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Is the Rock going to run for President? Plus we start our Tag Team Tournament. All this and much more.

Hey there Wrestling fans and welcome to a very special edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Frosh and I thought because the March Madness tournament went over so well, we should do it for the tag team division. However, here is the twist, the tournament is a pure fantasy tournament featuring 64 of the top tag teams of all time. We sat down and seeded them in four brackets. The voting will be as follows. Each of the Roundtable panelist will have a vote, and the fans will have a vote. I will tally all the votes from the fans and that will equal one vote. In case of a tie. I will use the fan vote as the tie-breaker. We will also answer a few questions over the next several weeks as well. So sit back and enjoy the new Tag Team tournament.

You can vote by leaving a comment. Send me an email swhall03@gmail.com or send me a tweet @StephanHall

Here is the bracket.

1 Demolition 1 The New Day
16 Heath Slater & Rhyno 16 Rythem & Blues
8 Paul London and Brian Kendrick 8 The Rockers
9 The Young Bucks 9 The Club (Anderson & Gallows)
5 The Nasty Boys 5 The Briscoes
12 The Hollys 12 Powers of Pain
4 The Midnight Express 4 The Fabulous Freebirds
13 The Beverly Brothers 13 The Ascension
6 Sting & Lex Luger 6 The Natural Disasters
11 Strike Force 11 Sheamus and Cesaro
3 The Steiner Brothers 3 New Age Outlaws
14 Test and Albert 14 Too Cool
7 The Wild Samoans 7 Sheldon Benjamin and Charlie Hass
10 The Headshrinkers 10 American Alpha
2 The Road Warriors 2 Edge and Christian
15 The Colons 15 Power and Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma)
1 The Dudley Boys 1 Harlem Heat
16 The Killer Bees 16 The Orient Express
8 The Godwins 8 The Big Show and Chris Jericho
9 The Usos 9 The Bushwhackers
5 The British Bulldogs 5 The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)
12 Andre the Giant & Haku 12 Men on a Mission
4 The Rock and Roll Express 4 Money Inc. (Ted Dibiase & IRS)
13 The Revival 13 Goldust & Stardust
6 The Iron Shiek and Nicolai Volcoff 6 APA (Farooq & Bradshaw)
11 Steve Austin and Triple H 11 Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas
3 The Quebeccers 3 The Hart Foundation
14 MnM (Mercury and Morrison) 14 Enzo & Cass
7 Los Guerreros 7 Kane & Daniel Bryan (Team Hell-No)
10 The Rock and Mankind 10 Twin Towers (Akeem & Big Boss Man)
2 Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard 2 The Hardy Boyz
15 The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and DH Smith) 15 The Skyscrapers (Sid Vicious & Danny Spivey)


1. Alexa Bliss

I am super high on this girl. She knows how to garner some serious heat, and now she is going to compete against Bayley on a kendo stick on a pole match. Can we add Hardcore to the resume of Alexa Bliss?

2. Roman Reigns

A huge win over Finn Balor puts Roman Reigns back into the Power Rankings. Now that Strowman is out, is Reigns going to be the top guy again and go after the Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire?

3. AJ Styles

The Phenominal is looking to continue his winning ways enroute to the United States Championship. Can AJ Styles stop Kevin Owens to become the US Champion at Backlash?

4. Randy Orton

The WWE Champion is on a roll enroute to his match up against Jinder Mahal. A win over Baron Corbin could be a stepping stone for this Sunday’s WWE Championship match.

5. Jinder Mahal

Can Jinder Mahal do the unthinkable and win the WWE Championship this Sunday against Randy Orton? A pinfall win over AJ Styles may just give him the momentum needed to capture his first championship.


John Cena competed in seven consecutive WrestleMania world title matches from 2005-11. He defeated JBL at Wrestlemania 21 to win his first WWE Championship, and followed up with championship matches at Wrestlemania 22, Wrestlemania 23, Wrestlemania 24, Wrestlemania 25, Wrestlemania 26, and Wrestlemania 27. At Wrestlemania 28 he faced off against the Rock, but the year after was once again in the championship picture.

The first part of the Roundtable questions we are going to make our official picks for the Tag Team tournament.

The panelists have submitted their votes to me and they will be tabulated, and results will be posted next Friday! Vote for your winners, as the fan vote could count for two points!

There has been some talk to bring back the old WCW Pay per View Slamboree “the Legends Reunion.” They would then have the Hall of Fame ceremony either the night before, or on the actual event with just a few matches, like two World title matches, and even a legends match with guys that can still compete in ring. This would free up some space on Wrestlemania so it is not so jammed packed. What are your thoughts to this?

