Movie Review: Carrie (2002)

Credits over falling meteors. Not the best effects, but gets the picture across.

Yes, I’ve read the Steven King book.

Over to a young woman in a police station, and a cop is offering her doughnuts, I mean REALLY selling the doughnuts, after she takes one, he shifts to asking about drugs, talk about turning on a DIME. The cop I best know from the guy that hung himself in Officer and a Gentleman. Wonder why he didn’t do more?
Anyway, the girl says she never does nothing.

Now the camera is setup to record, and the cop changes again to ask about Carrie White. Hey this is Sue Snell!

Off to the credits over a high school class. Well, I guess what Hollywood thinks a high school class is.

Carrie is excused from science class for religious grounds. I remember you could do that in biology class when I was going (back in the 80s) Sue really is selling the “Carrie is an outcast” vibe, and even the cop says everyone has one friend in school- birds of a feather. Sue says no.

Off to the library, where Carrie is picked on more, but a jock defends her with a book to the face of the bully! Awesome.

Off of a softball game. Carrie almost falls down swinging the bat. So now the girls pick on her.

To the shower scene, and we get a whole bunch of back action, and we all know what is coming right? Carrie is more vibrating than anything else, and one of the girls sees it, and goes to tell the rest- and they are all chanting “Period” at her.

Carrie is in hysterics- and the coach slaps her, and a lightbulb explodes.

Carrie finally says her first words- “Am I dying”

She is sent home and on the way, a boy on a bike scares her, and he is tossed into a tree. Again, not the best effect, but pretty good looking. He’s lying on the ground holding his arm, and she just picks up her stuff and walks on.
Flashback to her talking to a next door neighbor about dirty pillows, and as her mother drags her inside, a meteor shower hits and tears up the house.

Back to the present, Momma says she prayed that this wouldn’t happen to Carrie, who says she didn’t do anything wrong. Getting scriptures, Carrie again says she didn’t do anything wrong, and gets slapped for it. Into the closet with you!

So how is Carrie 2002?

Well, as I said, I have seen the Original, and the more recent remake. Both are FAR better than this one, and to be honest, that is 80% due to the acting. If you stack up the three movies, I only two who could be in the  All-Star cast is the mom but her part is cut WAY back compared to the other two adaptations, and Miss Desjarden, who plays it far better than the other two (Sorry Judy Greer)
The woman playing Carrie is doing a SERIOUS Holly Hunter impression. I mean goodness. Take Holly Hunter, and give her a blank stare. Constantly. I mean 24/7 blank stare.
Chris gets the major shaft as well, as she’s got what, three scenes? The boyfriend is just done all kinds of wrong, and the less said about Sue, the better. I love how they got her diversity, but trying to put up a baddass front to the cop when CARRIE just happened? Really?

There are some good things, I did love how they did the third time her powers showed, throwing a kid into a tree after he scares her. Just pretty awesome how it’s done. Same with the end for Chris. Using the book in how so much of the movie is told in flashback at the police station would be a great way to avoid the comparison to the Brian De Palma movie, but is almost an afterthought at times. This version has a longer runtime than the other two versions, but the time wasn’t used very well or efficiently. This is a two day mini-series and I do feel that they stretched for time when they didn’t have to.

The Prom Scene is on one hand, overly long, but at the same time, gets boring and long. They should have used more variety in that section of the film, and as I said in the review of the 2013 film:

Carrie is going to be a slow movie, the story just IS. You can’t have Carrie have a few mini-revenges, a fist fight or two then things come to a head and SHIT GETS REAL. Its just not the way its done. Its pushing a mouse further and further toward a cliff, mentally and socially, then the mouse goes off and blows away the world and the only think left IS the cliff.

Here is the problem. The acting hurt the prom scene in a MAJOR way. I understand that the chances of getting someone that can even TRY to fill Sissy Spacek’s prom shoes, much less when you are going to try to make a TV series with this as well, and need your star to be there. But this is just ouch.

I’m going a 3 here. There are two MUCH better versions of Carrie out here, and eventually I’ll get to the Brian De Palma one, as well as RAGE: CARRIE 2 as that pops up on TV from time to time.

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