Movie Review: Bride of Chucky

Chucky’s dead. Period. All gone. Drive home safe.

Jennifer Tilly shows up and buys the bag holding the pieces of the Good Guy doll from a cop. Tilly kills the cop and takes the bag home.

Tilly sews the parts back together, and performs a voodoo ritual to bring back Charles Lee Ray. Nothing happens and a guy shows up that is really into Tilly. She ties the guy to the bed, and uses Chucky to play around. As the guy talks crap about Chucky, he springs to life and kills the guy, and that gets Jennifer Tilly all hot and bothered.

Now that Chucky is alive again, Jennifer Tilly is willing to help him, but wants to get married. Chucky laughs it off and tell her that he will never marry her. Tilly gets all kinds of ticked off, and throws Chucky into a crib and locks him in. She goes to take a bath. Chucky gets free, and shoves the TV into the tub, killing Jennifer Tilly. Chucky then performs a voodoo ritual on her putting her soul into a doll that Tilly was showing off to Chucky earlier.

The plan is for Chucky to go get a magic amulet that Charles Lee Ray was buried with, and use that to put Chucky and Jennifer back to being Human. Thankfully there is a next door neighbor who has a HOT girlfriend who would do lovely as a new human bodies for the pair.

If you are wondering if John Ritter is going to show up, this is where, as he’s Katherine Heigl’s dad and the sheriff, he can hassle the boytoy all he wants. Considering Chucky has no problem killing people, that makes the mission to get to Charles Lee Ray’s grave a bit harder.

So how is Bride of Chucky?

Well, I watched all these in a row, and it’s a bit refreshing, to be honest. Chucky tried to be serious in the “original” trilogy, and it tended to get a bit silly with the Killer Doll chasing a kid who couldn’t act. Whatever you want to say about Jennifer Tilly, she does command your attention. Plus we got a young Katherine Heigl and the always fun John Ritter.

But here is the thing, we have a turn to the goofy, and I seriously enjoy the ride. The dolls are well done, and they act as if they are in on the joke, but trying to be serious. Everyone else is playing the straight man to the dolls.

I will say that the sequel, since I love the Child’s play series, does damage this movie. Seeing the Jennifer Tilly doll just instantly brings up memories of seed, as they are just so ingrained in my mind. Seed is also on TV so dang much. I’m going an 8 here for Bride. Everyone is doing solid work, there are some great kills, the ending is decent, the reason for Chucky coming back is done well, I really don’t have any complaints here. If you are a horror/comedy fan, I can even say this might be a 9 movie here. Had I watched the movie fresh, and I had a few years before Seed, I could go a 10, but sadly, if you are 4 deep in a franchise, you are going to see the part 5.

Did I mention I’m not going to like Seed of Chucky? Comeback tomorrow for that one.

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