Movie Review: Purge Election Year

We open on an iPod, and as the music shifts to “We Got the Funk” we come to a family tied up and a man doing his BEST Christian Bale from American Psycho impression and tells the woman she gets to pick who survives the Purge.

18 Years Later. There are massive protests about the Purge as it hits year 20 in two days. The anti-purge movement is lead by a black man who says it is a way to make money on Welfare, Housing and Heath Care. Senator Roan from our opening scene is running for President in an Anti-Purge platform. She’s an Independent, by the way. The Pro-Purge candidate is a reverend, just in case you think the praying to the new Founding Fathers meant anything before. Oddly enough, the black activist isn’t a Reverend.

Old White People (TM) are in a boardroom. They decide to do whatever it takes to win the election.

Next we come to a Debate, the Pro-Purge dude SUCKS as a debater, with 20 years of history, Our Heroine rolls all over him, and the moderator- well, is realistic. The Crowd is going nuts for Our Heroine, so how in the hell is she losing? Did she forget Wisconsin?

Over in our locally owned convenience store, conversation is about how she is going to lose anyway, even though one of the men says she is going to win. Considering they were alive when the Purge started, how in the HELL can they think that actual change can’t occur? I keep thinking Joe is Mike Epps, but it’s not. Maybe too much Resident Evil? But guess who Joe is – BUBBA! I wonder how many kinds of Shrimp he has a his store.

1 day before the Purge.

By Fiat, now Level 10 govt officials can be attacked to make things fair. Our Heroine decides she’s not going to hide. News reports on Murder Tourists, overseas people coming over to just kill people. Of course, they are all White, just saying. The Powers that Be are going to use the Purge to kill Senator Roan who is just stupid enough to remain in her office, a target.

So we got our A Story, protecting the candidate, who is out to become a martyr for the stupid.

Our B story is the convenience store, where not-Mike Epps just lost his Purge insurance to price gouging the day before so he has to stay and protect his property. Man, I hope Twitter doesn’t find out if he caps that teenage hooligan breaking in to resteal the Snickers.

So how is The Purge Election Year

Much like every movie in this series, we start off great, then fail to live up to what is set up. Yes, the Purge would kill poor people, but I have a hard time thinking that the rich would escape too often. I have a REAL hard time thinking that after 20 years, dumb people would be wandering the streets for no good reason. I would think it’s more like the girl going after the convenience store after offing her parents more than a group of people going to a church to watch alter boys kill off drug addicts.

The largest problem is what does the film want to attack? Rich vs Poor? Religion as government? Racism? Trump? The fact that a white woman still has to “save” us all from the mean ol white male, and needs the help of the black man to do it? We almost got some immigration but that whole thing got dropped. The movie is really all over the place. I do wish Purge III would pick a side and go with it. I’m going a 4 here, just because I love Bubba, I love the sidekick, the murder gangs and the Kiss Me chick. Damn she should be a star- in Horror movies.

Once again, I’m going with a low rating. The same problems are here, poor acting, poor choices, a great setup shit all over by the last 3/4ths of the movie. Going a 3 here.

and yes, I’ll be waiting for part 4. Maybe we just need a new writer.

Small spoiler- at the end- She takes Texas, California, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Tenn, All the Northeast BUT Maine- and needs Florida to win? Florida is of course, the last state to call, but it doesn’t matter one bit.

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