Movie Review: Dirty Harry V – The Dead Pool

Holy Cripe, we are in Part V territory here with the Dirty One. As Eastwood is in full-on “I’m a director” mode by now, I wonder how this is going to go. Considering how this ends the franchise, and how cheap Eastwood can make these and how much these make- what did it take to kill off Dirty Harry?

Dirty Harry, again not behind a desk or promoted off the streets, has finally put Crime Boss Lou Janero in prison, gaining yet another level of fame. During his victory lap, Harry is attacked by a few of Janero’s men. He kills them all, because he’s DIRTY F’N HARRY, and when he gets back, he has a new partner. Harry isn’t having it, and tells the new guy to get a vest, as his partners don’t last long.

Hold up. The new guy is Asian?

Let’s look at Dirty Harry’s partners:

Dirty Harry – Latino and White
Magnum Force – Black
The Enforcer – White (and Female)
Sudden Impact – none
The Dead Pool – Asian

Are we sure the dude in the first one wasn’t gay?

So the Green Hornet and Kato get assigned to find out who killed Jim Carrey. Seriously. JIM CARREY is in this one! He’s playing a singer who gets killed while filming a horror movie.

Jim Carrey doing a lipsync to Welcome to the Jungle! It goes on WAY to long, but seeing Carrey in 1983 is flipping amazing. He looks a bit like his Riddler, only thinner, if you can imagine.

Harry goes after the Director and the Management, as Jim Carrey is a bit of a douche to everyone. Did I mention that the next guy is LIAM NEESON? Harry’s suspect is killed in a restaurant robbery, where we get to see Kato take one down- Harry being a BAD ASS just shoots them. We finally get a clue, and it’s a list of celebrities.

The Dead Pool.

A list of people who are worth points if they die. Dirty Harry is on the list, thanks to his status. Our next death is Corabeth Godsey who has been complaining on TV about the evils of TV! Talk about typecasting.

So now Dirty Harry has to find out who is killing all the celebrities, before he gets killed as well, and oh, Janero is also out to kill him, and there is a reporter HOT CHICK – Patricia Clarkson, and yes, you know her from that movie- as well who is our new love interest.

So how is The Dead Pool?

I enjoyed the Dead Pool. It’s a part 5 that could easily not be part of the franchise and still be worth seeking out. Not just for the EARLY Jim Carrey and Liam Neesen, but Clint Eastwood is doing what he does best, looking gritty and tight action scenes. Well, other than the remote control car scenes, this doesn’t belong and also runs on WAY too long. It’s the biggest error in the entire franchise, to me.

BUT- it doesn’t kill the movie. If you have seen Bullett, then yeah, it’s right there. The thing is, this feels like Eastwood is getting a bit lazy. he’s shooting everyone, he’s driving fast, he’s a badass, and this is a quick movie, once we get the setup. The only time the movie actually slows down is when Eastwood is doing something. He feels like he is going through the motions.


If you watch this movie after a few weeks of seeing the others, as I did, you don’t see that. if you watch the other 4, then this one to get the feel of everything, as I also did, you do see it and it’s a bit remarkable.

I’m going a 7 here. I normally would have gone a 6 or even thought about a 5 if you don’t get he Bullett list, but the power of Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson just make it fun. Looking at the series as a whole, I would be more than happy to see a part 6. In the 80s.

So if you see the 5-wide box set, by all means get it.

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