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Welcome to Pounding 7s, where once again you are stuck with the nWo Black and White again this week, as Steve is off trying to get one of those authentic Hulk Hogan Headbands.

This week I cover

Top 7 wrestling Bios I want to see (if written 100% Honestly)

I love me some wrestling books. I have a bunch, and whenever I have a glut of cash- or back when that was a thing- I would grab a few more.

So here is the countdown of wrestler biographies that I want to see- if they are 100% honest.

Honorable mentions
Kevin Nash
The king of the shoot interviews. I have sat and listened to him for hours on end, and would love an honest reflective story from him.

Just to hear all the wrestlers court mess, how he was able to live the gimmick in a world where that just didn’t exist anymore.

Fabulous Moolah
Honest stories please. This woman was not only the woman’s champion, but for decades a lady did not get into the ring that she didn’t give the ok too. Plus she lived long enough to see the barbie dolls take over, and then it go back to where there is talent in the ring.

Let’s start the countdown!

7. Mean Gene

Tell me the last time you heard a boring Mean Gene drinking story. From the AWA to WWF to WCW, Mean Gene was behind the scenes and saw it all.

6. Jerry Lawler

Yes he has a book, but other than some stuff with Jerry Jerrett and the Andy Kaufman angle, we just never really got all the details on what it was like in the territory days in Memphis. Fighting off the Poffos, who had one of the top guys of all time in Randy Savage as their weapon, and fighting off Vince and trying to expand into Cincinnati and fighting with the Sheik.

5. Eddie Gilbert

For those of you that don’t know about Eddie Gilbert, this guy ran Florida, and if you want to know where Paul Heyman and Dusty Rhodes learned from- it was this guy. He also was married to Medusa and Missy Hyatt.

4. Sam Mushnik

Ran the NWA for decades in flip-flops. Ran St Louis like it was New York. I want to know what all happened in those smoke-filled rooms where they decided the fate of wrestlers the world over and booked who went where and who beat who for the next year. Most of us grew up in the days where one guy can’t make a 3 hour show interesting and this guy is booking the upper card in Seattle 3 months from now then what is going on in New Orleans in 7 months.

3. Antonio Inoki

I want to know about Korea. How the hell did this happen? The Japanese system is so different than anything else on earth, but everything is groomed, the fans are groomed, the young guys are groomed, the main eventers are groomed. Even the masks are characters to be passed down from person to person like it’s a last name. Inoki has to have amazing stories about guys like the Bulldogs, Stan Hansen, and Andre the Giant. Did I even have to mention Muhammad Ali?

2. Dusty Rhodes

Again, I want what really happened. This guy was a master, love him or hate him, but could draw anywhere on earth with 5 minutes on the stick. I’d love to really know where all this came from, how he designed it, and how on earth he was able to run Crockett with the Horsemen on top and book Florida so strong as well, plus get to the pay window himself.

1. Vince

Could it be anyone else?
Seriously. The story of Vince, everything he did when he was destroying the territory system, how he just crippled Verne Gagne, built Hogan into an industry and dealt with his EGO, plus juggled Roddy Piper and everyone else while dancing on that razor’s edge with Wrestlemania and just how close he came to losing it all.

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