looking at Vegas 2017 Predictions @ NFLRT 5/19

This week we look at some of the predictions for the 2017/2018 NFL season from the Westgate SuperBook out of Vegas…

This week’s questions… 

1) On Sunday Las Vegas’ Westgate SuperBook, opened an array of betting options on the NFL season and they listed their win totals for every NFL team with their predicted wins for the season… the order of the top team were Patriots (12.5), Packers (10.5), Steelers (10.5), Seahawks (10.5) and the Cowboys (9.5). 

Is Vegas underestimating the Cowboys or do you think this is a correct assumption by the book? Or, put another way… if, you were a betting man would you jump all over a Cowboy bet for them beating that win line? 

Westgate SuperBook: Over/unders for all 32 NFL teams

Chad: A little bit… I think they come back down to earth a little bit. But, I would say they are still an 11-12 win team.

David: Dallas has got some problems.

A) There is a LOT of tape on Dak now, and there are 3 DCs that have seen him twice, and will see him twice this year. To think he’s going to blow up like he did last year simply wont happen.

B) The Cowboys have to redo the secondary. That’s not ever a good thing. Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, Barry Church, and J.J. Wilcox are all gone.

C) Jason Garrett is still the coach.

So yes, I would put money on the under.

2) Staying with the bookmakers… the Browns have the lowest season predicted win total at 4.5, followed by the Jets and 49ers who are each listed at 5. 

Which team has the best chance in the upcoming season of beating their predicted win total? Would you put money on that opinion? 

Vegas predicting not much improvement for 2017 Jets

Chad: I’ll say the 49ers based on division and draft. But, I wouldn’t put money on any of them to beat that mark.


David: Jets, Sorry Earl.

They get the Bills and Fins twice, and that’s always an possible win. They also have Cleveland and Jacksonville in weeks 4-5. Now, the only other “easy” team they face is the Chargers… but getting 4 wins out of what I have listed and catching a “good” team on a bad week?

3) Did any bottom feeding team do enough that you would say they might have a chance to make the playoffs? Why? 

If not, then which team did the most to at least make a significant improvement in 2017 from 2016? Why?  

Chad: I don’t think there will be much parity this year but I will say that the Dolphins who did make the playoffs, did the least to make sure they get back to the playoffs.


David: The Panthers.

Why? Cause they are going to be frikken awesome. They fired David Shula, who is to football coaching what Greg Gagne is to professional wrestling.

Oh wait, they didn’t? Damn.

4) Which rookie QB from the draft has the best chance to open the season as their team’s starting QB?  If, none has a chance to open the season as a starter, then which QB will be a starter by the season’s end? Either way… Why? 

Will Deshaun Watson be 1st rookie QB to start a NFL game in 2017?

Chad: I’d say Deshaun Watson in Houston is the first to start; not on opening day but later, just because in that division 9-7 can get a 1st round home game in the Playoffs. If, Houston feels he can make some plays he will start.


David: DeShaun Watson.

I have watched the Tigers for the past few years, and he has always been mobile and able to inspire the players around him. The Tigers have never had a great offensive line, and Watson has always had to think on his feet. I think that, above all, is two things that rookie QBs have to master- control of the huddle, and football instincts.


Will Eli Manning still be Giants starting QB past 2018?

5) Eli Manning could be out of his contract with the NY Giants after the 2018 season.

What is your over under on Eli Manning playing past his 2018 season with or without the Giants? Why? 

Chad: I don’t think it would be with the Giants because a 23 million dollar cap hit for a 38-39 year old QB would be tough to accept if I’m a GM.

I say the number he is playing is 50% and with the Giants is 25%.


David: Over. Eli hasn’t been hurt that much; he still has a decent team around him, and it’s not like ABC is clamoring to put him in the booth.





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