Pounding 7s, Top 7 Should have beens, plus INVASION Q

Welcome to Pounding 7s, where I give rankings that dont matter about Wrestling subjects, until Steve Hall is able to finally master the Alex Wright dance and enter public.

This weeks question comes from Earl, no not my GoT partner, this one’s from the old Mid-South Region.

Should Vince had just paid the WCW stars to make a great Invasion angle?

Simple Answer?


Vince has two major traits, he’s frikken brilliant, and he’s frikken petty.

Ted Turner bought WCW, and lost a TON on it. The AOL Merger really burnt his wallet, and Vince would have saved AOL/TW money had he bought out the contracts so he could bring them over. Why? If he could have cost Billionaire Ted a dime more, he would have. I bet he even paid for WCW with a post-dated check just to make them wait a bit longer.

Plus, he had to figure out what to do with everyone. I don’t think the intention was to ever have a nWo-style invasion, and- frankly, I don’t think there was ever a good plan in place. Everyone got crushed in the Invasion but already-there WWE guys. I mean heck, AUSTIN was the head of the whole thing, even though he never held either the World title in either company.
Vince could simply crush his opponent, get his guys  over even more, and eventually bring the big names over as the contracts ran out. Plus, again, we get to cost Teddy money.

Would it had matter? No. I think replacing the Dudley Boys with Steiner and Goldburg would not have stopped the Austin/Angle/Etc turns for no reason. I mean heck, look at the poster- SHANE is on the WCW half for the show.

So, on with the countdown.

Top 7 guys who should have been something.
These are guys who, IMNHO should have been stars and either ran afoul of the crowd, a gimmick change, or just got depushed for other reasons.

7) Doink the Clown

Love the evil Clown gimmick. Turning him face just ruined the character. How this hasn’t been done again I have no idea- but there are people that are legitimately scared of clowns, and Doink could have fed into that. Imagine if SuperCena or even Bray Wyatt didn’t like clowns. Plus he could throw stuff into the crowd like garbage and cause a face to come out of the crowd. How about hotfooting a commentator or ref?

6) Dolph Ziggler and everyone else

Yeah, Like I said, I don’t watch the current product. If you have a current favorite that I missed (Mizdow, Zack Ryder, whatever) pretend I put him here.

5) Tully Blanchard

Solid second-tier main-eventer, but people hated Tully. HATED. He was just stuck on the same stage as Flair. Blanchard could have easily done the Honky Tonk Man for YEARS in the WWF with the IC title, and people would have SCREAMED for Hogan to do something about Superbrat.

4) Shelton Benjamin

He finally got a singles push, and got stuck with Mama. I did like the Thea show, but this was just wrong for a talented athlete who could TALK on his own. Just should have been used better.

3) Matt Morgan

I actually talked with Steve Hall about this one. Morgan was HUGE, could talk, could move and seemed like he had everything. The Genetic gimmick he ran with in TNA I thought was really good. Steve states that Morgan was a bit of a headcase, and had a really bad attitude.

2) Mr. Kennedy

This guy. Dang. Everytime it seemed he was going to get a monster push, something would happen. He got hurt, the guy who was going to put him over got hurt, heck, even Benoit figures into this. Then when he was going to get a major push, he gets a Dr Feelgood pop and is gone. Mr Kennedy could talk, move and looked different than most muscleheads that WWE was filling with, and could run great matches with everyone.

1) Muhammad Hassan
This was a monster gimmick. He was an American who fought for the other 95% of Muslims who were not extremists, but Americans were just too stupid to tell the difference.
Sadly, neither could the writers. Imagine had he been able to continue, and won the US title- and renamed it the Citizen of the World title? Davari was a mistake, and lord knows that the move to Smackdown and just putting him as a terrorist killed the character and the wrestler who played him.

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