Movie Preview: Child’s Play

I think we have all heard of this one, and we all know the basic plot, killer uses Voodoo to jump into a doll, then goes on a rampage, and later on Jennifer Tilly is all over this baby as it goes from horror to comedy as we all wait for the WWE remake.

That’s a Joke. . . I hope.

But let’s go back to 1988 and watch this bad boy and see if it’s worth the trip, shall we?

Killer Charles Lee Ray, since all killers have three names is on the run from PRINCE HUMPERDINK, considering he may have figured out “to the pain” means, I don’t blame him. Ducking into a toy store and getting shot, Charles Lee Ray is able to use a voodoo spell to cast his soul into a knockoff of the My Buddy doll called a Good Guy. Lightning strike and boom, Charles Lee Ray dies. Drive home safe.

The next day, some woman is stressed about getting a Good Guy doll for her son. This being the 80s, no eBay yet. Thankfully, out back of the department store a hobo is selling a Mint in Box Good Guy doll. That night her prick boss makes her work, so her helpful sidechick volunteers to babysit. When she sends Andy to bed instead of letting him watch the newstory about the death of Charles Lee Ray, the doll gets all ticked and kills her in an excellent death scene. The cops come and question Andy, but Prince Humperdink is chewed out by Andy’s Mom and leaves. The next day Andy’s doll, now called Chucky, starts going after his partner that left him during the first scene. Then Chucky wants to get back into a human body, and his voodoo teacher tells him he can only get back into the first person he revealed himself into, and better hurry before it’s too late.

So how is Child’s Play?

One thing about it you don’t really even see Chucky move until a good bit into the movie. I didn’t time it but it seem like it was about 20 minutes and it’s almost a question if it’s Andy that’s killing the babysitter.
Of course we know as viewers that it’s not Andy and it’s the doll, but I bet there is a version of the script where that is an actual question.

I’m going to go an 8 here. Seriously. Prince Humperdink is just awesome as a stuck-up cop and even though Andy’s Mom is a drag on the film on the overprotective mother hen who thinks her baby is the second coming, like most single Wasps. She’s about the only big negative on the film as far as characters go. I don’t find Andy that annoying, yet, but he does head that direction more often than not, but thankfully he never gets too far away from Chucky and that always works.

Even though the franchise has gone off the rails in terms of goofiness and a lot of exposure, making Chucky a lot less scary but that scene where she discovers he’s alive is still really scary and well done. You know he’s going to come alive, but it’s a question of WHEN in that scene. The batteries falling out and the “I’m Chucky WANNA PLAY?” recording make for some excellent shocks.

I know what you mean, love the suspense of the scene. All throughout the scene they show Chucky in the background and I kept thinking that he would disappear. I was expecting Chucky to disappear when the batteries fell out and she would look back a him only to see he is not sitting on the sofa. That’s just a solid horror movie with a ridiculous premise and knocking it out of the park. I have hopes that before the left turn at part 4 we do keep the threads established here. This is a genuine horror movie.

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