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I’m keeping it kinda, sorta. short and sweet this week… well… I’m basically keeping it on one topic…

Busy week involving personal aspects of life… business wise as well as personal wise and sometimes pleasurable wise. Certain necessities of my life gots to get done if  I want to pay my bills and enjoy whatever time I got to live.

Stuck in the middle…

“The problem I have when people bash Trump is they always cite super liberal, bought, left-wing sites.
Never do they look beyond that. Never do they look at the middle, where I’m at.
Always with their garbage. Always hoping some investigation is gonna bring him down.
Wake up. The Man hasn’t done anything wrong yet. The sooner you accept that the better off you’ll be.”

That’s a response I read to something that I saw on Facebook. I forget exactly what precipitated this response, but obviously, someone said something that was construed as a criticism of Trumpty Dumpty.

I could address why I think this person’s… and so many who think as he does… statement is so very wrong,  Instead, however, I would like to address another thing entirely… the fact that he has a point.

No… not when he says that Trumpty hasn’t done “anything wrong… yet.”

And… no… not where he says that me, myself and I… and so many like me… need to accept the false statement that the Man (his caps) hasn’t done “anything wrong yet” so that I’ll be “better off.”

Rather… the fact that no one on the left ever addresses his place in society and the many millions of Americans who are just like him… stuck in the middle with no way out or seemingly of ever feeling as if their lives matter, or will ever be financially secure regardless how hard they work to achieve the so-called American Dream.

Oh, to be sure they… liberals… pander about saying this and that; promising something about reducing taxes or protecting the lifestyle of the middle class… or… say they will create jobs by improving the infrastructure or through protecting the environment… but… they never, ever quite get around to addressing this man’s actual and very real situation.

And, the big reason is this… the donkeys and liberals, and a fair amount of those even on the far left, have abandoned the idea of waging a battle to help many of those that are we the people.

They have abandoned the idea of being a populist organization that fights for workers, the poor and impoverished and for those being discriminated against… and… yes, the middle class. They have abandoned their own party ideology and instead have become a party of the intelligent… a party the educated and all-knowing class… which is… they know what’s good for everyone, so shut the fuck and follow along.

They have become a political entity where they busy themselves with protecting their little special interests as well as protecting their good buddies up and down the Washington political stratum as well as the corporate and financial world.

Thomas Frank addresses this reality of the donkey party in detail in his many essays, speeches, interviews and his books such as “Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?”

In a recent speech that was heard on many public radio stations, including WPKN (Bridgeport, CT), he iterated once more his basic premise. He says early on in his speech that politics today so often seems to be about enlightenment versus ignorance. And often the donkeys rail against Trumpty Dumpty’s false populism as well as those idjits who somehow believed it made sense to vote for and in the process elect him as America’s president. He says this is a real dumbass move on the part of the donkeys, and instead of insulting Trumpty voters/supporters the donkeys should be saying “we care more about Trump people than Trump does.”

He then addresses how the donkeys missed their biggest chance to capture a solid majority of America to be on their side for a very long time … 2009… they missed the crucial turn…

No big banks went into receivership… No CEOs got their asses canned … or arrested and prosecuted. No CEO ever did any jail time for violating various laws and pulling off a bigger Ponzi scheme than even Bernie Madoff could ever have dreamed about. He adds that as close as George Bush the Second was to many of the highfalutin corporate dudes and Wall Street he still knew that someone had to take a fall… take some sort of responsibility… for the Enron bullshit.

The reality may seem… and is too often true… CEOs and their ilk sometimes skate when certain crap happens, it is also a fact that here is a long history in America of going after peeps who commit white-collar crime… and then in 2009 we get Barack Obama and it suddenly stops. Completely. In the words of one Bamster administration person the donkeys “foamed the runways for the banks.”

Just one relatively high ranking person got convicted for the financial fiasco of 2009… and he was nowhere near being one of the CEOs or even a president of the any of the financial firms involved.

