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Talking about some of the picks  from this year’s draft and the crew opines about… why in the hell do QBs seem to land in the broadcast booth so often?

This week’s questions…

1) Three years ago Joe Mixon hit a woman in the face. He was charged, reached a plea agreement, sat out the 2014 season at Oklahoma, did his community service and settled the civil suit against him. 

Now with 48th overall pick the Cincinnati Bengals selected him for their team. More than a few media outlets, as well as many other individuals, said it was a horrible pick by the Bengals and sent the wrong message.    

Mixon says “People try to perpetrate me as some type of bad guy, some monster for one mistake I made three years ago.” Mixon added, “I want to go out and help kids maybe. I want to help and talk at shelters with women. I hope to make a difference.” 

In your opinion, can Mixon shed his past and make it, at the minimum, as a decent running back in the NFL? 

Joe Mixon

Chad: It’ll be a tough but young running backs are a hot commodity at the NFL level, so I think he can shed the image and be a serviceable back in the league.

Dan: I think Joe Mixon can definitely shed his past. It’s the media that keeps bringing it up. The first thing they said when he got drafted was what had happened. ESPN showed video. They didn’t talk about him as a player; what he can bring Cincinnati or anything. They just talked about his past involving the woman. And to be fair, you can’t completely blame Mixon for the situation. The woman did shove him a couple times first and reached for his face. Did he go a little extreme with his reaction? Yes, but it doesn’t define his character.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Let the man play, and let that play do the talking for him. He can definitely make it in the NFL as a top back.

David: There is a reason he didn’t leave Oklahoma. I really do think it depends on who he puts around him and – to be honest – how stupid he is. If, you are good enough, you can get away with a lot in the NFL, and sad to say, money solves a lot of problems. He’s cost himself over 6 Million with one punch and that money isn’t coming back, he will never get the endorsements that he could if he’s a successful player. His best option is to keep his head down, ignore the press and take out his anger issues on Pittsburgh.

You want to go talk at shelters? Do it in 3 years when you are a bit older and wiser.

2) Myles Garrett, the overall #1 draft pick, when asked on draft night by ESPN’s Randy Moss which AFC North quarterback he’s most eager to meet on the field, he said, “Big Ben (Roethlisberger) … I’m going to try to take him down.” 

Big Ben recently told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “I was talking to (Pro Bowl center Maurice Pouncey) after Garrett called me out. Pounce got a big kick out of it. All of my linemen enjoyed hearing it. They can’t wait to get started. I can’t, either.” 

The Browns open the season Bengals open the 2017 season September 10 in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium. 

Who wins the initial showdown… Garrett or the Steelers’ offensive line? Will Garrett even sniff the Steelers’ backfield or will he be totally shut down? 

Chad: The veteran O-Line of Pitt will shut the Rookie down… it’s all part of growing up in the league.

Dan: I think the Steelers’ and their offensive line will win the initial showdown. It’ll be the first big game for Garrett and I don’t think he’s going to be able to dominate like he did in college immediately.

Will he get into the backfield? Yes, I believe he’ll land a sack and a couple pressures in the game. That’s about it. Bu,t overall, him and the Browns will come up short of the victory.

David: Does it matter? He is showing that he wants to be a difference maker, and no one is expecting him to be the next Lawrence Taylor.

Do I think he gets to Big Ben? Over/Under 1 sack? I’ll say yes. He gets to him. It’s early in the season, and the Steelers O-Line will not have a ton of time to gel.

3) While it may not be true all the time, it does seem if you want a career in broadcasting NFL games it is best to be a starting QB during your career. 

In your opinion, why is that? 

Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady… QBs waiting for a seat in the broadcast booth?

Chad: It makes sense because the QB does have to look over the entire field and therefore it is an indication QBs tend to know more about what other positions are doing.

Dan: I think it’s because quarterbacks are usually labeled as the smartest players on the field. Not only do they need to know everything that’s happening on offense… from what the offensive line is doing, what the running backs are doing, the wide receivers, tight ends, etc… he also has to read a defense and know if they’re going to blitz, if they’re in man, pressure, zone, cover 6, etc… He needs to know everything that’s happening on the field in split second time and make a reaction on it.

Not only can they bring that expertise to the broadcast booth, but you have to be quick with that knowledge in the booth as well and that’s what quarterbacks excel in.

David:  1)Money. If, I made 80M in the NFL, and half that again in endorsements, would making 50K or 75K or 200K be that big a deal?

2) NFL QBs are used to hiding from bad things. I don’t have to worry about Romo or Aikman throwing out the N word at a club. I don’t have to get a call at 3 am saying that my top guy just got busted by the cops with a hooker wearing fishnet stocking. NFL QBs have been vetted for stupidity for a decade.

3) I can pair them with a guy that can carry the show. I need my NFL QB to just be honest on what he sees, smile and wave and show up on time.

4) The Carolina Panthers added two new players on offense in running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receiver Curtis Samuel. Both players are noted for their speed. The Panthers’ OC Mike Shula has said,Hopefully, we’ll be back to where we were in 2015 as far as production. That’s the No. 1 thing.” HC Ron Rivera has said the Panthers’ offense needs to “evolve” and rely less on QB Cam Newtown, especially in regards to the running game. 

How much improvement do you think McCaffrey and Samuel add to the Panthers and will they be a boon to Newtown’s play (revival?) at QB for the Panthers?

Chad: I believe they will be valuable weapons to take the pressure off of Cam and bring the Panthers back to the Playoffs.

Dan: I think they’ll really help that offense. Newton really thrives off of a fast-paced offense and McCaffery and Samuel can both bring fast-paced play, which will help greatly. Those were two great selections from Carolina for the type of game they play. Newton will be happy, Ron Rivera will be happy and so will the Panthers’ organization and their fans. They’ll be back competing for the NFC South division title this season.

David: Not as much as OJ would have done. Why you want me to give this Roundtable a R rating Joe (NFLRT editor)?

Both of these guys are duplicates of the other, just one is much better than the other. The problem here is SHULA is still the OC. He’s not very good at his job, and bottom line, that hurts the offense more than anything else.

5) Did the Atlanta Falcons do enough in the draft to get their selves back to the Super Bowl? Or… nothing in the draft would have made them that much better, and they may make the playoffs, but they blew their shot at the Trophy for the foreseeable future?

Chad: The Falcons are a playoff team but were handed a gift getting Green Bay at home and not Dallas on the Road in NFC title game.

Dan: I think they had an average draft. They didn’t really improve much but they didn’t get worse either. I think they have a shot to make it back to the Super Bowl, and have a shot at winning it. They would’ve won it if they didn’t blow that huge lead and that’s the major problem they will need to overcome this season. They can’t keep thinking about it. They can’t give up leads. They just need to go out and continue on their success they had last season and go for another Super Bowl appearance. I highly doubt they’ll blow the game like last year, if they get in the same scenario this season.

David: I don’t think they had a bad draft, but I don’t think they really have anyone starting game 1 but Sean Harlow – and that’s more because of what is there in Atlanta over what talent is there. There is a chance some of these guys get a lot better in camp, but this draft is kind of like a Pats draft. Rotation players, and hope someone develops.

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