Movie Review: Curse of Chucky

Ok, Curse of Chucky. Thankfully this one is on Netflix, because I doubt I would go after it.

A girl is in a wheelchair, and is shipped a box from an unknown person, and Chucky is in it! It’s not the classic Chucky, or even the original Good Guy doll. This one is a bit doughy in the face. The mother blocks the girl from the much too forward delivery guy (who borderlined on creepiness) and tosses the doll into the trash. Yeah. That makes zero sense. That night Chucky attacks her, we don’t see anything but a puddle of kool-aid come out from under the door. Screaming and roll credits.

The next day(?) we get the rest of the family show up and it’s the other daughter who want to sell the house for the cash, her guy who works at Starbucks and her daughter, along with a live-in helper. For some reason a priest is along for the ride as well. The daughter is just loving the Chuckster, and why not? Soon dinner is fixed and a small hand drops some rat poison into the bowl. All the characters sit down and we get to guess who is getting the poison, and in what order are we going to start knocking off the group until it comes down to the handicapped girl, the kid and the doll. I’m betting the CATHOLIC PRIEST that turns down wine as #1 to go.

So how is Curse of Chucky? Is it worth the stream, or heaven help us, searching out another Chucky Box-Set for this one?

Chucky . . . ?

Well, we are back to the serious Horror movie, and gotten away from the comedy or the second trio. This one could be considered a good followup to the  original Andy Barkley series. The problems are huge. I would have been fine had they not tried to tie what Chucky was doing at the house in the first place. Could have just as easily made the woman at the start Andy’s mom, or even the HOTCHICK from part 2. Heck the annoying sister could have been her, it’s been a few decades, after all. But up until that point, I’m actually enjoying the movie. It’s slow, it’s cheap, the kills are not that interesting or well done, but damn, they try.

It’s a fairly hard movie to rate, to be honest. It’s worth watching if you are a Chucky fan, especially if you enjoyed part III. I think I’ll actually go a 4 here. It tries, but it really doesn’t move anything forward. Chucky has a very basic plot in the first trilogy, find Andy and take his body. This one kinda tries to follow, but Chucky is more than happy to just go a killing, and we spend more time that we need to on the other people. I don’t need to know them, and to be frank, the world is better off that they all die. We know who the final people are. No movie is going to kill off the child or the girl in the wheelchair before the cheating spouse or a priest. Just ain’t happening.

As for the ending(s) I appreciated it, but it kind of confused the timeline for me, and had to hit IMDB to get what is going on. If you watched it on Netflix, then here is the Andy ending

That I enjoyed.
So will I watch the next sequel? Sure, this isn’t a hard plot to run, and there is always potential.

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