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Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Kawhi Leonard was knocked out of game 1 of the Western Conference Finals by Zaza Pachulia by what most people claimed was a dirty play and the Warriors came roaring back to win the game by 2. This week we will discuss the winner of the west will win the championship, did Harden Quit in game 6 vs the Spurs, that and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

Agree or Disagree. The winner of the Western Conference Finals will win the NBA Championship?

Todd: I agree 100%. Whoever comes out of the west is going t have home court first of all since both west teams had better records and the Cavs are the number 2 seed. The San Antonio Spurs Clearly had the tougher road to the finals beating one of the top defensive teams in the league in Memphis and one of the top Offensive teams in the league in Houston. Golden State on the other hand I don’t think they have really been test yet as they played Portland and Utah most of each series without their starting Centers due to injury. This may come back to haunt them in the finals. As far as Cleveland I don’t think Cleveland can beat either one of these teams. Cleveland is just a slightly upgrade of the Houston Rockets. They actually play a little defense thats the only difference.

Steve: I cannot simply just say that I agree with this. Now, grant it, it is a very likely scenario that this will occur, but I want to wait and see how the Cavs look in the Conference Finals. If they are just as dominant as they have been, I could very easily see the Cavs winning the Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the defending champions, and most people wrote them off in the Finals last year, and look what happened. I think that they would be favored against the Spurs if that was the Final, I would pick the Warriors to beat the Cavs assuming they are healthy going into the series. However, we cannot count out either the Celtics or the Wizards either. The Wizards match up very well against Cleveland. I could see Boston making it a series, but I don’t think they are big enough to contend with the size and talent of the Cavs.

Dan: Agree. If Kawhi stays healthy for the series (even though he got injured today in Game 1), the Spurs can win this series and if they do, they’ll beat Cleveland. If Golden State wins, they also can beat Cleveland in seven games. I feel as if the West – both San Antonio and Golden State – are better teams than Cleveland/Boston/Washington are. Winner of the West wins it all.

Chad: Disagree I think Cleveland has a legit chance to to beat GS again or beat San Antonio

Stephen A Smith said five hall of famers text him and said that James Harden Quit in game 6. Do you believe that to be the case?

Todd: I think it was a mental thing that carried over from game 5. He definitely quit. As Hubie Brown would say “there’s no doubt about it”.

Steve: Absolutely he quit, and so did Mike D’Antoni. Down by 19 at the half at home? You can come back from that if you continue to hit your threes, but they looked sloppy all game, and they knew it was over at the start of the second half.

Dan: I agree with that. He wasn’t playing defense. He didn’t take a shot for 18 minutes. They lost by 40 and the Spurs didn’t have Kawhi or Tony Parker. Why was Harden not shooting? Not playing defense? He quit. You could see it from highlights. You could see it watching the game. He was in a club partying that night. He didn’t care.

Chad: It’s kind of hard not to based on the performance he had in that game very lackluster for a supposed MVP candidate.

Should the NBA start a mandate that keeps parents like LaVar Ball on the outside looking in to avoid distractions like is going on with Lonzo Ball. Example: Should the NBA consider fining parents for getting involved or make public comments like LaVar Ball does?

Todd: I don’t know if they should make a rule just for one dumbass parent. I mean do you remember any one else’ parent doing this in the last 50 years? LaVar Ball is just a jackass who needs to let his son make his own name. He don’t need daddy to hold his hand no more he is a grown ass man.

Steve: It will never happen unless parents are agents, or employed by the franchise, but I think they should take a strong hard look at that. The way that Lavar Ball talks, I can see him going off on referees, and being critical of the NBA. If he can go public with these kind of comments, then yeah they should take a look at fining or even suspending him from games and what not. I don’t see it happening, but this ass clown needs to be put in his place.

Dan: I think the NBA and NCAA need to team up and do something to stop this. I don’t think Lonzo Ball wants his dad talking as much as he is, especially being in the media like how he has been. Nobody wants to hear that either. Take care of the parents. This isn’t your career, this is the kid’s career. Stay in your place.

Chad: I mean something should be done but the problem if not the dad than a brother would or a cousin would or a guy he went to high school would you can’t police everyone.

Interpret what you think are going through the minds of D’Antoni and Harden just before the start of the 3rd quarter.

Todd: Harden looks like he is trying to take a serious shit. D’Antoni is thinking about where he is going to go eat after the game.

Steve: “I don’t know why you are warming up dude, we are fucked.” D’Antoni is thinking about his golf outing for the next day.

Dan: D’Antoni looks like he’s given up and just wants it to be over with and hopes they can just play some good ball. Harden looks like he’s more focused on going home and what he will do after the game than the actual game.

Chad: That they are screwed and should have booked their own personal vacations.

A couple weeks ago Isaiah Thomas was fined for getting into it with a fan. There have also been a few other instances where players have been fined for getting into it with fans. Is it fair that the player gets fined and nothing happens to the fan?

Todd: It is fair only because NBA players are public figures and they can’t go around acting the fool. I don’t think it is right because some thing should be done to the fan too but that is the way it is. 

Steve: Yes it is fair, it may not be popular but the NBA has an image to protect, and they cannot have their players getting into altercations with fans of the game, but as far as the fans being punished, that is for other authorities to look at, not the NBA. There is not a lot they can do about it except ban them from the building, but again, that is going to be the teams decision to do that. This is probably going to happen a lot with LaVar Ball when he is in the crowd, if someone boos his son, Lonzo, he will probably go off on them and take them out.

Dan: It depends on the situation. You need to be the bigger person if you’re a player and all the fan is doing is yelling stuff at you. If the fan gets personal, or if the fan gets racial, etc then that’s where the line is drawn. If the fan attempts to physically harm the player or makes threats, etc, it becomes a problem. I believe you can have your words back and forth, but for a player to get fined for sticking up to himself, you need to take it case-by-case. Is he yelling just because he doesn’t like being told he sucks? Or is he yelling because they just sat here and insulted his mother? Figure out the cause. If the player gets fined, the fan needs some repercussions as well.

Chad: If security who is supposedly there to protect the on court participants does not do anything to the fan then nothing should be done to the player.

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