Movie Review: War Dogs

Miles Teller is pulled out a trunk by 3 men. He says he doesn’t speak Albanian, he gets punched. He’s on his knees and a gun is pointed at his head.


Voice over tells us about the gun and that he can get it for 300 bucks.

We get a fun little bit on how War is tied to money, and a lot of picture of Bush, Cheney etc shaking hands with people. Soon Miles Teller is sitting in a car smoking a joint. Is he young Jonah?

Oh Wait, at funeral, Jonah Hill shows up to meet back up with his best friend from 10th grade. Miles and Jonah go meet a guy in South Beach. Jonah goes to buy weed off a dealer, who takes his money and blows him off. When he protests, he is shown a gun and Jonah walks back to the car. Welcome to the 2000’s version of Crocodile Dundee.
After letting go a few rounds, Jonah says he has a class 3 firearms license, so it’s OK.

The next day Miles shows up at Jonah’s office – complete with Scarface poster – and gets the layout. Cheney got a whole bunch of no-bid contracts and got caught. Now Bush had to basically put all the defense contracts on a government eBay. Jonah is able to snap up a few contracts. That night, Miles finds out that he knocked up his girlfriend, and Jonah offers him a job.

So how is War Dogs?

First off, it’s an odd thing to see Jonah with all the confidence. Not quite the jarring effect, because we saw it in Wolf of Wall Street, but it’s still different. I got a LOT of Wolf of Wall Street and Pain and Gain in this movie, not that there is anything wrong with that.

While the story does do a lot to try and make Miles Teller out to being this anti-war peacenik seduced by the money he can make, I just don’t get it. Either from the script or the actor, I don’t buy that had the last act happened, he would be perfectly happy doing what he was doing for the rest of his natural life.

I did enjoy War Dogs, we got a fun ride, and a good story and some good work from the two leads, even though the movie cares more about the wife than I do or I’m made too. I can give this one an easy 7. I can’t see a ton or rewatchability in this one, but if I see one with a good commentary track for a decent price, I’ll be picking it up.











Slight final spoiler comment: I do enjoy the fact that for once, it’s not the drugs that cause the downfall.

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