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Booze commercials, trades, player released, cap space and career numbers for a prime time RB… it’s all here in today’s RoundTable…

1) According to The Wall Street Journal, the league will allow its TV partners to accept commercials for distilled spirits for the 2017 season. The Journal, adds that the ads have to include a “prominent social responsibility message” and “can’t have a football theme or target underage drinkers.” In addition, the NFL reportedly also says, the ads can be no more than four 30-second hard liquor spots per game with a limit of two such spots in any quarter or during halftime. An anonymous NFL executive was also reported as suggesting, “While described as a one-season test, the policy is expected to become permanent.” 

Thoughts on this new NFL policy? 

NFL will allow hard liquor commercials for 2017 season.

Chad: I’m okay with as commercials during a regular season really do not matter a whole lot in the grand scheme of thing in my opinion again I think the parents do have some responsibility to go over what is on screen with their kids if it’s bad or good or whatever the case.

David: Can I still fast forward through them? Then don’t care.

Joe: Makes no never-mind to me one way or the other. People need to be responsible in the choices they make and parents need to do their jobs influencing their children.

The only thing I would question  is how the commercials will be presented. However, I think due to public pressure most alcohol companies now try to present their ad material as alcohol consumption being something that needs to be done moderately and responsibility.

so… one more time… makes no never-mind to me.

2) On June 1st, the Browns and Jets traded players…  linebacker Demario Davis from the Jets for the Browns’ for defensive back Calvin Pryor. 

What are your thoughts on the trade? 

Browns & Jets trade players… Demario Davis from the Jets for the Browns’ Calvin Pryor.

Chad: Yawn…next.

David: From my Draft Review waaaaay back in the day:

I see him at SS more than FS, simply because he can hit like a freight train, and he might draw some NFL attention because of it. I’m really interested when they first play the Pats and he lays a guy out on National TV. My only big issue with him is can he cover one on one? Keep in mind when I watched Louisville, I was wanting the offense to hit the field, but he could be a standout for a long time in the NFL. I really can see him making a name for himself making those HUGE Tight Ends do the Elway-copter over the middle. Excellent pick for the Jets- but I like Ha-Ha more.


So, I guess, we figured out that he can’t cover one on one.

Joe: I think the Jets got rid of someone that they weren’t going to use, as well as someone they didn’t want around in the clubhouse, for someone that they might use and already had familiarity with.

Nothing more and  nothing  less.  

Why is he happy? With Romo officially off the books, Cowboys now have $20 million cap space.

3) Recently, Tony Romo’s release by the Cowboys was made official and with that announcement the Cowboys suddenly have $20 million in cap space to spare. 

What should the Cowboys do with that space? Bank it? Or, spend it? If they bank it, then why? And, if they spend it, then on what need should they spend it on? 

Chad: I think they should stand pretty much pat they could use to try and re-sign some guys internally but I wouldn’t go for a Home-run player like Sheldon Richardson from the Jets who has been linked via trade.

David: Secondary help. I still think that is the weak point of the team. Then again Jeremy Maclin just got released.

Joe: Spend it frugally. By that I mean there are some players out there that could help the Cowboys… Jeremy Maclin and Eric Decker… but only if the price tags are team friendly.

3) The NFLPA recently held the Player Premiere in Los Angeles. That’s where the incoming NFL rookies get advice from former NFL players about how to build their brand. Rob Gronkowski was used as one of the top examples of how to build a player’s brand. 

Gronkowksi was not the only player used as an example of how a person could build their brand, but the question remains… considering the various times that Gronkowksi has been involved in, or seen doing, behavior that could be described as “dubious at best”, should anyone be suggesting that Gronk be someone that an incoming player should aspire to be?   

Rob Gronkowski building his brand…

Chad: Yes, for the sake that, yes, he does party and likes to have fun and show up at WrestleMania, but he’s not in trouble with the law so why not try to emulate that aspect of Gronk?

David: If you are the best at your position. If you tie one hand behind your back, you are the second best at your position. If that is you, than you can do whatever the hell you want, if you play for the one of the most visible teams in the NFL. Could Greg Olsen get away with that in Carolina? No. But Gronk is a generational player with a Generational personality. Deion Sanders was a nut too.

Joe: I understand what the NFLPA is trying to do but using Gronkowski  as an example of how to build a brand, in my opinion, is not the way to go.

4) In a cap space move the Kansas City Chiefs released WR Jeremy Maclin.

Among teams that are rumored fits for Maclin are the Bills, Ravens, 49ers, Cowboys and even the Lions. 

In your opinion, where in the NFL will Maclin wind up? 

Chad: If the money is right, I say Dallas, with the open money, should with Dez Bryant and try to win a Super Bowl; but ultimately, I believe it will be with Buffalo.

David: Panthers! Come on! Actually he might end up with the Ravens or Redskins, but I’d love to see him in Carolina. The Bucs or Titans would be a good spot, and if they had a line, why not the Colts?

Joe: I’m guessing either the Bills, or maybe the Cowboys. Cowboys might be a good fit because, hell, the more sure handed targets that second year QB they got available the better he gonna be.

5) On July 12th, LeSean McCoy will be 29-years-old. He recently said surpassing 12,000 yards for a career is a number that he believes is very attainable.  Presently, at 8,954 yards it would be hard to disagree with him, barring a serious injury. 

Is McCoy being too modest in his goal of 12,000+ yards, and are any of the RBs over 14,000… Emmitt Smith (18,355), Walter Payton (16,726), Barry Sanders (15,269) and Curtis Martin (14,101) … within his realm of possibilities?

LeSean McCoy

Chad: I think, it is possible. At 3 more years that is approximately 1016 yards a season rushing and that takes you to 12,000. 14,000 might take a little more work past an age 31 season which can be tough for a RB.

David: Always comes down to injury and his line. He’s got maybe 4/5 years as a top back, so lets give him 4K yards, so 12K is easily in range. Then maybe he becomes DeAngelo Williams or maybe Larry Centers for another 3 years, and gets another 2K there.

So yeah, Martin and Sanders are there. Payton is out of reach, as is Emmitt.

Joe: If, he stays injury free AND is used enough by his team, then I see no reason why he can’t surpass Curtis Martin, and make a real run at Barry Sanders. But, if he catches Sanders then that will be all he will get. Time and age will win out i n the end.



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