Steve: I could get on board with this. I mean Wrestlemania is way too fucking long! Even the weekend. It was what, two months ago or so? I am still drained from the weekend. Having the Hall of Fame on the show itself with some matches in between inductions would make more sense. Then you can have your NXT special on the Saturday before Mania, and not have three straight days. I liked Slamboree and it would be a welcome show to the WWE if they did it. They also should bring back Starrcade too!

Frosh: On paper, I like the idea, but we ARE talking about WWE creative…but then, this could be another way to get Hogan the belt back….(That one was for you, Steve.)

Tyler: While I adding another PPV to an already bloated schedule is not something I’m keen on seeing, it would be nice to have some other marquee event to look forward to other than WrestleMania.  That way you don’t have this 7-hour monstrosity of a show to have to book; hopefully the matches would flow better then.

Derrick: I like the idea of adding a legends match to go with Wrestlemania which is the biggest spectacle in sports. There could be some dream match-ups we have not seen and could be used to promote Wrestlemania that much more.

Chad: Anything to clear up Wrestlemania I am okay the whole event seemed to drag on even the HOF Ceremony. Plus you need something in the lull between Wrestlemania and Summerslam

Agree or Disagree: Southpaw Regional Wrestling should be a featured show on the WWE Network? (For those who have not seen this, it is some good TV, and can be found on YouTube

Steve: Funniest shit I have seen in wrestling is such a long time. It would bring some comedy to the WWE Network, but honestly right now it is free on YouTube, so if they do add it to the Network, they need to also keep it on YouTube.

Frosh: Let me start by saying, I LOVE SOUTHPAW REGIONAL WRESTLING.  That being said, if it becomes a featured show, that means WWE creative gets involved and instead of just being a pet project of some wrestlers trying to have some fun, it becomes an actual product….My fears are that it would be ruined.

Tyler: OMG yes, the Southpaw skits were the some of the funniest and most creative things WWE has done in years, and you can clearly tell the wrestlers involved in it were having a blast (my personal favorite was John Cena’s *dead-on* Gordon Solie impression for his broadcaster character he was playing).  This would be a great way to get people over in a different way than usual.

Derrick: I have not seen Southpaw Regional Wrestling but I am all for adding more content to WWE network.

Chad: Yes, the network needs more original entertainment; and Southpaw Championship Wrestling would be perfect for that you can keep the shows short and have them air after NXT or something.

According to Oddmakers, The Rock Dwayne Johnson is rumored to be interested in running for President of the United States. The betting odds are 80:1 at the moment, but there seems to be more interest every day in the public eye. Do you think the Rock will in fact run for President, and does he have even a shot to win?

Steve: I can’t see it. I mean if for some crazy circumstance he actually does run, and gets through the primary, and faces off against Donald Trump in a General Election, then anything is possible I guess. I just don’t see him getting enough support down the line to actually get to a General Election. This is a nice little sound bite, but that is all it will end up being.

Frosh: Don’t forget, no one in the 60’s or 70’s thought that you would eventually have Ronald Reagan as president (he was an actor), so don’t rule this out.

Tyler: Hell, after the Trump win, anything can happen at this point.

Derrick: We saw Donald Trump run and when so I say anything is possible. The Rock is very well known and liked by the public. Everything he’s tried, he’s been good at. Football, wrestling, and acting to name a few.

Chad: I think his career will ultimately pull him away from running because of the campaigning and thinks like that he would almost have to start now to gear up for 2020.

Should the WWE seriously try and get the rights to the Broken Hardy’s gimmick from TNA, or are the Hardy’s just fine the way they are now?

Steve: If there was one thing that TNA did right, it was the broken Hardy gimmick. If I were TNA, I would be glad to hand it right over to the WWE, because people may actually want to know where this came from and people may even start watching TNA. Then again, we are also talking about the Rock as the President of the United States, so honestly, who the hell knows. They need to bring this gimmick in, if they can do it. The fans are behind it, and since they are already behind the Hardy Boys, it just makes sense.

Frosh: Considering that the broken gimmick was probably the only reason the WWE was interested in the Hardys again in the first place, it would be a good idea to try and get the gimmick.  But then, you put it in the hands of WWE creative…so….the broken Hardys will be responsible for making sure Hogan wins another championship…

Tyler: They should absolutely try to get that gimmick.  The Broken gimmick was constantly the highest-rated segment of the TNA shows and was responsible for revitalizing the Hardy’s careers, so it’s clearly a money maker.  Besides, once the buzz of nostalgia runs out, the Hardy’s would need something to fall back on, otherwise, see the Dudley Boyz 2017 return.

Derrick: I would try to get the gimmick to have as a backup in case there current personas dont pan out.

Chad: I like the Hardy’s as is for now plus there are little bits of the Broken-ness that come through on occasion. It also seems like Bray Wyatt had the run on brokenness right now.

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