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Good Morning Wrestling fans and welcome again to the Wrestling Roundtable. We are in the Sweet Sixteen for our Wrestling Roundtable Tag Team Tournament to determine the greatest tag team of all time. Voting is as follows. Each of our distiguished panelists will each have a vote, and you the fans will have a vote. In the case of a tie, the fans vote will have the tie breaker. Last week we had some great matchups and several matches went down to the fan vote. Did we see a #1 seed fall? Maybe 2? Who is the highest seed remaining. So lets not wast any more time, lets get to the Wrestling Roundtable.

Here are the updated brackets for the Sweet 16

9 The Young Bucks 9 The Club
4 The Midnight Express 4 The Fabulous Freebirds
3 The Steiners 3 The New Age Outlaws
2 The Road Warriors 2 Edge and Christian
1 The Dudley Boys 1 Harlem Heat
5 The British Bulldogs 4 Money Inc.
11 Steve Austin and Triple H 3 The Hart Foundation
2 Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard 2 The Hardy Boys

1.Alexa Bliss

Once again, Alexa Bliss is at the top of the Power Rankings for the third straight week. She seems more determined than ever to stay at the top of the womens division after Sunday’s match against Bayley.

2.Roman Reigns

Probably the odds on favorite to win the number one contender five way match this Sunday. Roman Reigns had an impressive victory over his former Shield brother, Seth Rollins on Raw.

3. Jinder Mahal

The WWE Champion was out of action in preperation for his rematch against Randy Orton. Will Mahal once again reign, or will his reign be short lived?

4. Sami Zayn

Is anyone hotter than Sami Zayn? After big victories in consecutive nights over Baron Corbin, he scores another tag team win along side Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown. Zayn may be in the title picture before you know it.

5. Samoa Joe

After defeating Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt in the triple threat match on Raw, Samoa Joe seems primed in ready to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship. Can he be victorious this Sunday at Extreme Rules?

In 2001, Vince McMahon shocked the wrestling world when he purchased his competition, WCW.  WCW had been floundering for a while, with the AOL/Time Warner merger resulting in the company wanting to ditch the product.  Several buyers attempted to pick up the company, but finally it was Vince McMahon who purchased select assets from WCW, including certain contracts, trademarks/copyrights, and the entire video library.  However, this isn’t the first time Vince McMahon owned World Championship Wrestling.  In 1984, Vince McMahon was looking to extend his company’s cable television reach by having his programming on not only the USA network, but the more popular TBS as well.  Ted Turner was already airing “World Championship Wrestling” from George Championship Wrestling and refused McMahon a timeslot.  To gain the TBS timeslot, McMahon arranged to purchase controlling stock in Georgia Championship Wrestling.  McMahon terminated most of the staff of GCW and filled the spots with his crew, having their first show air on July 7, 1984, known as “Black Saturday”.  In response to the shift in wrestling tone, from GCW’s athletic wrestling to WWF’s cartoonish gimmick wrestling, and the loss of beloved talent like announcer Gordon Solie, TBS received thousands of complaint letters and the ratings for the show tanked.  Turner, unhappy with the turn of events, gave air time to other promotions which easily beat the WWF’s ratings.  Losing money, McMahon turned to National Wrestling Alliance President Jim Crockett, Jr. to arrange a sale.  Crockett was the owner of Jim Crockett Promotions and was attempting to unify other territories who were affiliated with the NWA to battle the WWF’s expansion.  Crockett purchased “World Championship Wrestling” from McMahon for $1,000,000 and ran his promotion’s matches on the show.  Ted Turner then purchased Jim Crocket Promotions in 1988 and rechristened it World Championship Wrestling, which McMahon bought 13 years later.

Recently Road Warrior Animal made some controversial comments about the Dudley Boys. This is what he had to say, bear with me its kind of long.

