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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well the Golden State Warriors are once again up 2-0 on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. With the series shifting back to Cleveland for game 3 can the Warriors take a commanding 3-0 lead? This week we will discuss the Spurs making a strong pus for Chris Paul, the graffiti outside LeBron James home, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here we go:

The San Antonio Spurs are planning on making a serious push towards Chris Paul once free agency opens on July 1st. How would that change the landscape of the Western Conference if the Spurs could land Paul?

Todd: Chris Paul would definitely make the Spurs a better team. So good in fact I think they would give Golden State a run for their money one more time. You see I have to go back to the Western Conference Finals this year, if Kawhi Leonard don’t get hurt the Spurs win the series. Yes, that’s right I said the Spurs would have won the series and they didn’t even have Tony Parker Who can still play at 34. So once again it will probably be a 2 team race for the top spot in the Western Conference but if the Spurs lure Paul out of L.A then the Spurs will take the number one seed.

Steve: The Spurs would definitely improve with Chris Paul, but I still don’t think it would be enough to unseat the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors with their trio of Curry, Durant, and Thompson, are nearly unstoppable when healthy. I can’t see them being beaten, and we may be on the verge of the next dynasty with this team. The Spurs would be a 2 seed, maybe even get the 1 seed in the West with Paul, but he has proved that health has been an issue during his career, and has not proved anything in the post season so far.

Chad: I honestly I don’t think Chris Paul to the Spurs would be enough for them to get by Golden State in the Western Conference with the pieces Golden State would still have.

What are your thoughts about the racist graffiti that was painted on the gate of LeBron James Los Angeles Home the day before the NBA Finals began?

Todd: Well first of all I felt this had nothing to do with race even though the person or persons made it seem that way. It is the timing of the whole thing that was the key. The day before the finals, I mean James has probably owned that home for a few years why not do that before now if it were about race. If Cleveland was playing San Antonio we wouldn’t even be having this conversation because more than likely that would have never happened unless he owns a home in Texas too. People want to jump to conclusions but if James was white and they put Honky or cracker on his gate then we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation either. It is just the way it is.

Steve: What time of place do we live in now? Seriously? This racism shit has got to stop. We elected an African American as the leader of our nation not once but twice. I had thought that the racism would stop at that time in America. This is absolutely stupid, and I hope they find whoever did this and an example is made from his or her expense. Come on America, get your shit together.

Chad: It’s a sad comment on where we still are as country where those types of events occur.

Agree or Disagree. A couple of weeks ago Tyronn Lue stated that the Celtics are harder to defend than the Warriors.

Todd: I think Ty Lue was smoking a little too much crack when he made those comments. I wonder if he would make those same comments now after being down 0-2?

Steve: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… thats laughable. Disagree 1000% And that is why you are having so much success against the Warriors offense Tyronn. Quit smokin the crack and get real.

Chad: Disagree, how the heck can guarding Curry, Klay, KD, and Draymond be easier than the Celtics who they just beat in 5 games granted with out  Thomas for the last 3 games but a team who probably could have handled by the Bulls if Rondo stays healthy,

Manu Ginobili might have played his last game in the NBA this year. If so, will he go down as one of the greatest NBA bench players of all time? (he started only 3 out of his 14 year career)

Todd: Without a doubt. Manu Ginobli could have started on any of the other 29 teams or he could have even complained about coming off the bench in San Antonio. He is what you call a true team player and that’s why he was part of 4 Championships in San Antonio.

Steve: If you are just talking bench players, then I think he would go down as THE best bench player that ever played the game. I was never a Spurs fan, but anytime a team played the Spurs, and I would be rooting against them (except the Heat series’) I would always be concerned, not of Tim Duncan, but of Mano Ginobili. I think he is a sure fire Hall of Famer if you ask me.

Chad: Yes, he will because his contributions were a big part of the Run of Spurs these last 17 or so seasons where they were able to win 5 NBA Championships.

Who do you think is gonna be the MVP of the Finals?

Todd: It don’t matter how any one plays this man is the Finals MVP hands down. ZAza Pachulia! Without him the Golden State Warriors would not be in the NBA Finals.

Steve: Well Kerr and Brown have not called me to play yet, so it probably wont be me. I think that the media would give it to Kevin Durant if the Warriors won it unless someone else just goes bat shit crazy in the next several games. If Cleveland some how finds a way to win this series, then it will be because of the play of LeBron James, so he would win the series. I don’t think Cleveland wins this thing, so Im going Kevin Durant.

Chad: After watching Game 1 I’m putting my Money on Kevin Durant he looked like a man on a mission with 38 points in that game.

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