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Wrestling fans from around the world, welcome to the Wrestling Roundtable. It has been a very busy week tabulating all of the votes for our Tag Team Tournament. The response has been overwhelming, and we have for you the updated bracket to determine the greatest tag team of all time! Remember you can vote through the weekend for your picks, and feel free to leave a comment below explaining your picks. Also we will discuss the fall out of Backlash. Did Jinder Mahal win the WWE Championship? All this and much much more, as the Round of 32 begins NOW!

In the first round we saw a record 16 sweeps. Only one vote for a number 16 seed overall. We saw the Hardy Boys just sneak by the 15 seeded Skyscrapers. We saw a 13 and a 14 seed advance to the second round as well. So far a very interesting tournament. We also had 3 fan tie breakers, including the Hardy Boys. So your votes matter!

Here is the updated brackets!

1 Demolition 1 New Day
9 The Young Bucks 9 The Club
5 The Nasty Boys 5 The Briscoes
4 The Midnight Express 4 The Freebirds
11 Sting & Lex Luger 11 Sheamus & Cesaro
3 The Steiners 3 The New Age Outlaws
7 The Wild Samoans 10 American Alpha
2 The Road Warriors 2 Edge and Christian
1 The Dudley Boys 1 Harlem Heat
9 The Usos 8 Show & Jericho
5 The British Bulldogs 5 The Outsiders
13 The Revival 4 Money Inc
11 Steve Austin and HHH 6 The APA
14 MNM 3 The Hart Foundation
10 The Rock and Mankind 7 Kane & Daniel Bryan
2 Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard 2 The Hardy Boys

Last week we saw history made on the Roundtable as for the first time, a member of the womens division, Alexa Bliss became the first female wrestler to top the Power Rankings. Will she be able to stay put on top? Or is there a new #1?

1. Alexa Bliss

Alexa continues her winning ways. She is starting to become the most dominant female wrestler on either roster. What is on par for her at Extreme Rules as she faces Bayley in a kendo stick match.

2. Jinder Mahal

Mahal won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton last Sunday. However, the Viper wants his title back. What kind of reign will we see for Jinder Mahal? Can he hold it for some time?

3. Kevin Owens

A big victory over AJ Styles at Backlash puts the United States champion back into the Power Rankings for the first time since his days as Universal Champion. Can Owens hold on to the gold?

4. AJ Styles

AJ Styles had a pretty rough couple weeks. Losing at Backlash by countout to Owens did not help it, but I have a feeling that AJ will be back in the winning picture before you know it.

5.Bobby Roode

After an impressive match against Hideo Itami at NXT Takeover. Bobby Roode makes his way into the Power Rankings.

The Undertaker, Mark Calloway appeared in the movie Suburban Commando along side Hulk Hogan.

And here are the questions this week! As a reminder, the panelist will e-mail me their picks for the Tag Team Tournament, and the results will be announced next Friday on the Roundtable.

Last weekend, the WWE held a PPV event, Backlash, and also the NXT Takeover Chicago. What was your takeaway from either of the two shows? Did it meet your expectations?

Steve: I will start with NXT, a very well put together show. While no championships changed hands. There was no match on the card that was not exciting. The Roderick Strong match was insane against Eric Young. The World title match was awesome with Bobby Roode and Hideo Itami, and the tag title ladder match was outstanding with DIY vs Authors of Pain. Then the heel turn at the end made this show top notch!.

As far as the main show goes. Tye Dillenger continued to impress with a victory over Aiden English. They opened the show with a show stopper between Ziggler and Nakamura. Great match overall. Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin stole the show with a fantastic match. There was humor with Breezango against the Usos. Then the title match was a crock of shit! I cannot believe they put that title on Jinder Mahal. The match itself was lame and boring and the wrong guy won. I am interested though to see where this takes us. I would love to see Sami Zayn get into the title picture, and this could be a transition. Overall, not a bad show, just a bad main event.

Frosh: I did not catch NXT, however the heel turn at the end is going to be interesting.  What does Bobby Roode do now?  Who challenges him?  As for Backlash, I very much enjoyed it.  I thought the Ziggler/Nakamura match was booked oddly, as Ziggler got most of the offense, with Nakamura mounting a Cena-esque comeback.  Wrong way to book Nakamura, this guy needs to just lay into people and keep up the heat throughout the match.  The tag title match was very entertaining, although I would put the titles on Breezango here soon, they just weren’t quite ready yet (Side note: Can we stop with the Portmanteau names for tag teams? Can we just call them the Fashion Police now?  It sounds much better.)  The main event did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do.  I do not care what the haters say.  EVERYONE complains about how WWE keeps giving us the same stuff, the same people in the title picture.  FINALLY SOMEONE COMPLETELY NEW AND UNEXPECTED!  THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING! Someone who hasn’t been pushed down our throats for years against our will (*cough*Reigns*cough*), and who is a natural and quickly developing heel.  Mahal has been working his tail off for WWE for a long time, is in great shape, with improved ring work and mic work, and has earned a quick spot.  I don’t look for him to hold the title long, but be a guy to transition from Orton to either Styles or Zayne.

Derrick: I did not get a chance to watch NXT Takeover but I did catch most of Backlash. I was expecting AJ Styles to beat Kevin Owens and it wasn’t surprising that Randy Orton lost the way they were pushing Jinder Mahal the last month or so. I would say other than those 2 matches everything played out the way I anticipated.

