Movie Review: Seed of Chucky

A doll has a dream where he committed murder, wakes up screaming. Sadly the doll is in Pinocchio’s worst nightmare when he is awake, so there is some serious mental trauma going on.

The doll sees Chucky and Jennifer on TV, doing a Chucky movie, no less (Fourth Wall Break) so he takes off for Hollywood to meet them. He dumps Geppetto, and uses an amulet to bring the Chucky and Tiffany dolls to life. Let’s all pretend these are the same Chucky and Tiffany dolls, and not Movie Props so we think it’s the same villains OK?
So when Chucky and Tiffany wake up, they see their child. They don’t know if the kid is a boy or a girl, since the doll is not atomically correct. Chucky wants a boy, so calls him Glen. Tiffany wants a girl, so calls her Glenda.
Yup. The whole movie has come down to a Glen or Glenda joke.

in 2004.

Yup, an over FIFTY YEAR OLD Ed Wood movie is the big joke here.

But wait, we are not done yet! Jennifer Tilly wants to be looked at as a serious actress, and sees that Redman is going to direct a Biblical tale, and wants to play the Virgin Mary. After Redman says he is going to use Julia Roberts in the role, Jennifer Tilly decides to use her feminine wiles to try and get the role. Perfectly happy with the casting couch, Redman goes to her house.

So now the plan is for Tiffany to take over Jennifer Tilly’s body-(typecasting) Chucky to become Redman and when they have a kid, Glen/Glenda gets that body.

Ah Hell.

So how is Seed of Chucky?


Beyond stupid.

Ed Wood would think this was badly done.

There are parts that are fun, but everytime I get the Glen/Glenda character it’s just bad. I mean look at this dang puppet here. Look at the Tiffany and Chucky dolls. The dolls doesn’t even look like it fits- it’s a HORRIBLE design, and the teeth just look stupid. The other dolls look like they could be collectors edition goth/horror model collections. Glen/da looks like a rejected Bratz or Monster High Doll.

There could even be a cut where we don’t need the kid. The Jennifer Tilly stuff is a lot of fun, her assistant/driver are fun, and even Redman is good in what he’s doing- when the RAPPER is much much much better than you- time to rework that part of the movie. Even John Waters is a blast in his little portion of the movie, there is just too much good in this movie to give it a low score.

But I am.

I have to be honest here. When I throw on the Chucky set, I’m looking for 1 or 4, then 2, then 3. I’ll take Curse as well. When Seed is on? I speed right past it on the dial, and I don’t think I’d watch the DVD ever again after looking at the commentary track- if any. I could write a review on every scene the Glen doll is on screen and why it was so wrong and damaged the movie. It just ruined the fun of the movie and any chance at rewatching this abomnation. Seed of Chucky made twice it’s budget back and STILL put the franchise in drydock until a direct to video release almost a decade later. That’s hurting a movie.
I’ll go 2 here. Avoid at all costs or just drink whenever Glen is on screen.

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