NBA Finals Picks!

Welcome to the NBA Finals

Let’s check into the leaderboard, as you might remember, each person was given 200 bucks and had to pick the winner in the right number of games with a Max of 25 bucks.

I wasn’t able to send out for the conference finals, and in the intrest of fairness, just going to skip that round, lets just say almost everyone had the Warriors in 5 and the Cavs in 4, so we had it backwards.

Earl 242
Joe 205
Dan: 200
Steve 170
Chad: 135
David: 135

Earl: Warriors in 5 games.

Golden State has had a dominant post season. They have gotten here via three consecutive sweeps, and even though Cleveland is no slouch with their 12-1 post season record, I like the Warriors.
They have played a perfect team game and I can’t see Cleveland being able to shut down all their weapons. Full 100 bet.
Chad: Cavs in 7 for $20
Dan: Cavaliers in 7. Full 100
Steve: Golden State in 7 for the limit of 100.
Joe: I’m taking  Golden State over Cleveland in 5. Golden State is on a mission. Frankly, I am hoping history can be made and Golden State sweeps Cleveland… fo, fo, fo, fo…. $100
David: The Warriors are amazing on offense, and have a half dozen players than can hit open shots. The Cavs defense just isn’t that impressive, and while they do have Superman on the team, the Warriors can just keep buckets coming in waves. I do think if Kerr was 100%, then it’s a 4 game series, 5 at best, but Mike Brown? Warriors in 6. I can’t win, but I’ll put the 100 on it.
Bill: Cavs in 6

Joao: Warriors 4 – Cavaliers 2

 There is a reason why the Warriors are coming into the Finals undefeated. They have a lot of firepower, 2 MVPs, great shooting and even a somewhat deep bench. They also have home court advantage and they are rested. The Cavaliers will obviously put up a fight but, at this point, the Warriors are simply the best team in the entire league.


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