Movie Review: American Psycho 2

Little girl is taped to a chair, her babysitter is on the other side also taped. Patrick Bateman from the first movie has his back turned to the camera is doing- something to her. The girl gets free- and kills Bateman. Voiceover tells us that the babysitter was the final victim, and this made Bateman a celebrity after they pinned a few unsolved murders on him.

Whoa. Why in HADES would Christian Bale try and kill a little girl? The girl says the babysitter was drugged- but why wasn’t the kid? Bateman was RICH- and on the run, why in the blue hell is he having a nice dinner with a teen and a KID? Moving on.

So the little girl grows up into wanting to stop serial killers. She’s off to West Washington. Geez.
She studies under CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK! Holy Shatner! So Kirk was this great investigator, who caught everyone- but was unable to catch Bateman, and retired to teach in frustration- or that’s the rumor. William Shatner teaching Mila Kunis What a country.

So she wants to be the new teachers assistant, something that is almost always an automatic ticket to Quantico.
She pops off three rivals for the job, and how they don’t stand a chance against her perfect 4.0, even though the blonde is banging Kirk, even though he’s “old enough to be her grandfather” ouch.

So there are our three victims we know of. So Mila Kunis goes off to go drop off her application at the office, and the secretary blows her off as she’s a freshman, and it’s supposed to be a junior or senior job. Hang on, then how was the other 3 her “rivals” and why was the rich boy AKA target #1 all bitchy about the same thing?

So there are our 4 victims- I wonder if this is going to come down to Kirk trying to find out who is trying to kill off all this top students?

So how is American Psycho 2?

Even Mila looks bored

Horrible. I see the idea, but this movie is flipping HORRIBLE. Not even the Shatner is having a good time here, and the constant voiceover gets on my nerves. I do kind of understand what the thought process here was, but Mila just cannot pull off what a crappy script this is.

She’s one note. She has a plan, and no one is going to get in her way, and then the killing starts, you almost would think that this would have happened earlier. I don’t find her that impressive. She’s one note in the worst sense it can be. I’m smart, I want to go to the FBI, anyone gets in my way, and I’ll kill them, so I can join the FBI and go catch killers.

The original was smart, and had some charm. This is more of a TV movie than anything else.

EVERYONE that we meet is going to be on the hitlist. I mean there aint a person on that madeup school that apparently gets to put only one person to the FBI and has a world famous FBI agent teaching Freshman Serial Killers as an elective that isn’t a target. Mila goes right after everyone. Again, how on earth did she not wipe out her senior class?

Just a final note, this wasn’t even intended to be American Psycho 2. The powers that be decided they could make more money if they tied it to a good movie. A 2 would be too good here, so let’s go with a 1 for some bloodless kills, and some really bad scripting.

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