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This week’s questions… 

1) On Thursday, the NYDN reported that the NY Jets hired Collette Smith to work with their defensive backs during training camp.  Her job will end at the end of the summer.

In 2015, Dr. Jen Welter was hired by the Cardinals as a coaching intern for pre-season training. Welter was touted as being the 1st woman hired by an NFL team as a coach. And last year the Bills hired Kathryn Smith as the 1st full-time female NFL coach. 

Let’s cut to the chase… what is your opinion on women joining the NFL coaches ranks? Good, Bad, Somewhere In-between or I don’t care as long as my team wins? 

Collette Smith & Jets’ DBs

Chad: I’m simply going to say this… We live in 2017 here in America. If, they are qualified; hire them, period.

I’m fine with it.

Dan: I’m all for everyone being involved and having an opportunity, as long as they are adequate enough to handle an NFL coaching position, then it’s all for the good. If, they’re good enough to coach, there’s no problems. If, it’s just a test run to try to integrate gender equality and they’re not fit for the position, then it’s going too far.

But, I’m not the determining factor, the front offices are and if they feel like they’re good choices, then so be it.

David: Don’t care. What does a coach do? Determine strategy. Chicks can do that. Setup a training regimen? Babes do that too. The NFL is littered with coaches who never played beyond the high school/NCAA level… hey look, neither has a female. 

2) Recently teams opened voluntary OTA’s and Odell Beckman Jr. did not show at the Giants camp. Various online sites, as well as the NY media, made a big deal out of his not showing at these sessions. When HC Ben McAdoo was asked about Beckham’s absence he said, “You want all your players here, especially the great ones.” 

1) Was Beckham not showing at the Giants’ voluntary OTAs that big of a deal? 

2) Do the Giants, as well as the NFL as a whole, have a different definition of “voluntary” than the rest of the world? 

Odell Beckham Jr.

Chad: (1) It shouldn’t be a big deal, if they are indeed “voluntary.”

(2) Probably,  as I define voluntary as actually having a choice whether to do x or not to do x. I think the NFL as whole says voluntary with a wink because they can’t say mandatory.

Dan: I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I would think that he’d want to show up and try to get better so they can take down the Cowboys for the East title, and so he can work with newly acquired Brandon Marshall as a pair of elite WRs. It’s not that big of a deal though since they were voluntary.

I think the NFL expects players to participate at all team events regardless if they are voluntary or not.

David: Kind of depends. The NFLPA has neutered the offseason, and the game has suffered for it.

With OBJ and Eli? Not like they need a lot of practice.

3) On May 23rd,  the NFL announced some rule changes, one of which was that overtime was being changed from a 15 minute period to a 10 minute period. What is your opinion of this rule change? Why?  

Chad: I have to see it play out just because I think it will be good, but shortening the time frame my create more ties.

Dan: I like it. The games drag with the 15 minutes.

A couple years ago, there were several games that went into overtime. They went under five minutes remaining in overtime but the difference on where the kick would’ve been at the end of overtime had they already switched to 10 minute extra time was  within a yard or two of the actual kick. I think it’ll help the quality of the game and prevent injuries and poor play with another full quarter of play. Keep it down to 10 minutes and it improves everything.

David: Eh, It affects what, one or two games a season? I’m almost ready to drop overtime all-together. Can’t win in 60 minutes? Go kiss your sister. Makes the tie-breakers a little more varied for the end of the season, and it would make good coaches better and bad coaches more interesting at the end of the game. 

4) Another rule change that was announced was that after meeting with more than 80 current and former players, the NFL is lightening up on calling penalties when a player has a spontaneous show of celebration after a big play or scoring a TD.  Actions such as “miming weapons, offensive gestures and sexually suggestive actions such as twerking are among those that will remain banned” but otherwise any harmless expression… such as making snow angels or group celebrations… will be allowed. 

What is your opinion on this move by the NFL? Why? 

This may no longer be a flag under new rules

Chad: I like it, because it gets a little back into a league that has  been criticized as a No Fun League. And, as long as the celebrations are within reason I think this rule change that will not affect a whole lot.

Dan: I like it.

They were too uptight before penalizing every celebration that happened. It was too much. Let the players have fun and celebrate their touchdowns. I like this rule change.

David: I’m a defense guy. You score on me, you get to dance. I can’t dance, but I can point to the scoreboard.

5) Are the Patriots a slam, dunk to be in the 2017/2018 SB game? If, yes then why? And, if, not which team in the AFC could stop them? 

Are Patriots a slam dunk to be in Bowl LII?

Chad: Yes, the Patriots are a slam dunk to get to the Super Bowl. If, there was a team that could I would say, it would be  Oakland. But, the Patriots are just too talented across the board and have #12 at QB and Mr. Hoodie coaching, so they’re good.

Dan: Yes, I think they are. Barring any major injuries, the Patriots will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. I can’t picture anybody else overtaking them besides the Pittsburgh Steelers’ team with a healthy quarterback in Big Ben. Other than them, the Patriots are the clear cut favorites in the AFC.

David: Gonna have to wait until the season previews. 😊

But, let’s see… the AFC East is a joke. The South is a joke, other than Tenn, and they are a few years away; the North is in decline, other than Pitt, no one else is a threat, and do you think Andy Reid can coach well for 2 straight games? The Raiders are a year away as well.



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