Where in the NFL will Colin be in 2017 @ NFLRT 5/26


The crew gives their take on where in the NFL will Colin be? Which team has the worst QB sitaution? And, lots more this week in NFLRT…

This week’s questions…

1) Does Colin Kaepernick have a job in the 2017/2018 football season? And, if he does is it more likely to be with the NFL or the CFL?

Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned… does he play in the NFL in 2017?

Chad: Unfortunately, at this point I do not see any matches at this point. He may have to go to Canada to attempt his comeback there.

Dan: Yes, Colin Kaepernick will have a job coming into the 2017 NFL season and it will be in the NFL.

I think, he would be a perfect fit in the NFC West with a divisional rival of the 49ers. That team? Seattle Seahawks. They need a back-up quarterback badly, and Kaepernick is the type of quarterback who could fit in that offense, especially behind Russell Wilson. He’s going to go work out for them and I definitely think they’ll give him a shot for the pre-season. I think he’ll stick as a back-up or 3rd string.

David: Sure, why not. There are enough teams who need a backup, he has some support in some locker rooms and goodness knows he’s much better than every QB that has ever played the game. I mean he’s much better than Cutler ever was.

What is keeping CK on the sidelines is his salary demands. That will drop as the season goes down.

2) Can the NY Giants overtake the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East title? If not the Giants, is there any team in the NFC East who can take the division besides the Cowboys? Why? 

Can any team overtake the Cowboys in NFL East in 2017?

Chad: I do not see the Giants getting by the Cowboys to win the division. But, I can easily see them as a playoff team in the NFC and possibly playing them a 3rd time in the playoffs.

The Redskins and Eagles are not there yet.

Dan: I think the Giants did a lot this season to improve and it’ll be a close race, but I think the Cowboys are just too good. The 1-2 punch they have with the QB/RB duo plus Dez Bryant, plus having a year together and Dak and Zeke both having a year NFL experience now, I think that just helps Dallas all that much more. I think Dallas will take the division but it’ll be a lot closer than last year … by a game.

David: The Giants don’t have to rebuild the secondary. I would actually take Washington to win the division, if I had to put rent money on it.  

3) Which team has the worst QB situation and is there any possible light at the end of the tunnel for their QB future? 

Do Jets have the worst QB situation heading into 2017 season?

Chad: The Jets by far have the worst situation and I do not see light at the end of the tunnel.

Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg… Yikes!

Dan: The worst quarterback situation in the NFL is either NYJ, Chicago or SF and I gotta pick Chicago.

While there is a light at the end of their deep quarterback troubles, it’s a risky one. They spent big money on Mike Glennon who has very little starting experience. Then, they went ahead and traded up one spot for Mitch Trubisky in a rather head-scratching move. And, the quarterback situation doesn’t look like it’s gotten any  better with that move either. They’re just a huge question mark at the quarterback position all over and are currently in the worst situation.

David: Chicago. I know I know, Cleveland doesn’t have a QB, but the Bears overpaid for a backup (whom I like) and overpaid for a draft pick (whom I also like.)

The best case scenario is for Glennon to pull a Jimmy Garoppolo and get traded next year for a high pick and The New Guy comes in and break those legendary Bears QB numbers. But, then real life happened.

4) ESPN.com’s “Insider” asked 6 NFL coaches or personnel men to pick the best move… hiring, signing, trade or draft pick… by a team other than his own.  Of course, none of the NFLRT panel has any professional involvement with any NFL team so…

What was the best move… hiring, signing, trade or draft pick… by a team this off-season? Why? 

Did the Pats get even better this offseason?

Chad: It has to be 49ers conning the Bears into moving up 1 spot and getting 3 or 4 picks and then still getting the guy they wanted all along in in Solomon Thomas.

Dan: I think there are two moves that really caught my eye as the best.

The Patriots acquiring Brandin Cooks and their moves to acquire top talent, and, surprisingly enough, improve after winning the Super Bowl.

The other move, that I think is a huge game-changer, is the Giants signing Brandon Marshall to a rather inexpensive $11 million deal over two years. He’s the type of receiver that Eli Manning has been asking for and he can pair up extremely well with Beckham Jr. creating quite a problem for opposing secondaries.

David: Houston trading for DeShaun Watson. With the ineptness of the Colts, the Jags being the Jags and the Titans being listless … if Watson is 80% of the QB he was at Clemson, the Texans are going to own the AFC South for the next 5 years.

5) If the NFL season started tomorrow, which would you pick to be the worst team by the time the regular season was over? Why?

Is Todd Bowles already hanging his head realizing what is in store for Jets in the 2017 season?

Chad: It’d probably be either the Jets or the 49ers with the Browns a close 3rd worst. All 3 of these teams are horrendous on paper right now.

Dan: I would have to give it to the Jets. While they did improve a little bit in the draft, their offense is a huge question mark and their defense isn’t much better. I expect them to win two games this season, get the top pick in the 2018 NFL draft and select a quarterback to try and turn their unfortunate luck the past several seasons into something positive.

David: The Bears. Badly run, QB controversy day 1. Packers, Vikings and Lions are all playoff contenders, and O-Line issues.


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