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Agree or Disagree. Jeff Van Gundy made this comment during game 2 of the NBA Finals. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are the greatest duo to ever play the game.

Todd: Disagree, You got Kareem and Magic, Bird and McHale, Jordan and Pippen, and even Stockton and Malone who never won a championship but probably ran the best pick and roll in the game just to name a few. I probably left several out that are ahead of Curry and Durant.

Steve: Disagree, I am only guessing that he has never heard of two guys; Im trying to think about who that might be…hmmm… Oh Yeah Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen? Curry and Durant are a great duo, but no one can match the play of Jordan and Pippen during the 90’s. I don’t care who you are. You could even make an argument for Magic and Kareem as being up there as well. Top 3? I can give you that, but the best? That is debatable.

Chad: Disagree, Call me when the win something like Wilt and Jerry West, Russell/Havilchek, Magic/Kareem, Jordan/Pippen, Kobe/Shaq. Too much praise to early in the partnership.

There are rumors that the Sacramento kings are very high on DeAaron Fox. They are considering trading their number 5 and 10 pick this year to move as high as number 2 in the draft. Do you think Fox is worth that much?

Todd: Hell no! He is not worth that but I tell you right now if I am the Lakers I would jump all over that trade.

Steve: He is better than Voldemort (He who’s name I shall not mention who is projected to go to the Lakers). Its all about what the team sees in this player, a lottery pick could honestly go either way, he could be a superstar like LeBron James, or he could be a bust like Michael Olakawande or Greg Oden. You just never know until you take the pick.

Chad: No, I’m sorry I can’t risk on somebody with a year of college experience

Agree or Disagree. After the performance of Kevin Durant in the 4th quarter of game 3 Paul Pierce said that he thinks Durant had surpassed James as the best player in the world.

Todd: Surpassed James? I could surpass James. In my opinion he might be equal to James but I don’t thin either of them are the best player in the World.

Steve: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Oh you were serious? Ummmm….. Im gonna go ahead and disagree with you there. It is debatable (damn Im using that word a lot today) that he is even the best player on his own team. How could he be the best player in the world if there is some debate if he is the best on the Warriors?

Chad: Disagree, Lebron is still Lebron Durant may have flashes of brilliance but we will not be consistenly better the Lebron over a period of time

There was some discussion on the NBA Countdown show between Michelle Beadle, Chauncey Billups, Jalen Rose, and Paul Pierce about Kevin Durant Ruining by choosing to go to Golden State by how Easily the Warriors are blowing through their competition. Do you agree with this?

Todd: No. I think James ruined the NBA years ago when he made the call to Wade and Bosh to team up in Miami. That is why Durant is in Golden State. Yeah the Warriors went 16-1 in the playoffs to beat the old record back in 2001 by the Lakers 15-1. There is one major difference between them 2 teams though the Lakers of 2001 were dominate. I didn’t see the same domination from the Warriors. They got lucky by injuries through out the whole playoffs with the exception of the Cavs and the Cavs outside of James and Irving are not really that good.

Steve: Ruining the NBA? No, I think it makes for some exciting times for the league. We nearly saw something that we have never seen before when the Warriors were one game away from sweeping through the playoffs. When something has the chance to happen that has never been done before, this is great for the NBA. If they don’t like it, then find ways to beat them. This years Warriors team is not unbeatable. Last years team sported a better record than this team, and they didnt even win the NBA Championship. I still think any team can be beat on any given day. While yes, the Warriors are far and away better than any other team, it is just like the Bulls in Michael Jordan era in the 90’s. After Jordan retired, the NBA ratings went down because there was not that one dominant presence in the game.

Chad: The NBA has taken the Super Team concept too far in my opinion. But hopefully someone can chase down the Warriors and Cavs like the Pistons chased down and passed the Lakers/Celtics in the late 80’s.

Do you think the NBA should change the rule where on double technicals each team should get a free throw?

Todd: Well you know I was thinking each team should get a free throw but instead of the best free throw shooter have the worst free throw shooter at the line. Some times one point does make a difference in a game. The Lakers lost 7 games last year because they missed their free throws. Another option is to get rid of the double technical all together. They have so many damn reviews these days just get the instigator a technical. Third option just give the referee a technical for being a stupid idiot.

Steve: Either they change it to where it offsets, or they keep it the same. I am indifferent to the rule. When Todd becomes the commissioner, I will yield to his decision to what he wants to do.

Chad: I have no problem I don’t think something like that will ever determine a Series or Championship so I don’t think they should change it.


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