Movie Review: Child’s Play 2

Alright, for some dang reason the Good Guy doll factory is putting together Chucky. When I say putting him together, I mean BY HAND. This doll is going to cost more than most cars by the time they get done. At the end, they are putting in the eyes, and something goes wrong. Dumbass Tech comes over to check, and gets electrocuted. Chucky is still assembled, and when he is presented to the owner of the Good Guy factory, all that expense goes out the window as the CEO is irritated about yet another death and tells the toady to get rid of the Doll.

Meanwhile, Andy is in a foster home, as his momma apparently didn’t live happily ever after with Prince Humperdink, and has a bratty teen foster sister. Not going to be one of those movies as the foster mom isn’t hot either.

Chucky uses the toady’s car phone- welcome to 1990 – to call the foster care system to pose as a relative of Andy’s to see him. He kills the toady, and goes after Andy to get back in a real body.

So how is Child’s Play 2?

Not nearly as good as the original.

The whole thing about if Chucky is real or not is gone, as we all know he’s an evil hunk of plastic. The attack on the foster family is well done, and we always have fun with Chucky. Fun this about this one is EVERYONE is working as hard as they can. I wish the scriptwriter worked as hard as everyone else. The beginning with the recreation and reanimation of Chucky is well done, and the closing fight at the factory is also well done- the middle is the weak part, basically if Chucky isn’t on the screen, this movie stinks during the middle hour. Thankfully, that’s not often. I’ll go a 6 here. It’s a good sequel, but not a solid one. I think if you enjoyed the first one, you will enjoy the second one.

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