Movie Review: American Psycho

We open with blood dripping down.

Alrighty then.

Oh wait, that’s a red sauce going on a meal at one of those fancy places.

We get the standard rich prick conversation that was in so many 80s movies. It’s a good table setter. Does Batman always have such an odd voice? Lots of whining about the restaurant, next we go to one of those clubs that only exist in Hollywood or large cities. We get our first break as Batman calls a woman an ugly bitch, and he wants to stab her and play around with her blood.

Then a voiceover from Batman about how well he takes care of himself. To an exacting detail.

Then Batman says something that the second time around that means a lot more when you know whats going on.

But there is no real me: only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable… I simply am not there.

Then we have another dinner meeting to learn about Patrick’s circle of . . . friends? We bounce around a bit with Reese Witherspoon as Batman’s fiance, and finally come to a dick-measuring contest with the men’s business cards. This cracks Batman again, and he goes to kill a homeless man.

So how is American Psycho?

First time I watched it, I wasn’t too impressed with his, the odd acting of Christian Bale, the smirking, the tangents about Huey Lewis- I love the music of this movie- but the best parts of the movie are when Batman is either monologing about music or telling the viewer about who and what he is. It’s pretty amazing all the little breadcrumbs that are dropped all over the movie, some that mean something later, and some that mean nothing later on and most likely are there for the book people. I’d love to the read the book someday, but in doing some reading of the movie, there is a TON of backlash on the book- and a good bit of meta on what happens after the movie, that I really don’t agree fits the movie. Two different worlds, I can see that.

I do think the movie lives and dies on Christian Bale, obviously, the movie centers on him damn near 100% of the time, even when William Dafoe is onscreen, he’s a minor presence on the screen. Jared Leto is fun, too bad we won’t this this Batman vs Joker matchup.

This is probably one of the hardest movies to grade that I have done on this site, I do think Bale pulls it off, and I do think that the movie is worth watching, and I think it holds up after repeated watching, actually it gets better when you see it a second and third time. I think I was looking at a solid 3 when I first saw it. I did some reading on the movie, and felt I had to be missing something, I went and watched it again, and moved it up a bit, watched it again, and moved it again. I think I’ll go a 6 here. It’s not offensive, and if you want to talk about Phil Collins best work, I’m down with that, as long as you are not wearing a raincoat.

No Spoilers, as there is a sequel. . . .NEXT

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