Pounding 7s: Top Sting Feuds

Welcome to Pounding 7s, I am the Vincent of the nWo for the week, and this week I am going to take the flip side of last week and give you the top 7 rivals for STING.

But first I got a question. Our own Steve wants to know

If Demolition gets put into the Hall of Fame, should Crush go in with them?

Easy Answer? Yes.

This isn’t Heidenrich with the Legion of Doom here, Demolition hit the WWE in 1987, and added Crush in 1990 when Ax started having medical issues, and Crush was pretty much the active member from June 6 until the end of 1991 when they were gone from the WWF (Defending the titles until Summerslam when they lost them to the Hart Foundation.) So he was a solid part of the team.

Not to be insensitive, but Bryan Adams has passed away, so it will be the two main members taking the lions share of the attention.

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In the words of Casey Kasem . . .

Now on with the countdown.

Honorable Mentions: Jeff Jarrett, Randy Savage, and Kurt Angle.

#7. Cactus Jack

Mick Foley still considers Sting his favorite match, and it’s not hard to see why. This was a short feud, and had Jack never became Mankind might have been forgotten, but while it was going on, it was a great feud- and who else goes here . . Meng? Jeff Jarrett maybe, but that wasn’t so much of a feud- and TNA makes my head hurt. This is BEST feuds.

#6. Rick Rude

Unable to finish off Flair, WCW creates the International World Championship. Sting wins the strap. Rude, who was fighting with Sting for the last few months of 1993 and early 1994 anyway, as Vader had moved onto Flair and others, and Rude was the next biggest heel. Sting lost the title to Rude, but the decision was reversed when Rude suffered a serious back injury.

#5. Great Muta

Holy Cripe! A feud around the TV title?
Yes, children. This actually happened.

This was actually Sting’s first NWA title, as he beat Mike Rotondo in March of 1989, fighting pretty much all the way until September in some serious 50/50 booking that would make Triple H scream with joy. This was folded into a Flair angle going into the Thunderdome cage at havok 89, and didn’t really finish until Starrcade ’89

#4. Hulk Hogan

More of a proxy for the whole year off getting fat, making a movie and Starrcade ’97. Plus TNA stupidity.
The booking of Starrcade 97 was just so bad, it’s on my list to do a YouTube B side on one day. What happened with Sting v Hogan was horribly done, but for a year it’s what we all waited for, what we all wanted. It was the blowoff end for the nWo angle that had absorbed the entire company. Sad to say, it wasn’t what should have been, and Sting would lose the title in April, and the nWo still ruled the roost.

#3. Lex Luger

Close friends, on and off again rivals. It always seemed like whenever NWA/WCW needed heel Luger- Sting always got the beatdown, and when they wanted Luger as a face? Saving Sting was the answer. Sting was basically Luger’s moral magnet.

#2. Big Van Vader

April 1992. The Omni. Vader vs Sting I.
Vader CRUSHES Sting- making everyone cry. Made Vader as a monster heel and allowing Vader to kill everyone in WCW until Sting came back at the Great American Bash, and got killed AGAIN. That sent Sting down the card- and left Vader to move onto Cactus Jack. Sting and Vader fought off and on and traded titles until mid 1994 when Vader left the company.

#1. Ric Flair

It always comes down to Flair, doesn’t it? Almost every one of the men mentioned above was a feud when either that person or Sting was taking a break from fighting Flair. Flair made Sting a top face in NWA, and the last match on WCW television was Sting vs Flair. Do I really need to explain how these two carried a company on it’s back for more than a decade? I’m almost surprised they didn’t meet at Wrestlemania 32/33/34 – heck, they could meet next year and still sell tickets.

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