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Is Charlotte Flair the Hulk Hogan of womens wrestling?

Hey there wrestling fans and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. We have crowned a March Madness champion of wrestling, and I must say that the entire tournament was nothing short of “Phenominal.” We are back to normal here at the Wrestling Roundtable with a slightly new look. This week we will discuss some comments made by Jim Ross regarding Charlotte Flair. Also, we will touch on Payback last Sunday, all this and much more!

In the Finals of the March Madness Wrestling Tournament AJ Styles defeated Brock Lesnar in a landslide. 5-0 was the final vote. Keep in mind the fan vote was simply one vote, while Lesnar did receive votes from the fans, he was overwhelmingly voted by the fans over Lesnar. We congratulate AJ Styles on winning this tournament. It is proof that he is the very best among the best in wrestling.

1. AJ Styles

After winning the number one contender spot for the United States Championship, and more importantly winning the entire March Madness Tournament, AJ Styles takes the top spot this week on the Power Rankings.

2. Braun Strowman

A big victory over Roman Reigns at Payback puts Braun Strowman in the upper echelon of the Power Rankings. Is the WWE Universal Championship on deck for the big monster?

3. Randy Orton

Despite falling victim to Bray Wyatt in the House of Horrors match, the WWE Champion is still a top dog on Smackdown, that has to be said for something competing on a foreign program, in a unique type of match. Jinder Mahal needs to beware of the Viper.

4. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt defeated the WWE Champion at Payback in a non-title match in the House of Horrors match, but is Finn Balor now on the radar of Bray Wyatt? Wyatt may be over his head when it comes to Balor and perhaps the Demon.

5. Alexa Bliss

Most felt that Charlotte would be the first ever Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion. Alexa Bliss stole that right out from under her, and now she has a claim to be the best of all the female talent.

Sixteen time World Heavyweight Champion, The Nature Boy Ric Flair was adopted. and due to a scandal within the agency that handled the arrangement, he does not know his true birth name. 

Jim Ross recently stated that Charlotte Flair could be the Hulk Hogan of the women’s division. Do you agree with Good Ol’ J.R’s assessment of the Nature Girl?

Steve: I think she has the potential to be one of, if not THE very best women’s wrestler of all time. To compare her to a damn idiot like Hogan is not fair to Flair, if I can coin that phrase. I would compare her to someone like the Fabulous Moolah. Jesus Ross, give her some credit. Hulk Hogan is not even in the same league as Charlotte.

Frosh:Personal feelings about Hogan need to be put away here.  The man revolutionized how the WORLD saw professional wrestling.  There is no Rock, no Stone Cold, no Attitude Era without Hulkamania first.  There are very few people who could have pulled that off (Please keep in mind, after numerous social guffaws, and in the current era, Hogan needs to stay far away from the WWE).  And Charlotte absolutely has the potential to revolutionize the way the world views women’s wrestling.  She will be a multi time champ, possibly surpassing her father and John Cena in number of reigns.  She has potential to play face or heel, and do both to a stellar degree.

Todd: Are you kidding me? Charlotte Flair is way above that joker Hogan.

Tyler: Completely agree.  She’s really turned herself into the complete package, especially during the last year.

Assuming she advances to the main roster soon. Will Asuka enter the WWE main roster undefeated in NXT, and who should be the one to give her, her first loss.

Steve: At this point, I don’t know what the WWE is waiting for when it comes to bringing up Asuka to the main roster. She has been so incredibly dominant in NXT, and yes she will be undefeated in NXT before coming to the main roster. She will then forfeit the NXT Womens title. I see her coming in to Smackdown and challenging Charlotte eventually, and that is who I think will give Asuka her first loss.

Frosh: She should come up undefeated.  Look for her to be the first to hold and defend both the NXT and a major women’s championship at the same time.  As for who hands her her first loss…I am growing more and more on Alexa Bliss….and I think she could do it, obviously as a heel and obviously through some chicanery.

Todd: Asuka has Dominated NXT for well over a year. There is no one down in NXT that even can hold a candle to her. WWE needs to promote her to the main roster and give her some real competition and yes she will be undefeated.  I think her first loss will come at the hands of Nia Jax to help boost her career.

Tyler: I can see her be brought up undefeated, just to further add to her mystique.

What are your thoughts on Payback? Did you watch the show? Did it meet your expectations?

Steve: So it was on, but I was only half paying attention to it, as I was watching it on my tablet. The house of horrors match made little to no sense, and I am still scratching my head on the entire night. I’m glad that they gave Jericho the United States title back, though again I don’t understand why they had him drop it in the first place at Mania. Alexa Bliss beating Bayley was a shocker, but given that it was in Bayley’s home town, Vince rarely lets the hometown hero get over. Braun beating Roman was the right move, as it continues their feud into the summer. They timed it perfectly with Sheamus and Cesaro turning heel against the Hardy Boyz. I like that move, and am interested to see where that goes. Back to the House of Horrors match, while I still have no idea what happened in the match, it was that weird. The end made sense having Jinder Mahal cost Orton the match by attacking him from behind with the title. It was a nice transition for Orton moving away from Wyatt and over to Mahal. Overall it was an “okay” show, but nothing to wet my pants about.

Frosh: It wasn’t special.  The House of Horrors match was pointless….if it is going to end in the arena anyways…why even do the pre-taped segment?  And where did Randy Orton stop for a shave on his way back to the arena?  The only real unpredictable part was giving Bliss the Women’s Championship this early, but I still feel it was the right move, as Bliss is incredible in her heel role, and needs the belt, while Bayley chases.  Aside from that it was bland, boring, and just meh…so yes, it exactly met my expectations.

Todd: There was a ppv this past weekend? I didn’t even know. Hell no I didn’t watch it. I was to busy watching the Cubs game and I don’t even like baseball. In fact I haven’t watched wrestling period in the last three weeks so I really have no idea what is going on.

Tyler: Didn’t watch, just read spoilers.  Overall, eh.

It would appear that Hulk Hogan is under some sort of negotiations with the WWE to make a return sometime this year. Do you have any desire to see Hulk Hogan again in a WWE ring?

Steve: Fucking bloody hell NO! Next question.

Frosh: Only because it will piss Steve off…I love this idea.  In fact, give him the belt back…..WWE CHAMPION HULK HOGAN, have him beat Finn Balor for it….although…if you want a way to get Roman Reigns the title as a babyface and get cheered by the fans…..that might be the way to do it…..

Todd: No!

Tyler: Good god no.  Bring him as a spokesman for the company yes, but keep him the hell away from active in-ring competition.  His day has come and gone several times over.

Bray Wyatt defeated Randy Orton in the House of Horrors match, and then the next night attacked Finn Balor. Are you excited about a feud between Wyatt and Balor?

Steve: I actually am interested in this. You have two unique gimmicks as long as Balor faces him as the Demon. I think if the writers do this right, they could turn this into one of the best feuds of 2017. However, this is the WWE, so I am hesitant to get too excited about it, though the two matching up is very intriguing.

Frosh: This has potential to be amazing, and the matches and storytelling are going to be incredible.  Even if creative just takes a dump all over this, Balor and Wyatt are talented enough to overcome.  The only downside is that one of these guys will come out the loser, and I don’t think either need that to happen, and honestly, this should be a feud going into SummerSlam or ‘Mania…I wish they had waited a few months.  Oh Well, c’est la vie.  This will be the most interesting thing going on Raw.

Todd: not really because i’m not gonna watch it.

Tyler: Absolutely.  They are both two talented and imaginative guys, let them looks with promos, facepaint, whatever.  Instant money.

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