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Hello NBA fans and welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. As two teams have already made it to the their respective conference finals already, they both get well over a weeks of rest while they wait to see who their opponents will be. This week we will discuss San Antonio and Golden State in the Western Conference Finals, when the Cavaliers will lose their first game, that and so much more this week on NBA RoundTable.

Here we go:

Are we gonna see the Western Conference finals match up everyone wanted to see last year Golden State vs San Antonio?

Todd: Yes, without a doubt. Houston is only good when they make three pointers and I don’t see them doing that for 2 more games especially when they have to do it once more in San Antonio. Of Course Golden State should roll right over Utah.

Steve: It sure looks that way. No way are the Jazz going anywhere, and would be lucky just to garner one game out of the series. Houston, after destroying the Spurs in Game 1, seems to have lost their mojo and really needs to get back on to the winning side if they want to make this a series. Yeah, I think we are going to see Golden State vs San Antonio, but with Parker out, I don’t know if the Spurs have much of a shot at Golden State.

Chad: I don’t think so I think SA is very beatup and losing Parker will hurt long term.

Dan: Yes, I believe so. I would really like to see this match-up but I do have a feeling that it’ll end up being Houston winning over San Antonio. But I think we’ll see that match-up and it’ll be a fun series, but it’d be a lot better if Tony Parker was healthy.

With the Cavaliers 7-0 in the playoffs so far, When will they lose their first game? (as of 5/6/17)

Todd: They will lose the first game of the Conference Finals vs Washington. They will come out rusty after having a week off and Washington will take advantage of it.

Steve: Probably Game 1 of the Conference Finals against Boston. The way Toronto has been playing, I can’t see them getting a game against Cleveland, I could be wrong when this comes out on Wednesday. But that is my pick as of Sunday.

Chad: I’m saying the earliest would game 3 or 4 of the ECF when they would be on the road.

Dan: I think the Cavs will lose their first game in the Eastern Conference Finals. The first road game of the series for them will bring their first loss. Which is going to be fine and something Cavs’ fans or the Cavs’ organization shouldn’t worry about since Cleveland will be returning to the Finals once again.

How far can the Spurs go without Tony Parker?

Todd: I can still see them making the NBA Finals. They are such a well coached team. San Antonio is the only team in the NBA that can sit all 5 starters and still compete and beat most every other team. Sure they lose Parker’s leadership and he was playing at the top of his game before he got hurt but I don’t think it will hurt them to bad.

Steve: They should reach the Conference Finals, but I can’t see them getting by the Warriors without Tony Parker. It would have been a stretch with them to beat Golden State, but without them, I could see this being a short series.

Chad: Without him the may sneak by Houston to the WCF but will have no shot against GS.

Dan: They can make it to the Western Conference Finals but without Tony Parker, they won’t make it past Golden State. Even with him it’d be a challenge for them and they’d have to be 100% each and every game in order to make it happen, which still does have a possibility of occurring but I highly doubt it. I think San Antonio would lose to Golden State in six games.

What are your thoughts on the officiating thus far?

Todd: It has sucked. They call all these ticky tack fouls. WTF? Let the guys play this is the playoffs. Then the Oubre suspension. Whats up with that? no reason for it.

Steve: The officials suck, always has, always will, until they get off their asses and do something about i.

Chad: Meh… It’s officiating it’s not perfect but what can you do about it

Dan: Officiating has been the usual. Not very good and not very bad, just an average NBA officiating game. I have noticed that they’re letting a little more stuff go in the playoffs than they typically would in the regular season, which is fine with me to a point. Some of the stuff they’re letting go needs to be called and other stuff that’s being called (flopping, for example) needs to stop being called so tick-tacky.

What are your thoughts about Lonzo Ball declining to participate in the NBA Draft Combine? 

Todd: Just another reason I hope the Lakers lose their pick so they don’t pick this clown. Who the hell does he think he is? He thinks he is better than everyone else. The NBA game is a whole different game and I hope someone knocks him on his ass.

Steve: It just goes to show you that Lonzo Ball, or should I say Lamar Ball, think that they are above the NBA. They have no respect for the league and anyone that picks this kid up is in for a nightmare. I love the play of Lonzo Ball, but you know he is brain washed on what his father does. This is a perfect example of someone who thinks their shit doesnt stink, and I honestly hope that his draft stock plummits because of this decision. Not for Lonzo Ball’s sake, but by God you know this is all about Lamar Ball, not Lonzo Ball. This guy is going to be the next disgrace to the NBA. Hopefully Ball will hire an agent and someone can get through to him because this kid has unlimited potential in the NBA, but as long as his father is around, it is nothing short of a side show.

Chad: It’s his decision but I think he is doomed to be a bust regardless even with his idiot father running his life.

Dan: I definitely think Lonzo Ball needs to attend the NBA draft combine and him not attending will hurt his stock. The drama surrounding his family and his dad are enough of a concern for teams to shy away from him but him declining an invite to the combine is a little bit of a red flag. I think this is something you need to attend. The pro day, etc isn’t a requirement in my eyes, but the combine is required in my opinion.

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