Frank identifies what happened… “the Democratic Party itself… changed.”

Frank says…

“What’s changed about them is the social class that they answer to, that they respect, that they come from … we used to identify Democrats with workers, with organized labor, with the sons of toil, blue collar…  beginning in the 1970s, Democrats began to identify themselves with the professional class.

And they have all sorts of nifty ways of describing that group of people, very flattering ways. the ‘symbolic analysts’ was one; ‘wired workers’ is one; the ‘creative class’ is one they use a lot right now.

But this is basically, this is the group that they, from where their support comes; and it’s also the group from which leading Democrats themselves are drawn… they look at people like hedge fund managers on Wall Street, or Wall Street bankers. And they see those people as colleagues, as classmates; as friends, even.”

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton &, Bill Clinton all have Ivy League educations

Look at Wee Willie Clinton… which is where this donkey attitude, the abandonment of the working and middle classes, started… his background… Georgetown… Rhodes scholar… Yale JD studies… same with Hillary Billary… Wellesley… Yale JD studies … and… the Bamster… Occidental College, then transferred to Columbia… Harvard JD studies.

Every one of them attended “good” schools… all with Ivy League backgrounds.

Frank continues…

“You look at Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman these guys always, forever denouncing Wall Street (but) starting around Bill Clinton Democrats came to see it differently. This is the creative class; this is a creative industry, they’re making these really nifty derivative securities, they’re addressing risk, there’s all this wonderful complexity going on. And so, they see something like Wall Street and the meltdown there… the complete collapse on Wall Street… and they’re like, oh, how can we help? How can we help? The idea that Wall Street was engaged in, like, world historic fraud is not an idea that occurs to them naturally, or that is even acceptable to them.

The more shocking thing is that the Democrats basically are a party that identifies itself with Wall Street and that identifies itself with Silicon Valley and that identifies itself with big pharma, with these industries that they’re forever talking about and saluting because they’re so creative, they’re so innovative. They look at Wall Street and they don’t see this kind of colossal villain or, you know, the way, say, someone like Franklin Roosevelt would have understood Wall Street. Instead, they see classmates. They see their peers. You know, they have a really difficult time bringing this industry to heel or making sure that the rule of law applies to this industry.

But what’s shocking is when you realize that the Democrats themselves aren’t really interested in it either, that the kind of liberalism that you see in the Democratic Party is a liberalism of the rich, that it’s the liberalism of the top 10 percent of the income distribution, of a kind of — of a tiny swathe of Americans who have actually done very well in the era of inequality. And that’s shocking once you realize that. (WTF’s italics and emphasis)

During the Bamster donkey administration’s handling… or should I say non-handling… of the financial crisis one DOJ person said something to the effect of “what these people are doing is financial rocket science.”

Implying that these Wall Streeters are creative geniuses and what they do is so beyond anything we the people could ever understand, so just trust us; we know what’s right and good for America.  We’re professionals. Professionals are a the wheel and the rest of America just rides along in the back.

Bullshit… they knew what was right and good for the upper 10% of America but not for any of us Americans…we the peoples… who are the fabric and the glue that makes America go.

The truth is that quite a while ago the donkeys stop being the party that pledged itself to strengthening the middle class and fighting for people’s rights… for the poor and the underprivileged… and transformed themselves into being a party of “creative and well degreed professionals” … a party of the elite.

It is why Frank says…

“… a sort of class solidarity between the kind of people that fill Democratic administrations these days, you know, the cream of the professional-managerial class, the people at the very apex of our country’s meritocracy system, our status system, and the people on Wall Street. I mean, it’s not a coincidence that there’s this… incredible… revolving door action between the administration and Wall Street…”

He adds, “… giving them unprecedented freedom; the law is not going to be enforced on these people anymore.”

AND… “These are Democrats that did this, it’s not Republicans. And they did it wholeheartedly.”

Add to all this, Madame Clinton said… at least she implied if not our right stating… that supporting Trump was an act of bigotry and that America was already ‘great’ because the official unemployment rate was low and share market was booming.

