Pounding 7s: Top 7 Ric Flair opponents

I am David, and welcome to the Paul Roma of the Pounding 7s column, Steve is off trying to get a mint poster of the New Blood Rising PPV, so you are stuck with me for another week.

This week we are going to countdown the best rivalries for the best wrestler to ever lace up the boots.

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Honorable Mentions: Magnum TA, Roddy Piper, Terry Funk and Greg Valentine.

7. Harley Race

Stop me if you heard this one before. Young upstart wants to challenge a grizzled older champion. The Champion puts a bounty on the youngster’s career. He gets crippled, but makes a miraculous recovery in time to make the main event.
Welcome to Starrcade 1983.

6. Randy Savage

We all wanted to see Wrestlemania with another entry on this list, but this was what we got in Flair’s first Wrestlemania match. Flair and Savage swapped the WWF title once and the WCW title twice in their careers. Still waiting on that Elizabeth Picture ‘Naitch!

5. Hulk Hogan

The Orange Goblin.
Part of the rivalry, is Hogan couldn’t have been Hulk in the NWA, and not even Vince could have built the WWF around Flair. They were both in the perfect place and time for over a decade. When Flair finally crossed over, the matches were not good, and we never got the Wrestlemania we all wanted. When there was the extended fued in WCW, it was so badly booked we all felt cheated, and everyone got old. Amazing that with all the matchups we saw between the two, we never got what we wanted.

4. WCW Brass:
Looking at you Jim Herd, Eric Bishoff and Vince Russo.

Yup, dumbasses all. Spartacus? Really?

3. Ricky Steamboat

One of the few men that could go against Flair one on one for 60 minutes every day and hold his own. The three PPV matches in 1989 are considered the best of all-time by quite a few fans, with Wrestle War 89 being the best. Steamboat, as far as I know was never a heel, and brought out the best in Heel Flair. Amazing that Steamboat was the opponent in what many think are the best matches in NWA history and WWF history (Savage). Fun thing is both Flair and Steamboat state they had even better matches for the US title almost a decade before.

2. Sting

The guy that Flair Built.
Flair knew that Sting could be the man that could run with him, and give the fans someone to get behind. Had Sting not hurt his ankle he would have gotten the title run much sooner (and put on far better matches in his career)
When you think WCW, it’s the nWo later on and Flair vs Sting. Fitting this was the last match in WCW History.

1. Dusty Rhodes – Both inside and outside the ring.

Dusty was the one that ended Flairs over 2 year run as world champion at the 1986 Great American Bash (Match of the Year). Let’s keep in mind that no one else had even a year run with the title from 1977 until the end of WCW/NWA but Flair.
1986. Flair vs Rhodes even was the reason the Horsemen was founded- after the Andersons helped Flair beatdown Dusty in the cage. Listen to the “Common Man” promo- all against Flair.

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