Chad: Once again NXT beat WWE the more condensed show had the better matches and meet my expectations as I didn’t expect a lot going into Backlash. The WWE I felt suffered from a lack of established names on the show.

Tyler: As per usual, Takeover was better.

At Extreme Rules, there once again will not be a Universal Championship match, however Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, and Samoa Joe will compete in a Fatal Five Way match. The winner gets a shot at Lesnar at Great Ball of Fire (goodness gracious). Two part question here, who NEEDS to win this match, and who WILL win this match?

Steve: I think that Finn Balor needs to win the match because lets face it. He never lost the championship to begin with, and I think he would make a great champion over Brock Lesnar. However, the more likely scenario is that Vince pulls the trigger once again and puts over Roman Reigns to challenge Brock at Great Balls of Fire. I could also see him actually winning the title as well.

Frosh: I didn’t know the Universal Championship was still being discussed….huh…I guess I forgot about it since it hasn’t been on TV IN TWO MONTHS…..Who in WWE creative booked this?  Seriously, give me their job and send them to work flipping delicious flavor explosions at the local White Castle.  At least the WWE title on Smackdown has people constantly talking about it. Although Hayman being on Raw (the most interesting thing about Brock as Champion is Hayman) did rekindle a small bit of interest, I will not hold my breath until we actually see who wins, as for who SHOULD win?  Finn Balor, who WILL win?  Reigns, setting up an “I beat Taker at Wrestlemania better” match.  Stupid Creative….Smackdown is better.

Derrick: I believe Finn Balor needs to win this match and will win his match so he can get his universal title back. As you remember, he never lost the title and had to relinquish it due to an injury and what better way than against Brock Lesnar.

Chad: I believe Balor has the momentum to win this match and be the buffer between Brock and Braun Strowman/Roman Reigns before they meet.

Tyler: Joe should win it, as they need a heel champion that actually will show up.  It will probably go to Reigns because, well because Reigns.

During an episode of NXT, commentator Nigel McGuinness goofed and called NXT, Ring of Honor during his commentary. Will there be any repercussions for this for McGinnus

Steve: It was a mistake, and things happen. From what he said, he did not even realize that he did it until someone told him in the back. Im sure it will be something like, please try not to do that again. He is over with the fans, so there will be no repercussions.

Frosh: He could easily get fired for this….but probably won’t….unless he made Vince mad about something else…what are the chances of that happening?

Derrick: He may just get a slap on the wrist. I’m sure worse things have happened. I do recall where Mic Foley and or R truth had said the wrong city name when they were somewhere else. (Editors Note: Hulk Hogan did that too in New Orleans. Called it the Silverdome)

Chad: I hope not he worked there forever and essentially at this point ROH is a feeder system for NXT take their top guys plug them into ROH it stinks but WWE has more money to offer these guys. I also expect Adam COle and eventually Jay Lethal to join the NXT ranks.

Tyler: There shouldn’t be.  He was in ROH for most of his career and he just started in WWE, so it was an honest mistake.

Jinder Mahal is the new WWE Champion after defeating Randy Orton at Backlash. Is Jinder Mahal the most unlikely WWE Champion of all time?

Steve: Pretty damn close. However, because you have guys like David Arquette, Vince Russo, and Vince McMahon as legit former World Champions, I cannot say that he is the most unlikely champion of all time. Even the Great Khali could have his name thrown into this hat.

Frosh: No, because I expected it.  As soon as Mahal won the #1 contendorship, I was down with him winning the belt.  Most unlikely ever? Bob Backlund winning it over Bret Hart circa 1994 was it?

Derrick: I would not say Jinder Mahal is the most unlikely WWE Champion of all time I would say that honor goes to Vince Mcmahon.

Chad: Yeah pretty much no rhyme or reason to do it other than better marketing in India I guess.

Tyler: Not the most, that one I give to Mick Foley.  But Mahal is certainly in the top 5.

With Money in the Bank looming, it is rumored that we may see not one but two Women’s Money in the Bank matches for Raw and Smackdown.  Is this a good decision for the WWE to have the ladies compete in the ladder match?

Steve: Book it! They deserve to do this. With the way the female competition has performed in high level matches, I think they could ultimately steal the show with a ladder match. Just think what Charlotte could do, or Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Alexa Bliss. This could be a very interesting match up. I say do it and see what happens.

Frosh: Great idea, I am glad I had it like 2 years ago… However, it will have to be done very strategically.  The women will weigh less than the men that have competed in ladder matches in the past (with a few notable exceptions), but you can’t tell me that Bliss falling onto a prone ladder will have the same effect as let’s say….Bubba Ray Dudley….Choose the spots carefully, and these women will steal the daggum show.

Derrick: I believe it’s a good idea to have money in the bank for women. When Stephanie Mcmahon made a change to the womens division by bring in Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch etc it gave life back to them. All the woman are very athletic and are more than capable of competing in a ladder match. Its great to see women compete in the same matches as men and do it quite well.

Chad: I think it would be a good idea I mean with the revolution Charlotte and Sasha main evented Hell in a Cell so why not a MITB ladder match let’s see what you can do

Tyler: Absolutely.  If the guys can do it, why not the women?

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