Problem was that many in middle America (as well most Trumpty people) looked around where they lived and said… that is not reality. Unemployment numbers may be low but there are people without jobs… or… if they had jobs, the jobs they had just didn’t pay all that well.

What was reality… and people who saw themselves as middle class were very aware of it… that wages for the middle class had hardly risen appreciably in the last 30 years and 1 in 6 men had no job s imply because they stopped looking for a job.

The reason people abandoned the donkeys and liberal minded folks was because the donkeys and the liberals had embraced being a party of inequality… despite this talking points… who were promoting heading back to a 19th century pattern of wealth distribution… despite their half assed promises of raising the minimum wage and protecting workers’ rights.

Some folks would look around and say “Hell… we are already back in that 19th century wealth distribution pattern.”

Is it any wonder that some dude would say, “Never do they look at the middle, where I’m at.”

And say something that kinda, sorta supports Trumpty Dumpty?

Maybe it’s time the donkeys, the liberals and many leftys stopped telling people who voted for, or support, Trumpty what stupid ass ignorant idiots they are and instead go to them and start saying… “You are right… Trumpty is right… the system is rigged and its rigged against you. We want to know what you need… what you believe is the best to do to get America moving in the right direction.”

Then prove through their actions that they are abdicating their elitist, professional creative class ways and returning to being a party that cares about we the people … especially the middle and working class.

Old time donkey politics were not always perfect… they still had plenty of ideas that better served the wealthy than most of we the people… ideas on how wealth distribution should be done that, in my opinion, were slow to adapt to people’s needs… but… it was a damn sight better than the shit these donkeys are trying to stuff down the throats of we the people these days.

Here’s the deal…

The man and what he stands for… and, yes, he does stand for something whether certain folks want to believe that supposition or not… is against almost everything that has been established to protect the  environment, to protect working people’s rights… to protect the right to organize and unionize… to protect the majority of we the people’s financial well-being… and, yes, that includes the middle class people and whatever protections exist to safeguard their savings and investments as meager as they may be… to protect our children’s education, to protect health care and above all to protect the very thing that probably defines us as Americans.. our Constitution and all that it stands for… primarily the theoretical rights of justice and liberty for all.

All these protections that now exist?

Under Trumpty… will eventually be snuffed away as if they never existed simply because you do not belong to his class of people… the elite so-called rich folk.

As for him not doing anything wrong? There is a mountain of evidence which exists that is being organized that show certain improprieties that are obviously criminal and therefore likely impeachable offenses.

He and his family are directly profiting because of his position and their business empire with various foreign nations… among the most prominent are China and Saudi Arabia. A for sure conflict of interest that is unethical and immoral and in fact a criminal action.

The latest example of a conflict of interest in the Trumpty Dumpty White House is that a business partner of President Trump and Jared Kushner… his son-in-law… are trying to secure a $2 billion government contract to build the new FBI headquarters.

Trump wants real estate big wigs Steve Roth and Howard Lorber to craft US economic policy

ABC News reported recently that New York real estate firm Vornado Realty Trust is among the three finalists for the contract.  Steven Roth, the company founder and chairman, is a friend of Trumpty who works with for his infrastructure advisory council. And, just last week traveled with our fearless leader to Cincinnati as part of Trump’s “Infrastructure Week.” Trump even stood on a stage and said Roth was one of the “greatest builders in America.”

Roth’s company has holdings in two buildings with the Trump Organization, and is negotiating with the Kushner Company regarding future investments in a skyscraper in New York.

Simply put… the Trumps “have business ties to a company that stands to benefit from a direct decision of the administration.”

That is a specific conflict of interest and very probable prosecutable criminal act.

Add to this that both Trumpty and his son-in-law still control various real estate holdings and refuse to divest these holdings despite their positions in government.

Other conflicts of interest include the promotion of his new Washington hotel which just so happens to be on Pennsylvania Avenue, across from the White House and close to the FBI headquarters.

