not sure I could ever get back to those days. So far this is shaping up to be a classic match between two brutal wrestlers. If booked as advertised, this could be a great match, but again the writers could pull a “fuck you” and do something to really piss me off like they always do. I like where it is heading, but am reluctant to see what the outcome will be.

Chad: Agree, they are making Joe look like a ruthless monster that can at least hang with Brock in a match even though I think it’s pretty clear that Brock has the title for a good long time at this point

Tyler: So far, yes.  Keeping them apart as much as possible until the actual match builds suspense and interest, so good job there.

Agree or Disagree: Big Cass will be the one behind the “attacks” and will turn on Enzo Amore?

Steve: I disagree with this. While it certainly plays out to be Cass or even Enzo for that matter, I think they are just pulling the rooze to get you to think it is going to be Enzo or Cass to turn on one or the other. I think ultimately it will end up being the Revival who is responsible, because while yeah it may seem obvious, that is typically the way things go. It is right in front of you, but they keep you guessing.

Chad: Agree, The angle is a little to obvious at this point Implicate the Revival, Big Show and then oh wait it’s your own partner.

Tyler: Agree, because Cass is the most obvious suspect and unless it winds up being some random bring up from NXT, that would have the most impact.

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