“Let me sum this up. I got nothing against D-Von or Bubba, D-Von is a great guy. Love him. They were good back in ECW in their early years. I’m gonna say this. But here’s the bottom line, you can say you’re the greatest cause you won the WWE championship so many times, all the TNA championships, but come in my shoes where you’ve won 14 different world championships. I’m talking Australia, Mexico, six different Japanese company belts, AWA, NWA, WCW, WWF, WWE. Right there you got 12 championships. Not only are you going down to Portland and winning those titles, going to Mexico City – I’ve been a part of 14 different belts. Even Hawk and I have been at least 10, 12 different titles. The only team ever to take the international belts out of Japan, and defend them against the AWA, NWA, and not WWF, but those titles and the WCW titles, and made the international belts famous. They ain’t done that. I have nothing against The Dudleys, but let’s be real to all the fans out there. You got to be real when it’s time to be real and be honest. Listen, Hulk Hogan is the greatest single thing to ever happen to the wrestling business and I’ll be the first one to say it. When something is true you have to say it. The best entertainer to ever come out of this business is The Rock. Number one best entertaining guy ever and has set the wrestling standard that nobody will ever match. The guy did 170 million dollars in profit this year. No wrestler will ever do that ever in movies. I’m the first one to say it. So the Dudleys come out here and say that kind of crap, they really need to think about it and before they open up their mouth and say ‘Okay, did we really do anything that was better than The Road Warriors?’ The answer is simple, no. Are they great? Yeah, they’re great. But they’re not The Road Warriors. They’re not gonna go down in history as a legendary status.”

Simply stating the comment at the end that the Dudley Boys are not gonna go down in history as legendary status. Does he have a point? Or is Road Warrior Animal on something strong?

Steve: I have never been about controversy here, but I have to say it. Road Warrior Animal is probably taking the leftover drugs from Hawk (God rest his soul). Seriously? I cannot count the amount of tag team championships that the Dudley’s have won on every finger in my household, and that is quite a few. The Dudleys may be under the radar because they started their career in ECW, before making their way to the WWE. It is too early, and I am too lazy to research this, but I think they are the only team in the history of wrestling that held the WWE, WCW, and ECW tag team championship. Not to mention winning the TNA Championships. This is something that Hawk and Animal never did, albeit the promotion was not around then. Are the Dudley’s the greatest tag team ever? That is debatable, but will they go down as one of the bests in history? Absolutely.

Frosh: I think it is one of the most ridiculous things I have read in a while.  Of course, the Dudleys are going to go down as legendary.  Animal talks about all the different titles, well the regional scene doesn’t exist anymore and the Dudleys have held titles in just about every major promotion that matters, including a few who don’t.  They will be…correction *are* legendary.  Animal’s jealousy of the Dudley boys will have to be put aside, since the Dudleys being legendary does NOTHING to the already legendary status of the Road Warriors.

Todd: To be honest with you, does it really matter how many titles each team won and where they won them at? Because at the end of the day we all know wrestling is fake and if certain people want you to win the title you are going to win the title. Sure that might make the organization think you are good enough to carry them but its not the title that gonna make you legendary. It is what you bring to the table in other areas. The title is just a bonus. The Road Warriors and the Dudley boys are 2 of the greatest tag teams to ever lace them up because every time they stepped in the ring they put on one hell of a performance. So Road Warrior Animal needs to stop making it about titles and respect what each other did inside the ring.

Tyler: I’m not saying the Dudleys are better than the Road Warriors, but they’re just as damn good, so Animal needs to stow the sour grapes.

Chad: On Something Strong in my opinion while he does make very good point I don’t think it negates what the Dudleys have done basically ruling tag team wrestling in 3 US Promotions (ECW, WWE, TNA) being successful in Japan, Bubba being a world champion with matches with AJ and Sting that were good. The Road Warrior/Dudley debate can be had from now to eternity but I will go on record to say that the Dudley Boys/Team 3D are a legendary team.

Recently Five Star Wrestling offered CM Punk a one million dollar contract to take part in their 128 man tournament. Should Punk accept this offer and return to the ring, even considering he said he would never wrestle again?

Steve: CM Punk does not need the money, he is financially set for the rest of his life. I think though to give it one more go to give the fans what they want to see, then sure, I say take the money and compete in this tournament but only if he wins it. I can’t see any other way Punk enters this unless he is slated to win the thing.

