Movie Review: Child’s Play 3

So we have shot, dismembered, melted and shoved extra arms and legs into him and nailed him into a board, all gone, right?


During cleanup, a crane carries Chucky over the vat of plastic and some of his blood drips into the goo. This factory really needs some supervision. I know most manufacturing jobs moved to China but goodness. So again, they make a Good Guy doll, and  at the relaunch of the product, Chucky comes alive and the killin starts. This one has a bit of a twist, as Andy is now off to military school after no foster family wants him now, and apparently we don’t care about his hot “sister” now. Chucky is mailed to the school, breaks out and goes after Andy. Chucky is able to subdue Andy, but the spell doesn’t work. Chucky figures out that since he’s in a new body, he has to go after the first grader than opened the box when he arrived. Andy tries to protect the kid, but no one believes him and the kid thinks Charles is his very best buddy.

So how is Child’s Play 3?

Oddly enough, we are still in the “serious” mode of the Chucky Series, and it still is a fun little ride. The writers are about out of ideas on what to do with the little guy, so this is a good change of pace. The problem is, I stopped caring about Andy pretty much the second I saw him, and he’s still an awful actor, and Black Andy 2.0 is a better actor but still starts to grate on my nerves but not nearly as much. The overbearing jerk in charge trope is the worst thing about the movie, as picking on the new guy Andy has been done to death long before this movie series. Shoehorning in a hot girl as a love interest goes nowhere or Andy’s nerd buddy. Either plotline could have gotten some time that was dragged out on the ending sequence. Holy Crap, this wasn’t as bad as the last time, but it still drags on and on and on. I did enjoy it, but the series is starting to show signs of wear. 5. The whole carnival thing was tacked on, and not needed.

But wait, help is on the way in the form of Jennifer Tilly, as we say goodbye to Andy and Helllooooooo Nurse!

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