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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Now we know it is going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. It is all gonna tip off on June 1st at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Ca. This week we will discuss Charles Barkley’s comments on James, once again Lonzo Ball, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:

Agree or Disagree. Charles Barkley has stated that if LeBron James can will the Cavaliers past the Warriors in the NBA Finals that he would put him on Kobe Bryant’s level.

Todd: That is a joke. James will never be on Kobe’s level and I will tell you why. Kobe never needed a super team to win his 5 titles. His first 3 he had Shaq and really good role players. His last 2 he has Pau Gasol which is no Shaq and really good role players. Look at who James had in Miami and who he has in Cleveland. LeBron James aligned himself with every player he had in both places because he don’t want to compete every night. So he can take a night off if he wants. He is not the same closer that Kobe was. Kobe ran to the ball. LeBron runs away from the ball at the end of games. Also if it were not form Ray Allen 3 point shot in game 6 of the 2013 finals and Kyrie Irving 3 point shot last year LeBron James would only have 1 ring. So in closing Charles Barkley is smoking crack. I am not saying this because I am a Laker fan I am just stating facts.

Steve: Sorry Todd but you are likely going to ban me from this RT with this answer. LeBron James is approaching being on the same level as Michael Jordan. I don’t think LeBron needs to win this series to be on the level of Kobe Bryant. I think he has already surpassed Kobe Bryant when it comes to on the court play. Bryant was selfish with the ball, while LeBron can do it all. Score, Rebound, Assist, play defense. He is a natural leader on his teams. Bryant was great, but LeBron right now is the second best player behind Jordan that I have ever watched play.

Dan: I would agree with that. LeBron James is one of the best players to ever play the game. So is Kobe and Michael Jordan. I, honestly, already feel like LeBron is at Kobe’s level, but if there are any doubts in people’s minds about their comparison, let LeBron win against Golden State and then you will see majority finally admit it.

Chad: I think it’s far to have the conversation with Lebron and Kobe. The will have each won at least 4 rings and been the face of franchises. I agree with this.

Lonzo Ball has turned down a workout with the Boston Celtics. Is Lonzo Ball taking a gamble in only working out with one team in this case the Los Angeles Lakers? ( also considering working out with the Philadelphia 76ers as of a few days ago)

Todd: It would be a huge mistake. If he don’t end up working out with the 76ers who knows how far he might fall if the Lakers don’t draft him. I think it would be funny if he were not even drafted.

Steve: Im sorry, but his agent really needs to lay the smack down on this kid and get him away from his idiot of a father. He should be working out for all the top teams, if he does not work out for them, they should not draft him. Or better yet, draft him and them low ball him with an offer. I would love it if Boston drafted him number 1, then traded him to Brooklyn or something just despite the Ball family.

Dan: I think Lonzo Ball is taking a huge gamble. But the consensus right now is that Lonzo Ball will be a Laker on draft night. With his dad continuing to talk for him, I would be scared to draft him if I was any other team. And if Los Angeles doesn’t grab him, I have a good feeling he will fall far.

Chad: Lonzo Ball took a chance the first time he took career advice from his moronic father. He needs to avail himself to anyone that wants to see him workout; even if he is projected to go high in the draft.

At 33 years old the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh Agree to Part ways. Will Bosh Play in the NBA again after missing the majority of the past 3 seasons and if so where is the best landing spot for him?

Todd: I think Chris Bosh is probably done with his career. He has sat out for a long time and I don’t see him making a come back. If a team does sign him I don’t see him getting too much playing time.

Steve: He will try and catch on somewhere else, but his playing days are close to being over. I could see him trying to make a comeback, if only for a year, but it will be as a bench role player. I could see him landing in Minnesota as a leader to try and turn that franchise around.

Dan: No, Chris Bosh is done. And rightfully so. He has had too many health risks to start back playing again. Then he has missed the last three seasons dealing with the blood clots in his legs. Time to officially hang up the sneakers. Health is more important.

Chad: Blood Clots are a serious issue and therefore I do not see him making a comeback in the league.

Who will win and how many games will the NBA Finals go?

Todd: As much as I hate to admit it I don’t think Golden State even with Durant is as good as they were last year and I think Cleveland is better than they were last year. Now I truly believe that the Warriors are in the Finals by default on account of Puchulia’s dirty play. I don’t want either team to win. Put it this way whoever wins game 7 will win the series.

Steve: Warriors win this in 7 games. This will be a great series that will come down to the end. I think the home teams win all the games.

Dan: I think Cleveland wins in seven games. They’ve been extremely impressive this post-season and I feel like Golden State will slump after their first loss since they haven’t had one yet this post-season. I feel like LeBron will get the best of KD/Curry/Thompson yet again.

Chad: Warriors take the rubber match in 7.

Is Boston’s Eastern Conference performance the worst by a number 1 seed of all time?

Todd: The Celtics were just out matched. For one they were too small. For another they had no one that could guard LeBron James. They only had the number on seed because Cleveland allowed it to happen. In my opinion they should have got beaten in the first round by Chicago if it had not been for the Rondo Injury. I thought Washington would have been a better match up for Cleveland.

Steve: Not even close here. With respect to Boston, I think Cleveland tanked to rest their players. Boston was not a number one seed to begin with, and they really snuck into that position with the poor play by the Cavs the last couple weeks of the season.

Dan: I wouldn’t say it’s the worst all-time, but I don’t think it was good even remotely. They should’ve had an easier trip to the Eastern Conference Finals with the way their conference and match-ups were set up, but I feel like with the injury of Thomas, they did a good job not getting swept by Cleveland and keeping a couple other games close. Thomas just needed more help.

Chad: I will take the Strike-Shortened 1999 Miami Heat as a bigger first seed bust as they did not make it out of the 1st round best of 5 series and two losses were by 20 points or more.

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