Movie Review: Wanted

Should I be calling James McAvoy young Professor X or maybe Young Jean-Luc? Just not sure.

Text tells us about a secret society of assassins called the fraternity.

Then backup 6 weeks and some dude is having a birthday party at an office. Yay, voice over about how much he hates his job and boss.

There is one woman who is actually dressed differently, and she’s overweight, and giving our hero the evil eye- so yeah, she’s a bad person. Skip to two people having sex. Gotta love the male buttshot but the girl is dressed.

McAvoy’s best friend is the guy and also Chris Pratt! Starlord is banging Professor X’s woman!

He googles himself and there is nothing there. Woe is me speech.

Skip to a guy getting out of a cab and walking to a window. He’s under attack, but in an awesome visual- JUMPS to the skyscraper next to his building and starts kicking ass. The ending is awesome- and I won’t spoil it, but we get a long visual of a . . what, 3 stage bullet?

Skip to McAvoy waking up next to his girlfriend, and a whole bunch of reasons why his life sucks.
Melissa McCarthy really should have gotten this role as McAvoy’s boss.

So going to a store after the most fun ATM I’ve ever seen in a movie- Dang that seems odd for some reason to say- We finally get some Angelina Jolie action, as she pops up to save Professor X from getting killed by an assassin. Begin the chase scene.

McAvoy wakes up at a desk, surrounded by the main assassin grouping- and now we get the plot explained by Morgan F’N Freeman! McAvoy is the son of one of the best contract killers in history, and has Jedi powers to slow down time, make bullets bend and other fun stuff. He is going to be trained to go after the man that killed his father.

So how is Wanted?

To be honest, I loved it.
The beginning is a bit slow, but it’s all about the build of McAvoy, if you like the squirrely smile of him, you can put up with the movie.

Don’t expect a ton from Angelina Jolie here, she’s great at what she is given, but her role is basically to stand around and look hot- and give us a fleeting look at her ass. She excels in doing all that.
The rest of the main assassin cast is solid. Common  has a really reduced role, as whenever the curving the bullet trick is done, Common gets shoved to the side so Jolie can look hot more on screen. The Mechanic isn’t given much and the fat guy is a ball of fun but also shoved aside. I can see why the sequel that was in the works was about this group in a prequel. They just seem like a lot of fun.

But Morgan Freeman is the guy. You can really see his Lucius Fox role from Batman here. Smarter than everyone, pulling the strings- literally- and getting things done, and even as the plot moves, he’s still in total control. Freeman plays a masterful head of a secret assassin society.

I’m going a 7 here. There is a lot of rewatchability here, there is a lot of fun here, the dings are all clustered at the end, and that is where it falls apart. You spend so much time on bending a single bullet yet – like every other film in the action genre – they spend thousands of rounds missing everything and everyone.

Want some spoilers?


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