He has tried to obstruct justice… most prominently is his direct and admitted conversation with ex-Feeb director James Comey where he asked Comey to be a loyalist… unethical and criminal… who should cease his investigations into an ex-official of the government, as well as present officials of the government.

He has tried to… very illegally as many courts have ruled against him constantly…to wrongly stop people from certain countries from entering America purely based on their ethnicity or religion…a violation of not only law but of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

And those are just a few of the things Trumpty has done wrong and should be hung upon his own petard for.

Yeah, he says give Trumpty a break, mainly because… and this is just an educated guess on my part… Trumpty ain’t one of them… Trumpty ain’t one of them career politicians who don’t give a shit about his position in the middle… Trumpty ain’t one of them damn bankers who drove the country into financial disaster and almost into an economical Armageddon.

The problem is… Trumpty just don’t give a fuck. Trumpty is a human middle finger to it all… to the government system… to politicians… to foreign governments… and…  especially to each and everyone of us. He just does not care. He only cares about what he wants and how does it benefit his ass.

He suckered those who voted for him because he ran in the disguise of a populist. But, the sad and sorry joke was on all of those who helped elect him because the only populist position he is cares for his own ass.

But, then who does someone in the middle turn to, if not a dude like Trumpty?

The elephants obviously don’t give a shit for him and his middle of the road values. The donkeys long ago became a part of elitist intellectuals who are the so-called epitome of having made it.

And, they both simply trade one version of well to do, highly educated and highly “successful” group of snobs for another group of well to do, highly educated and highly “successful” snobs of the same ilk who done nothing except regulated and deregulate our lives into a veritable poorhouse where as the old refrain goes “we owe our souls to the company store…”

Eventually, we have two classes … them that gots and them that ain’t got… and them that ain’t got ain’t got hardly enough to get them through another day of their lives.

So, what’s the answer?

Try this on for size… it is truly a one size fits all solution…

Single payer health care… like what California just enacted… no caps, vision and dental included…

Free education at any state school. Ya’ll want to go to one of them highfalutin schools for your education you can still do it. Only, it’s now on your own dime, no government aid… But I’m guessing the regardless of what school you choose… the education will only be as good as the effort and work you put into it. It really don’t matter what school you go to it matters what effort you put into learning what you need to know to the job you need to do…

Economic justice and stability… curb corporate power. Establish the guidelines for everyone having an income where they can live and enjoy their lives and then work to implement the program within ten years.

True banking and insurance reform… If the banking and insurance corporations try and pull the shit they did that led to 2009… let them fail. Or, close them right the fuck down. Prosecute CEO’s and other high level officials. Bail people out; not bankers… protect people’s money and property.

Bring our military men and women home. Reduce military bases by 50 to 75%. Use the money saved to help fulfill making America a country where a family can live and thrive.

Instead of having an economy based on a thriving of the military-industrial complex, commit to having an economy based on providing for the welfare of all of we the people … no one should ever be hungry or homeless.

Invest in clean energy. Commit to moving away from fossil fuels. The only ones that will suffer will be the corporations who refuse to adapt and adjust and eventually will fail like the dinosaurs that hey are. It will create jobs and make living more enjoyable by creating a healthy environment. It ain’t the world that needs saving; it is us.

That’s a damn fucking start.

Maybe the result will be those Trumpty voters and supporters might actually see someone does care about them and has a real plan to do something to help and include them, too.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

End note…

McCain: Obama better than Trump “as far as American leadership is concerned.”

Even Arizona elephant Senator John McCain thinks the Bamster was a better president than Trumpty Dumpty is.

When asked by The Guardian if he thought the United States stood firm under Obama, McCain said, “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.”

When he was asked what message, he thought the president was sending to the U.K. after the shit and falsehoods Trumpty tweeted about the London mayor, a pissed off McCain said, “What do you think the message is? The message is that America doesn’t want to lead. They are not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica.”

Another thousand words…


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