Frosh: If he needs the money…sure….if not…no.  Unless he gets it put into the contract that he wins it.  I am honestly over CM Punk.  I think it is great that he doesn’t have to wrestle, and am glad he pulled out of the business before his body broke down too badly and he was a shadow of his former self *cough* Taker *cough*.

Todd: No one really cares what CM Punk does any more.

Tyler: Eh, maybe he would do it for shits n’ giggles, but he’s said multiple times how much happier he’s been since he retired from wrestling, so I don’t see him jumping on that anytime soon.

Chad: CM Punk went from having WrestleMania match against the Undertaker, to getting choked out in the UFC, to now guest contributor on a MLB network show because he is a Cubs fan. He needs to come back; he would fit in if he came back. That being said I think his exit burned bridges and I think he is happy and healthy now I won’t say never but wouldn’t expect it.

Who is the best mid-card wrestler of all time? (Mid card meaning spent the majority of their career in the mid card status) So yes this person could have once been a World Champion.

Steve: Tough question here, but I will go on and say that it is close between Mr Perfect and Chris Jericho. Jericho is a five time World Champion, so he has tasted the main event picture many times over his career. Perfect however, has only tasted World Championship gold in the AWA, and has only sniffed the main event in WWE and WCW. So by default I will go with Mr Perfect as the greatest mid-carder to ever step foot in the ring.

Frosh: I don’t think there is one person that fits the bill, but rather a conversation around  a few.  Any conversation like this MUST contain Jericho, Scott Hall, William Regal, Jake the Snake, Perfect and I would include a dark horse inclusion in Goldust.  You might laugh, but he has worked harder, and gotten more people over than almost anyone.

Todd: I would say it is Mr. Perfect without a doubt. I was never a fan of his but besides Bret hart he was one of the best technical wrestlers in the business. He basically spent his whole career as a mid carder. I don’t think there was anyone better.

Tyler: Mr. Perfect.  End of story.

Chad: I’ll say Scott Hall whether it was in IC matches with Shawn and Kevin Nash in the WWE or when he went to WCW and tagged with Kevin or other guys from the now or whether it was a Singles title he held his matches were good and the character was entertaining. While his life went through twist and turns to me even though he wouldn’t be around the main event a lot his segments were entertaining.

What are your bold predictions for Extreme Rules?

Steve: I look for no championships to change hands. I think Roman Reigns will walk out the number one contender, and I think we will see a heel turn by Big Cass on Enzo Amore, and he will be revealed as the person responsible for attacking Enzo back stage and will actually join the Revival. Alexa Bliss and Bayley will steal the show and have an epic kendo stick match. That is the only match I am really looking forward to.

Frosh: It will be boring. If Reigns wins, then we know that he will have one more world title reign under his belt.  I look for the Hardys to retain as I do not think Sheamus and Cesaro are the ones to beat them (Revival?).  I also look for Baily to win, and for the Miz to win the IC belt due to chicanery.

Todd: WWE still does ppvs? No comment, because I have no idea who is on the card.

Tyler: 1 Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe in the Fatal Five Way to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship

Joe, because Joe vs Lesner would be fuckin’ amazing.

2. Dean Ambrose vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship
If Ambrose is disqualified, he will lose the title
Miz, because he’s due another run with the title
3. Alexa Bliss vs Bayley in the kendo on a stick match
Bayley wins, snaps and beats the crap out of Alexa with the stick giving her character the refresher she desperately needs right now.
4  Hardy Boys vs Sheamus and Cesaro for the Tag Team Championship
Hardys retain in a spotfest
5 Neville vs Austin Aries for the Cruiserweight Championship
Aries, if for nothing else to end this never-ending feud.
6 Rich Swann and Sasha Banks vs Noam Dar and Alisha Fox
Poor Sasha, from women’s champion to this.  Banks and Swann win cause why not?  Total bathroom break match.

Chad: Maryse slaps Miz to cause a DQ and a title change in the IC title match. Finn Balor takes the moment and becomes #1 contender. Bayley gets the kendo stick first but doesn’t use and Alexa retains. Hardyz retain after a move from the top of the cage. Aries finally gets Neville’s number.

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