Movie Review: The Hurt Business

No idea what Royce Gracie shooting a rifle has to do with MMA, but whatever. He talks about praying for his opponents. I bet he really did some serious prayers for Jason DeLucia, Ha. Roll Credits.

Whoa Kevin Costner? Damn

We start off with a background on Rashad Evans. Apparently it was a close fight with Jon Jones, and that is what passed the torch from Evans to Jones as the top superstar.

Uh, ok.

Rashad talk about the fight and how betrayed he felt by his former team. Damn this feels like a UFC Unleashed special.

Flip over to Jacksons Gym and Jon Jones.

Jon Jones gives his side of the story. Is this about the Hurt Busine$$ or Evans/Jones II?

11 minutes in, and we now have Bas Rutten giving the origins of MMA. He talks about 648BC where Pancration is the beginning of MMA, Helio Grace went 67-0 at that first Olympic Pancration games.

Speaking of, now we get a mention of the Gracies “perfecting” Ju-Ju. At least they do mention it comes from Japan. Some interviews the Gracies have been doing it to saber-tooth tigers for warmth in the Ice Ages.

UFC 1 highlights, with Art Jimmerson and his glove. Of course the kick is shown. Might be the best thing to come out of UFC 1.

Lots of love for the beginning. Amazing how many of the early guys are around, and how many of the early wrestlers from around that time are not.

Tito says that UFC 1 did 350K buys. Hey, there is some Busine$$ right there. The UFC right now is doing good to get 350K on some shows. Of course, this is Tito, so . . .

Oh, UFC 1 did 86K buys.

Next up is a retired fighter and his personal issues post fighting. Joker Guymon and his new protege.

Gotta love shows where a guy is allowed to fight in shorts and a T-Shirt. High Class right there.

Flip to Sara, and that leads to a whole discussion on women’s MMA, and of course, we get to Rhonda Rousey.

Rickson says he sold the UFC because they put rules into it, and it wasn’t what it was. RIIIIIIIGHT

So how is The Hurt Business?

I’m sorry if I couldn’t do this much like a regular movie review, I tried to throw out some of the pertinent points for the early points of the movie. The problem is, they are REALLY wanting to do the MMA version of Beyond the Mat, and if you are familiar with that movie, then you will really get a strong vibe on this one.

We should feel for the fate of Joker, and a lot of these fighters, but the issue is MMA is not wrestling, you just had a 50 year old man highlight Wrestlemania, but only Bellator would put a 50 year old on a show, but still. I’m not about to tell people about getting ready for the future, but you’d think after a time you’d start to plan for the non-fighting. I mean really, how many MMA gyms are out there?

The other main story is Rashad vs Jones II. The film is REALLY trying to make Rashad into our conquering here, and that’s all fine and dandy, but again- this does nothing but make the film archaic. You can see when this was shot, and what’s going on in the world. We never really even get the finale here, as this is real life and not something that can be scheduled.

We could have done so much better here. You could have built a doc on just Joker, he’s interesting enough on his own. You could have done another on the return of Rashad. There are just too many strings here. We forget all about this history in the beginning, and move onto throwing name fighters out there. It’s just all over the place, and not in a good way.

New fans won’t care, since we see what happened to Rashad and Jones. Older fans have seen all this before- and done better. I don’t see what the point was. I’m going 1 as there just isn’t enough there to worry about for non-fans, casual fans or hardcore fans as a whole.

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