Jets deconstruct & other NFL news & views @ NFLRT 6/16

Jets throwing in their cards before even the first whistle of the 2017/2018 season? An abbreviated crew opines about the Jets upcoming season and their rebuild strategy and other views on some recent NFL doings.

This week’s questions… 

1) On Tuesday, the Jets’ ongoing rebuilding plan took a turn in another direction. David Harris and Eric Decker were both cut. Both players were still productive with not unreasonable contracts, and they could have contributed to any chance that the Jets had to remotely have a winning season in the 2017/2018 season. 

(a) Is it fair to say the Jets are now officially tanking to get the #1 pick in the next NFL draft? (b) Which, if any, team(s) will actually lose to the Jets, as presently composed, in the 2017/2018 season?

Chad: It certainly looks that way I mean they let all of their big name talent go but as of right now the only team I see the Jets beating would be Cleveland week 5 but it’s a road game so I can’t even say that with any certainty.

Joe: (a) Without a doubt this is tanking with a capital “T”. (b) I don’t know if there is a team in the NFL that will lose a game to the Jets. They have stripped their team of any real talent and are playing for the number 1 pick in the next draft. And, in my opinion? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Adrian Peterson

2) Recently Adrian Peterson says he wants to play another 5 years which would take him to age 37. 

Is Peterson being realistic with his expected time frame to leave the NFL as a player?  Why or why not?  

Chad: I just don’t see it with the injuries he has had, but, AP is a freak of nature and it wouldn’t surprise me if he played into his late 30’s.

Joe: I give him 3 more years and by then the wear and tear on his body… if he has been used on a regular basis as a team’s #1 back… will force him to retire.

Marshawn Lynch now a Raider

3) On April 26, 2017, Marshawn Lynch passed his physical and was traded to the Oakland Raiders along with Seattle’s 6th round draft pick for Oakland’s 5th round selection in the 2018 draft. 

Is that a fair deal for both teams or did Oakland just pull off a heist of immeasurable value?   

Chad: Unfortunately, you can’t judge the trade until you see Marshawn play in a game. If Marshawn is anything like he was when he “retired” then I would call it a steal for Oakland

Joe: If Marshawn Lynch plays to how I think he can pal… a very good to a very excellent running back…. then Oakland will have robbed Seattle blind.

Dez Bryant & Darrelle Revis

4) Dez Bryant has been recently lobbying for Darrell Revis to sign with the Dallas Cowboys… and although he is coming off one of his worst seasons he could possibly fit with what the Cowboys are trying to do on defense, especially if he is willing to be flexible with the position he plays as well as his salary expectations. 

Do you see the Cowboys signing Revis, and if not the Cowboys, do you see any chance of any NFL team signing Revis before the season begins? 

Chad: I do believe Revis finds a team, but I don’t see it being the Cowboys because based on their offseason moves they are clearly going toward a youth movement.

Joe: I doubt the Cowboys will sign Revis, even at a discount price.What I think happens with Revis is if he is sitting at home when either a team has an injury in their defensive backfield and need someone fast, or some coach like the Hoodie in New England says “I’ll sign you as a fill in to play in certain situations at my price.” In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Belichick sign Revis at all. And, then watch Revis go out and play not half bad and probably makes a game saving interception late  in Super Bowl LII.

Melvin Ingram

5) The Los Angeles Chargers recently announced that they have signed LB Melvin Ingram to a new 4-year deal worth $66 million with $42 million guaranteed. 

What’s your opinion of this deal… good, bad or somewhere in-between and why?

Chad: It’s a Solid move it helps keep a very important piece of the defense in the Charger uniform. Unfortunately,  I don’t see it helping the team much as they are still in a loaded AFC West with In my Opinion the toughest schedule in the league for the upcoming year.

Joe: Certainly not a bad idea to lock in a key part of your defense… so, I guess I’ll say it’s a good move.


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